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3 Day Detox Diet Recipes

Detox diets very simply are diets that aid you to definitely cleanse the poisons and toxins out of your body. Lemon itself is nature\’s cleansing and antibacterial agent. 644 more words


Have you tried Detoxification? Juicing for detox is a very effective way for me and my husband to cleanse our body. Why do we do this? 383 more words


30-Day Cleanse

So it’s about time I let you all in on what I’ve been up to for the past thirty days, as only a few select people knew about it… 2,179 more words

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Momma On A Diet

In my infinite wisdom, I decided that today was the best day to start a diet. Not just any diet – a detox diet. A diet that, as it turns out, was designed by the devil himself and the kind of diet that Dante had in mind when he was thinking about cuisine for the seventh circle. 603 more words

Cat Sims

7 Day Detox Diet

The 7 day detox diet plan helps in getting rid of the toxicants quickly and also helps in losing the body weight.

The process of cleansing the body through removal of accumulated harmful chemicals is termed as detoxification or detox. 757 more words

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Eating food - the right way

Diets these days have become so trendy. I feel like I hear people “going Paleo,” “going low-carb,” or “going raw vegan” everywhere I turn. Okay, maybe not that much, but often enough that it gets me thinking.  1,009 more words


"I am going to kill her." Shopaholic.

Someone needs to die because I am both hungry and full at the same time! Trying to make me fat and poor.

Detox Diet