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Often, we could not help but plunge into an imbalanced diet by consuming too much coffee, alcohol, soda, sugar, and nicotine. Not only that, but we also eat at irregular intervals and not have enough exercise. 235 more words


Inspirit Start Smart Cleansing Programme Review

“If you don’t take care of this the most magnificent machine that you will ever be given…where are you going to live?”
-Karyn Calabrese

While my life as a lifestyle blogger had its perks in terms of trying out new places to eat and experimenting with my palette, it also requires me to take extra care of my health. 624 more words


Do We Really Need To Detox?

There are so many detoxes and cleanses on the market right now, you would think they are an essential part of healthy living, but this is not quite the case. 198 more words


Experience Master Cleanse And Master Recipe - Improve Your Overall Health

Are you ready to experience master cleanse?

Do you think you have the discipline to stick with this regime for several days, up to a week? 1,697 more words

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What is a Detox Diet? Does it Work for Good as Mentioned? - Heal Beau

Detox diet literally means minimizing the amount of chemicals ingested to the body through intake of food rich in nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins. Also high-fiber foods are preferred to eliminate toxins through frequent bowel movements. 15 more words


Why do you need to Detoxify your Body? - Heal Beau

Detoxification is a significant aspect as it literally reverses the illness in the body. Even though there are different methods of detoxification, it is important to choose the one right method that fits for you. 15 more words


How Detoxing Really Works? - Heal Beau

The process of detoxification promises purification and cleansing of toxins out of the body, rejuvenation and restoring its original state. However, the natural body process does lesser detoxification than what has to be done. 7 more words