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I might stay away from some of my social media accounts today. It’s ultimately killing myself self-esteem even if I try not to think about it. 235 more words

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How many times a year should you detox/cleanse for good digestive health?

Detox or cleansing your body does
not only mean,
eating nutritious food, sunbathing, rest but it means Fasting as

With the guide of practitioner, 195 more words

Candid Review Time : L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask Detoxify

Hi guys, here’s another great product to manage oily skin, it’s a clay mask, L’Oréal Pure Clay Mask Detoxify. 

Before purchasing the product I had done some research on the ‘effectiveness’ of a clay mask over other face masks (clay and ordinary) for oily skin and almost every article I read about masks for oily skin suggested a clay mask. 300 more words

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Downloaded the Detoxify app on my phone. Had my brother set a code so I can't uninstall it. Same goes for Trend Micro on my PS4. 42 more words

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Another GREAT FIND!!

I hope it helps few.
Be a stronger better true you, let others follow..


How I detoxified my environment to improve my mental health

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Toxicity takes many forms, and it’s important to recognize them all and eliminate them to whatever degree possible in our pursuit of health and wellness. 598 more words


Helichrysum-Did You Know?

Did you you know Helichrysum is the oil of pain? It removes pain quickly with not much effort. It helps people with difficult life circumstances, such as trauma, addiction, loss or abuse. 189 more words

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