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Sea Salt Bath Detoxification by Dr. Christie Smirl

Are you looking for an easy, inexpensive way to improve your health and well being? Try taking a detoxification bath. Sea salt baths have been used for centuries to promote health, healing and beauty. 349 more words


Drink More Smoothies to Lose More Fatties

Detox smoothies are tasty way to detoxify body toxins and to help flush out unwanted body fats. One of the most famouse detox drinks to add to your daily routine are these weight loss smoothies. 159 more words

Post Spring Break // Easter Detox

So if you’re like me you have majorly been over-indulging yourself these past couple weeks – I ate an entire chocolate bunny in about 10 minutes this past Sunday- and I really feel like I just need to detoxify my entire life right now. 356 more words

Just Go With The Flow...

PMSing much?!

This might help you, may be, probably, just try it.

  • Sugar, Sugar, Get The Sugar Rush

I know  it’s not just the sugar, you’d want it all, all the crisps, all the cake, all the ice cream, all the junk. 218 more words

Health Benefits of Intermittent Fasting by Dr. Christie Smirl

Intermittent fasting means of voluntary abstinence from food and nutritive drink for a set period of time. Humans have fasted throughout evolution not just due to food not being available. 628 more words


Detoxify Your Life Not just Your Body.

Get rid of the closet haters that really don’t want you to succeed.  Your circle of true supporters are those who genuinely want you to excel even if you surpass them.   29 more words