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Hugs Not Drugs

The police chief of Gloucester, Massachusetts, recently made headlines for his unique approach in dealing with drug abuse suspects. Instead of arresting and jailing drug suspects, Leonard Campanello believes drug abuse is a disease that can be cured through rehabilitation programs. 353 more words

Crime & Punishment

Drug Rehabilitation Center PA

If you have a loved one, friend or colleague who is exhibiting signs of alcoholism and/or other drug addiction, there are actions that you can take to give the prospective patient the best possible chance of entering a quality drug and… 58 more words


Detox is the First Step

Most addicts wrestle with their disease for years until they are able to overcome it. But today, no one has to do it alone. Overcoming addiction is influenced by a host of factors including the length of use, familial support, social circle, and mental health problems. 293 more words