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5 Rules to Build a Healthy Relationship with Food

Eat to live or live to eat? While most of us will discuss about the fact, reality is that we spend a quarter of our life shopping, cooking, baking, roasting, biting, chewing, tasting, gulping, ingesting and digesting food. 499 more words

Eat Clean

Ditch The Harsh Cleanse Por Favor

It’s mid February and my ears are still ringing with the words “diet” and “detox” and “cleanse”.

Cleanses are hotter than ever and many of my patients bring them up and defend them by saying that “Dr.Oz recommends them so they must work, right?”. 974 more words

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How To Survive A Detox Diet On The Weekends

Ok, this blog has been heavy on the detox talk this week.  It’s taken most of my mental and physical energy to get through it but I think I’ve finally cleared all the hurdles.  327 more words


Deep Thoughts: About Botox

I was looking in the mirror and noticed that my skin is looking a bit firmer and brighter.  The crow’s feet around my eyes don’t look quite so crinkly.  152 more words

Dairy Free

How To Get Through A Diet Detox With Your Sanity Intact

When it comes down to how to get through a diet detox with your sanity intact, I really have only one tried and true method. 162 more words

Dairy Free

Holy Detox Batman!

I restarted David Kirsch’s Challenge in earnest on Sunday.  We had a party that was long since planned on Saturday night (plus it was Valentine’s Day).  264 more words

Dairy Free

My Green Juice : Jus Hijau Ku

Hari ini hari Selasa, saya dihidupkan lagi, dibangunkan lagi di bumi Allah SWT.

Saya bangun pagi dengan senyuman dan senyuman itu meleret-leret apabila suami saya menyambut senyum saya dengan senyuman lebar. 619 more words