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A Developer's Confession: Why I am quitting WhatsApp? 📱🙅‍♂️

A Tale of a Giant Losing a Tiny Customer

By Sandoche ADITTANE

Short Story

I have recently been contacted by WhatsApp lawyers and they asked me to shut down one of my apps called WhatsBlast… 2,495 more words


Detox Drink

Picture Credits- Little Barefoot Brunette

Detox your mind and body during this season…♥️

A healthy body promotes a healthy mind, which ultimately leads to a healthy skin. 336 more words

Masks are my favourite!

Masks can infuse your skin with vital nutrients, seal in moisture, soothe stressed skin and jump-start cell repair. They also create an occlusive barrier, sealing in nutrients and moisture and preventing them from evaporating. 543 more words


An introduction to hand reflexology

Hand reflexology? What’s that, you say?

It is basically foot reflexology on your hands – the hands, like the feet, can be considered a mirror image, or mini-map if you prefer, of our body. 277 more words


What did you say? Toilet Spray?

One day, while we were deciding which home cleaning product to experiment with from his homemade remedies and concoctions book*, my friend Scott said, “Toilet spray may not exactly be on your bucket list, but hey, you use your toilet every day, don’t you?” You can’t deny that! 385 more words

3 essential oils that are antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral

From naturalhealth365.com

There are many essential oils that have such powerful plant constituents within them that they are a triple threat to any pathogens lurking in your home or workspace.  230 more words


AGNI - The Power of Health, Immunity and Transformation with Dr. Christie Smirl and Craig Williams

Enjoy the latest episode of Healthier Vibrations titled “The Power of Health, Immunity and Transformation”. This multidisciplinary conversation between Craig Williams and I discusses the application and implications of agni on overall health, immunity, disease resistance, mind clarity, psychological disorders, societal implications and higher conscious development. 259 more words