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Day 3 Review: Juice Master 3 day detox

Waking up today, after completing Day 3 of the Juice Master detox last night, I can honestly say I feel really good. I’ve lost 5 lbs in total over the 3 days and feel a lot less bloated. 322 more words


#105 How To Get Rid Of Parasites With Dr. Ed Group

Dr. Edward Group of Global Healing Center joins me on the podcast this week. He spoke to me about parasites and how we can get rid of them. 89 more words


Bottle no•2

The second bottle contains ginger, green apple, lemon, kayin

It’s a little bit spicy 🌶 but it is tasty

It feels great 👍

What happens when you do a 10 day TV Detox?

You have heard of people doing a detox when they are feeling sluggish? But have you heard of anyone doing a TV detox? That is just the kind of detox I undertook recently. 860 more words


Detox day 1...

Starting my day with the idea that today I’ll let my body clean it self…

Tough mission! You’ll might think that I’ll be sitting all day long no food, no meals nothing… 56 more words

HIC is all about living life simpler, healthier and happier. If sustainable weight management is a concern, we want to help you achieve your desired body image the simpler and healthier way! 

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