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Best Detox Cleanse For New Year - Health & Wellness Tips 2016

The holidays are fun but let’s face it we all need to find the best detox cleanse to start out the new year with optimal health and wellness.

Iced Detox Tea

I tried Yogi’s DeTox tea for the first time yesterday. I made it with hot water and enjoyed it that way, but thought it might be good iced as well. 143 more words


The Elixir of Life? On drinking Aloe Vera Gel...

I have this amazing and beautiful friend called Sarah. Sarah works for a company called Forever Living, who sell Aloe Vera products (among other things). I can honestly tell you that Sarah is one of the most enthusiastic, positive, uplifting, and vibrant people you will ever meet…So, naturally I wanted to know what her secret was. 654 more words

Relax it's the holidays

I could share a great side dish with you on today’s blog post, but I’d rather show you how I unwind, detox, and relax this holiday season. 486 more words


Natural Detox Water

Help to flush impurities out of your system and stay healthy with a natural detox.

3 qt. water
1 lemon
1 cucumber
1 lime… 54 more words


Clear Change Program Detox: Day 8 You're Almost There

I’m proud of myself for…

being self-disciplined enough to make it this far in this program. It hasn’t been an easy process, and I sure wouldn’t have done it just for fun, but I’m proud that I’m doing it, and I’m proud that I’ve stuck to it all these days in a row. 523 more words