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Dry Brushing

I love love love this one!!! It seriously feels oh so good!

Buy a dry brush with natural bristols from your local health store. (I try to support local stores, farms, businesses as much as possible). 148 more words



I’m not gonna lie. This is probably my least favorite detox method. Reason being, as much as I LOVE a hot shower, I equally detest a cold one. 52 more words


Drink Me!

Like Alice in Wonderland says, “Drink Me!”

Drink water, water, water! Not just any water. It needs to be clean, throughly filtered water. I did hours upon days of research on which water filter was not only thorough but budget friendly. 161 more words


Hair coloring

Can I just say that I look horrible with grey hair. My little daughter made up a story where she was a princess and I was a queen. 140 more words


Avoid Plastics

Avoid plastics as they are chemicals. There is a possibility that toxins can release from plastics.  Replace your plastic containers with glass. When you heat plastic, the plastic leeches into the food. 89 more words


Ancient Ayurveda art of Oil pulling and tongue scraping

This is a practice in which you swish organic coconut oil around in your mouth to pull bacteria and toxins out of your teeth and gums. 118 more words


Sweating to release toxins

Sweating out toxins is so powerful! When you sweat you are helping cleanse your body from impurities. Exercise till you sweat is a great way to accomplish this. 27 more words