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Review: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Human revolution is a prequel to the legendary Deus Ex. Released in 2011, it aimed to take the open ended gameplay and conspiracy heavy plotlines, and update them with the polish of modern AAA titles. 985 more words


General+Scientist=Impending Danger

My bet is they’re not developing a cure to anything.
A cure to overpopulation, maybe.

If they’re rubbing their hands together while laughing, consider running, leaving everything behind, never looking back. 32 more words


Adam Jensenin asunto

Julkaistu alun perin 11.8.2015 Pelit.fin blogialueella.

Kuluneen kesän kovin peliuutinen minulle on ollut Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Toki se julkistettiin jo huhtikuussa, mutta vasta E3-messujen ja nyt Gamescomin esittelyvideoiden myötä uutinen on tullut konkreettiseksi. 1,131 more words


It's Never A Bad Time To Dish

I can has boundaries respected plox? Nah..

“She was all like whatever, and then he was all totally and stuff, and then everyone was just oh my god. Crazy, right?”


I Solemnly Swear

Take your intervention elsewhere. This one’s affinity for the visual, interactive medium is unshakeable.

An impenetrable force field of introversion keeps the outside world away. 16 more words


Lack of Self-Insight Impedes Outsight

“Peripheral vision < Looking Good”

– Guard


Crucial moment

If you’re not a typical small talker, this type of faux pax is probably not an unfamiliar phenomenon.

When all that stands between you and the love of your life is a brain fart.. 19 more words