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Done Fakin' It 'Till Next Year

April has come and gone and I’ve been finished with my Fake Journal for two weeks.  I took a lovely break, went on vacation, and am back with my wrap-up. 78 more words


#IFJM2017... the Wrap-Up!

April was ab-so-lute-ly crazy around here but now it’s May. I’ve had a vacation away and have had plenty of time for reflection on my latest fake journal experience. 480 more words


Business Ready

Our Dapper Guy Glenn Marshall shows you a classic business ready style. A chambray shirt and a pair of khakis are a solid combo. Glenn’s boots are a stylish addition. 21 more words


Dapper Denim Jacket

We set up our Dapper Guy Drew Menning with a spring layered look that steps up his style.

Start with a white oxford shirt paired with gold chinos. 22 more words


2017 IFJM Planning

For some odd reason, the blog aggregator I use didn’t collect my own post from yesterday, hence this test post.

Now I could have just written a nothing post but I figured that if I was going to do it I might as well make the most of it! 33 more words

IFJM 2017

Small, striking moments: The Corner and The Wire

I am periodically re-publishing the posts that I want to preserve from the previous incarnation of this blog, just in case I ever lose control of that site or it vanishes. 1,234 more words

Details Matter

How You Do Anything...

“How you do anything is how you do everything.”

Not sure where I first heard that, but I think about it often. It’s wise. To me, that phrase means someone who is careful or careless, thoughtful or thoughtless with little things will be the same way with big things.

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