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Administration Fails to Notice Error on the Project Finish Date

The project end date is actually March 25, 2017 (not January 30).

While reviewing official project documents over the past few months, Maria Kopicki noted that the 30-month “Feasibility Study” window seemed to end at … 28 months. 767 more words


Details matter

If in the world of pirates/sunken treasure

you find a map you think is authentic, details ARE important. Find “where the bay at high tide lines up with the tallest point on the cliff, walk x number of paces due north to where the view down the beach shows the island…” etc., etc. 72 more words


I love that moment near the end of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

…where the newly-triumphant, newly-tragic Dr. Horrible (having, through the same act, gained membership to the Evil League of Evil and killed the woman he loved) strides through a bar, receiving as he does kudos from various villainous patrons. 371 more words

Details Matter

Robin Wood (23 February 1931 - 18 December 2009)

Over the next few months I am re-publishing the posts that I want to preserve from the previous incarnation of this blog, just in case I ever lose control of that site or it vanishes. 2,145 more words


Dapper Up Details

Our Dapper Guy Clay Dirickson shows you how to layer up details to achieve a stellar style.

First, we started with the style basic oxford shirt. 21 more words


I love this one shot near the end of 'Who Are You'...

Context: ‘Who Are You’ is the the sixteenth episode of season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s the episode where Buffy and Faith switch bodies (well, the switch happens at the end of the previous episode, but this is the episode where we see how it plays out). 709 more words

Details Matter

Winter Gray Menswear

Winter is usually cloudy and gray. We decided to be inspired by that and layer style with black and gray. We added a pop of trending burgundy to bring it to life. 48 more words