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Hamburg and Lübeck

Hamburg has become one of my favourite cities. I like it when I visited some months ago but this time… I loved it. I can think on Hamburg as a place to “settle down”, if I do some day. 288 more words


#Travel #500px : WGT: me, myself, and I... by congabatalex by congabatalex #photography#IFTTT

Quest “WGT…”,
part 1 “Me, myself, and I” (1)…
Ispired by “Walpurgisnacht” of Faun:
“In den Abendhimmel steigen
heute Nacht die Zauberweisen,
wildes Volk und Liliths Art, 10 more words


#Travel #500px : Guardian of the Forest by Bulgaria by Bulgaria #photography#IFTTT

Don’t trash the forest or you will have troubles with magically enchanted statues with giant swords :P
Now seriously this is one of the statues at the entrance of Schloss Heidelberg. 6 more words