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How to Create Good Blog Posts Faster

If that title drew you in, I must confess immediately: it’s not mine. I found it on a site about blogging, building a platform and getting millions of readers. 213 more words


Georges Simenon in Penguin

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A simple wordcloud, when it displays hierarchically structured information, can tell instantly something both very significant and  onerous to establish otherwise.   100 more words


The Collins Crime Club : Authors and Titles


Having published  2 025 novels of Crime Fiction over a period spanning seven decades, between 1930 and 1994, The Collins Crime Club is another of the longest Crime Series worldwide. 121 more words


Who is 'J'?


Vicky Brown’s sister Mary is emotionally upset by someone with the initial ‘J’, and then has an road accident that leaves her comatose. Vicky turns detective to track down ‘J’, believing ‘J’ to be responsible for Mary’s accident. 11 more words


San-Antonio International Conference Programme

The Programme of the San-Antonio Conference is now live. It can be accessed here.

The poster for the conference can be accessed here. 48 more words

Detective Story

Not a Clue!


Wendy Watson works for Sheldrake Homes (a parody of Sherlock Holmes). She is the one who ends up solving the mysteries and getting Homes out of scrapes he gets himself into. 23 more words