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Does Your Dog Need a Probiotic?

The short answer is…”Probiotics are always a good idea.” Let me explain why!

You might be thinking…”My dog appears to have great digestion. His/her bowel movements are normal, and I haven’t observed any GI issues.” That’s GREAT news!   352 more words

I think in terms of the day's resolutions, not the year's. Henry Moore

Cheers to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I happen to agree with Mr. Henry Moore.  Over the years I have found that I need to mentally check in every day or at least every couple of days to be sure I am on track with my New Year resolutions.  243 more words

Rounding Up The Best Beet Juices

Let’s talk about beet juices. It’s 2018 and if you aren’t drinking beet juice, I simply do not understand! I’ve begun mixing my favorite beet juices with carrot juice for a more tart-like taste. 442 more words


Weight loss diet plan for 7 days

General Motors (GM) diet is simple, but not easy. This regime only includes fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, soups and proteins such as meat or cheese. The goal is to make the body metabolism, reduce appetite and detoxify the body. 277 more words


Detoxify and Lose Weight with Healthy Smoothies

One of the most effective way to lose weight quickly is replacing one meal a day with a homemade detox smoothie. Blend some fruits and vegetables into a healthy smoothie and you get very tasty and healthy drink packed with the right nutrition you need. 159 more words

10 Healthy Ways To Detox Your Body

The idea of detoxification of body is nothing new. But with growing trends, it highlights its significance in our lives. It is always necessary to get rid of the toxins from the body but we often take it granted. 931 more words


What is Norwex?

I really want people to know that there is an alternative to chemicals when you clean your home. I excited to show you how to… 40 more words