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This is Calvinism..and yes, it's ugly

We have all watched as the Westboro Baptist Church has taken their roadshow to military funerals and more over the years.

The part that many don’t know about Westboro is that they are Calvinist in their theology and that their protests and the signs and even the conclusions are… 1,227 more words


Preliminary thoughts on the parameters of determination: Phenomenology and Object Orientation.

We already know how reality proceeds; there is no mystery about the mysterious part. We love mystery. We love figuring things out and we love not knowing; every time we come to know of something, then something else catches our attention. 876 more words


The Logical Fallacy Embedded in Calvinism

Calvinists insist on holding ideas which cannot bear logical scrutiny.

Calvinists posit 4 premises from which an inevitable conclusion (5) arises. In rejecting the conclusion we must reject one or more of the 4 premises as if they are all true, 5 must result. 134 more words


Interview with Susan Blackmore

I am sharing this youtube interview with you all as I greatly appreciate Susan’s work in the world.¬†She succinctly expresses my sentiments on these issues, and both of my books directly mirror the opinions shared in this video. 89 more words



The Girl on the Train…

One event leads to another, every action has a reaction, we are all products of our past.

We meet people and we form judgements based on what we see at that moment, how they look, the things they say, their actions. 488 more words