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Detox is the First Step

Most addicts wrestle with their disease for years until they are able to overcome it. But today, no one has to do it alone. Overcoming addiction is influenced by a host of factors including the length of use, familial support, social circle, and mental health problems. 293 more words

Detox Diaries: My 12 Day Cleanse

I have tried several cleanses within the past 5 years.  Most of the detox systems I used in the past lasted approximately 3-7 days; often leaving me feeling tired, discouraged, irritable and hungry.  726 more words

Why You Need to Detox And what is Detoxification?

Why You Need to Detox? How to Detox? And what is Detoxification

How it helps peoples for better heath? We have answers for your all questions. 252 more words

On the Trials of Purity

I’m curled up on my couch as I type this, spent and exhausted from a weekend detox program.

It’s the second time I’ve done a full detox—the intervals between this time and the first I marked with the occasional juice cleanse. 125 more words


On the Demands of Wellness

If I didn’t believe in the above adage, I wouldn’t be putting myself through a detox again.

Here’s to me, beta version 112.0, by tomorrow.



Free 3-Day Detox!

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Here at Elite Health Coaching, we specialize in detoxing of your body when it comes to sugars, starches, and other ingredients your body doesn’t need. 111 more words

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Opiate Detoxification At New Beginnings Recovery Center

Opiate detoxification is a medically controlled process of eliminating the dependence on opiates. Opiates stupefy human senses in such a way that they create false sense of contentment or a painless state. 486 more words

Drug Addiction