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Watching Grass Grow and Turning Grass into Juice

If there is anything more exciting than watching grass grow, it’s reading about watching grass grow, right? I successfully turned seeds into grass and into juice and I am very proud of myself, so I wanted to share. 2,816 more words

Health And Wellness

6 health myths debunked

1. Eggs are bad for your health

Depending on who you ask, eggs are either good or bad for your health. The straight fact is that it is not. 937 more words


Mung Bean Broth for Healing, and Dr. Miriam Lee

Mung bean broth – ready to enjoy!

The dense fog/wildfire smoke of this last week has left me feeling nauseous, watery eyed, and bleh. I was thinking this morning how inviting a nice tasting broth sounded. 417 more words

Healer, Heal Thyself

Sweat Is Not Detoxifying (Biology)

Doesn’t it feel good to sweat? To feel your muscles warm up, to feel your heart pump, to feel the toxins escape through your pores … well, everything except that last part. 526 more words



BLOOD & BRAIN Episode 2


  1. Eat Real Foods
    We used to pick our food from trees and the earth, and hunt or fish for the rest.
  2. 328 more words

A Developer's Confession: Why I am quitting WhatsApp? 📱🙅‍♂️

A Tale of a Giant Losing a Tiny Customer

By Sandoche ADITTANE

Short Story

I have recently been contacted by WhatsApp lawyers and they asked me to shut down one of my apps called WhatsBlast… 2,495 more words


Detox Drink

Picture Credits- Little Barefoot Brunette

Detox your mind and body during this season…♥️

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind, which ultimately leads to a healthy skin. 336 more words