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The Body On The Beach: 19

Simmonds was summoned to headquarters to give a briefing. The atrocity at Bessingham Hall was so removed from ordinary experience that an eye-witness account was required to dispel disbelief. 547 more words


The Body On The Beach: 18

Given Simmonds’ suspicion of a connection to a person or persons at the Hall (either as accomplices or intended audience), he had the names of the staff checked against police files. 273 more words


The Body On The Beach: 17

A preliminary report was with Simmonds the next day. It stated that the victim’s body had been so badly burned at such a high temperature (it probably having being doused in an accelerant), that it was impossible to determine a cause of death. 171 more words


The Body On The Beach: 16

That evening, in an attempt to clear their minds, Simmonds and Piccolo went to The Plaza Picture House. The biopic Nelson was being screened. They let the movie fill their senses, and when they finally emerged, blinking, into the night, for a short while the world seemed a different place. 61 more words


The lost Soul [Chapter 5]

The Lost Soul

a fanfic by Yuna Lazuardi Lockhart

 Thriller, Angst, Sad romance, Family, Friendship, Psyco, Detective

Chapter, Series


The Body On The Beach: 15

Simmonds and Piccolo drove back to The Lynn later that afternoon, the storm having abated and there being no other police work to be concluded in situ at the Hall. 359 more words


The Body On The Beach: 14

Dawson excused himself — he had to report in person to the Chief Constable. Simmonds was left in charge of yet another major case. Having assured himself that Piccolo was recovered from the initial shock (he need not have worried, she was very resilient), he then proceeded to survey the now crowded scene best as he was able. 139 more words