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Summer Blazer

It is officially a Dapper Summer. You can impress and dress up for a night out with the crew. Dustin Dubec added a summer blue blazer to look better than the rest. 46 more words


Dapper Blues

We continue our series on blue with another Dapper Print style. We set up Dustin Dubec with this Jacket Required style. It combines a fresh print shirt, light blue blazer and indigo slacks all from Topman. 9 more words


Building Style: Level One

Style Basics are the building blocks for style. Details Matter when you want to upgrade your style. Don’t forget that Shoes Matter. Our Dapper Guys Dustin Dubec and Justin Davis hit the streets of downtown Houston for this dapper series. 47 more words


There Are No Devils in the Details

It’s funny how some sayings can be so wrong. I hear people say that the “devil is in the details” a lot. The truth is, it’s almost exactly the opposite. 583 more words


Jonathan Franzen's description of a memorable teacher of his

His eyes gleamed with excitement and pleasure if a student said anything remotely pertinent or intelligent; but if the student was altogether wrong, as the six of us in his seminar often were, he flinched and scowled as if a bug were flying at his face, or he gazed out a window unhappily, or refilled his pipe, or wordlessly cadged a cigarette from one of us smokers, and hardly even pretended to listen.  

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Happy 50th birthday Joss Whedon

The 50th episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, it just so happens, written and directed by Joss Whedon.  ‘Doppelgangland’ showcases many of the key strengths of Whedon and of his most fully-realised, successful story-world: a tightly-plotted, fantastical scenario, revolving around an established ensemble of eloquent and witty characters who are manoeuvred into a series of dramatically effective constellations, is used to create situations in which characters feel deeply, respond emotionally, and are placed in life-or-death situations, as a way of tracing out some of the contours of personal identity via interpersonal interactions.  870 more words