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Run Lola Run: I wish I was a hunter

At the end of our exploring we shall not cease from exploration . . . and the end of all of our exploring will be to arrive where we started. 563 more words


12 Monkeys: Mother


Since 12 Monkeys began, one characteristic of its storytelling that has impressed me most is its unapologetic dedication to presenting more than one side, approach or tactic to every circumstance. 1,976 more words

Time Travel

Richard Muller's Divine Will and Human Choice: First Impressions

Divine Will and Human Choice: Freedom, Contingency, and Necessity in Early Modern Reformed Thought (Baker: 2017), is Richard Muller’s latest, and most comprehensive, addition to the literature on Reformed thought on freedom. 2,356 more words


the end

at the end there was always 0. then, in the beginning, 1 came up. the universe is a thing. from super-being, it now is, headed towards nothing. 485 more words


Deep Dive 1.3: Luck damned Freedom

Having recently become a father, I learned quickly that much of my daughter’s development hinges upon each minute parenting decision. Yesterday, my wife and I found her holding a quarter. 2,259 more words

Free Will

False Freedom

Reality has both an inside and an outside, but it is generally only the ‘outside’ that we know. The outside is everything to us. The ‘inside’ – we might say – is a kind of intangible energy or potential that facilitates the coming and going of forms, this ‘coming and going of forms’ being the tangible type of activity that is constantly taking place on the ‘outside’. 3,383 more words

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Deep Dive 1.2: Considering "Determinism is Self-refuting"

Among the many reasons why digging deep into this topic may be fruitless, the most prescient one is the possibility that determinism is self-defeating. If it is self-defeating, there would be few reasons to venture further. 1,672 more words

Free Will