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Review - Dettol Products

I distinctly remember my mum using dettol when I was a child, a strong bleach smell always followed it’s use. I am not entirely sure if it was the dettol or my mum also using bleach after. 560 more words


Why I love the smell of Dettol™

Do you remember the smell of freshly cut grass? If you can, what does it make you feel? I bet you have some association with the smell. 487 more words

Day 3

Day 3 : There was no light overnight! And I couldn’t bathe as there was no hot water!

Let me tell you about my bed space. 615 more words

Join in with the Dettol Baby Blanket Campaign

Have you got a baby blanket at home that you don’t need anymore?

Think about donating it to the Dettol Baby Blanket Campaign.

Rachel Stevens is calling out to mums, dads and parents to donate a blanket to the charity campaign to help babies in need. 146 more words


Dettol Baby Blanket Donation Campaign

Did you know there is an amazing campaign going on at the minute with Dettol?

Although many of us don’t realize it our baby blankets for our children help us to create and nurture a bond with our children. 506 more words

Cryptic or Kryptonite?

Aka ‘A Face Palm and a Miracle’

What is it with Dettol cleansing wipes that is such anathema to the Gluestick family? I have packs of them dotted around the house at strategic points (kitchen, bathrooms, living room) ready at hand to tackle life’s sticky messes (which we seem to specialise in). 442 more words

Family Life

Dettol Baby Blanket appeal

The Dettol Baby Blanket Campaign, fronted by Rachel Stevens, which draws to a close in the middle of February aims to raise awareness of the dangers of bacteria on baby blankets whilst highlighting the shortage of baby blankets available to infants born to families in need. 297 more words