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Are Heavy Metals a Bigger Problem Than We Imagine?

We live in a chemical world, of that there can be no doubt. Since the industrial revolution the western world has been exposed to increasing amounts of toxic chemicals in all areas of life, from domestic to environmental, from the cars we drive to the homes we live in, the air, the water and the soil. 493 more words


Methylation is a chemical process that happens in every cell.  This process is VITAL for energy production, repairing DNA, eye health, making neurotransmitters for mental health,  detoxification of chemicals, estrogens and heavy metals, keeping our immune system in check.   354 more words


Sea Salt Bath Detoxification by Dr. Christie Smirl

Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive way to improve your health and well being? Try taking a detoxification bath. Sea salt baths have been used for centuries to promote health, healing and beauty. 349 more words


He Quit Smoking Without Even Wanting To!?

ANOTHER ONE! I don’t believe it. YES I do. Dmn it haha..

It must be atleast the 3rd time I hear a story like that, no 4 times! 69 more words

Journal Of The Truth About Things

Tips for Overcoming Emotional Eating, Binge Eating and Eating Disorders

Emotional eating, over-eating and binge eating are serious issues that can lead to a variety of different physical, emotional and mental disturbances. Addiction and seeking comfort externally can and does take on many forms. 1,486 more words


Your Journey Begins Here

Thank for joining me on a journey of discovery!  I began my own journey toward nutritional fitness in 2012.  It was the year both of my children were in elementary school.  183 more words