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Preface to My Second Book, "The Myth of Doing: Managing Guilt, Shame, Anxiety, Regret and Self-Judgment"

After completing my first book, Body Over Mind, I was propelled into research around the findings of neurophysiologist Benjamin Libet who in 1983 discovered that a volitional signal for action shows up in the brain before a person is conscious of the intention to act.  473 more words


Are we as Humans Actually Responsible for our Actions?

Are we?

A chain of infinite causes goes on and on. It’s an easy argument to fall into and I’ll admit. I’m hooked.

I understand that all our actions and personalities can be linked back to how we were brought up and from the society around us that influences our actions greatly. 848 more words

All In One

BTT #28: Good-bye Dr. Hawking.

This Last week I arrived to work one morning when one of my business partners said, “Hey, did you hear that Stephen Hawking changed his mind about being an atheist?” 1,401 more words

A Responsible Defense of Determinism.

The idea that determined actions based upon causation negate the responsibility of those actions is so cunningly fallacious and as misunderstood as it gets. The correlation so intertwines with our society that it seems impossible to argue otherwise. 42 more words

The Disaster Philosopher [You Know Nothing, Sam Caton]

I am not a philosopher.  I have read philosophy, but not for years.  In high school, somewhere around 2006 I got rather infatuated with reading philosophy.   941 more words

Doesn't that feel better?

There are many in our world who have too little, and die in sadness.

There are many in our world who have too much, and die in sadness. 168 more words


The Free Will Problem

In last week’s Thursday Theology post (here) we looked at different theories of determinism. We saw that determinism is the idea that the past determines the future in a literal ’cause and effect’ way, so that theoretically, given the entirety of history and all the laws of physics, there is only one possible future in any given situation. 1,250 more words