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Human Revolution: Deus Ex

If you want to make enemies….try to change something.

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Eidos Montreal has Ruined the Deus Ex Franchise.

I am writing this post as a fan of the First Deus Ex Game, but as a hater of all later Deus Ex Games. Deus Ex is highly regarded as a great series, but in reality it is not. 2,480 more words

Bad Video Game Developers

When I first learned about Detroit: Become Human, the upcoming game by Quantic Dream to be released on May 25th, the parallels to Deus ex: Human Revolution seemed glaringly obvious.

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Deus Ex Human Revolution: to augment or to not augment, that is question

Hey, I am back with another post! Sorry I was afk (I was diagnosed with writer’s block with a touch of Life and massive bouts of… 2,885 more words

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Deus Ex Developer Increasing Focus On "Online Experiences" For Future Games

Eidos Montreal recently affirmed their vision for their upcoming games going forward. They stated that they plan to focus on the online elements of their future titles, so fans should expect to see an “added emphasis” for online play. 53 more words

6 Popular Dead Gaming Franchise That Came Back To Life

If you are still an OG gamer that played almost every game released in the 90s then you probably know how many gaming franchises have been killed since then. 902 more words


Same World, Different Games

*This is a piece I wrote several years ago (2014), but for some reason never published. What I think is interesting is that some of the things I’ve called for here have been implemented into modern gaming via patches for certain games ( 1,849 more words

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