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Detoxing in Thailand

In Thailand the lotus flower symbolizes purity of body and mind. When the flower buds and blooms, it rises above the muddy waters clean and beautiful. 1,302 more words


Teatox - How To Drink Tea For A Healthier You

While detoxing may be the new health trend, traditional detox diets propound the use of a liquid-based diet alone. However, liquid diets are not only grossly inept at sustaining our bodies throughout the day, they are also just vaguely successful at the actual detoxifying. 452 more words


Resolving weak body and always tired. 身体虚弱, 容易疲惫 || Zero+

身体虚弱, 容易疲惫 
Zero+ 顾客:已经收到一张warning letter/警告信了(因为上班没精神),不过之前一阵子的事了。因为现在都服用Zero+了啊, 没有这个问题了。前一阵子都很容易爱睡,不懂是不是因为便秘的关系。晚上都睡不好觉。

一定是了。亲,我有很多顾客也是因为便秘我难题, 搞到身体状况欠佳,晚上睡不好。即使睡了也一直发梦。他们都说便秘很难受,食欲也不好,腹部有整天鼓鼓(搅肚子的关系)。

Zero+ 顾客:我也是吃不下没有胃口咧。 症状很像。

Zero+代理: 这样才会一样找上Zero+的嘛。嘻嘻。 市场上Zero+是最强的排毒了。而且又好喝(lemon口味)。

Zero+ 顾客:

Resolving weak body and always tired.

Zero+ Customer:(due to healthy condition and no concentrate on working) Already receive 1 warning letter. 134 more words

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Moong Dal Khichdi Recipe


Khichdi / Khichuri in Bengali or Khichadi in Marathi. This is usually when you are sick or even had as a detox diet/Satvik Aahar. My maternal grandma says that the measure of dal and rice should be equal in case of a detox diet. 142 more words

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Detox your body

What is body detoxification?

Nowadays, you will often hear people referring to the fact that they are “on a detox”. This might be because they have enjoyed a period of over-indulgence, such as Christmas and New Year, or may simply be a means of “spring cleaning” their body. 1,227 more words


How to Detox with Virgin Coconut Oil

With fad detox methods around every corner, it’s hard to know which one can provide a healthy cleanse without unpleasant side effects. A virgin coconut oil detox… 515 more words

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