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Week 8 - DEV - An Phu

I worked on fixing bugs and implementing some features that were useful to record the video material for the BeGDC presentation.


Week 08 - Leo - BeGDC & minor fixes

This week we worked hard on getting everything ready for the BeGDC competition. So that’s where I put most of my time.

For the presentation I created a structured flow for presenting. 116 more words


Week 07 - Leo - UI and Localization

This week I took the task upon myself to create a unified UI and localization system.

The UI is divided in MainMenu (with its own separate scene). 223 more words


Week 7 - DEV - An Phu

Mainly bugfixes and improving existing code.

Implemented some UI features in game.

Checked into mydigipass functionality.


Week 06: Kieran Lesy-DEV

Did some optimizations in the fishing game (mainly the gamemanager). Changed the scene a bit so it would look better(lights, walls…). Furthermore I applied a script (from leo), which shows which watertile you are about to select. 23 more words


Week 06 - Leo - New Minigame Chasm and overall optimizations

During this week I added a new mini-game. In Chasm you need to pick one of the chests placed in the middle on big pillars. But in order to get there, you need to cross fragile bridges, which might break when you walk over. 95 more words


Week 6 - DEV - An Phu

Last week I have been updating the menu code and fixing small bugs. I have made changes to the code that generates all the variables for the game in advance so that every minigame automatically knows all those things via its base class. 16 more words