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Guide The Book: Dev Anand Gave Us a Stronger Rosie

I finished Guide-the-Book!  It was a good book in general, and an easy read, I recommend it.  But it was really really really interesting to read it in partnership with the film.   2,724 more words

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Guide Part 3: The Actual Film, the Ending, and Dev Anand

Guide part 3!  This is what happens when I write about Great Movies, I just go on and on and don’t know how to stop ( 2,820 more words

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C.I.D (1956)

The film opens with a chain of instructions relayed via numerous phone calls, culminating in a death threat by Sher Singh (a young and dashing Mehmood). 858 more words


TGIF Post: Men (and women) in Scarves!

Welcome to Friday!  A very silly post this week, to balance the romantic post last week.  But I am also going to try for gender parity, so that should be an interesting challenge. 688 more words

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Guide Part 2: The Actual Film (Well, The Beginning of It)

Yesterday I did an in depth post on the whole behind the scenes process of making Guide and who all the personalities involved where and what their background was and so on and so on (not including the Murder and Sex Cult part of the Anand brothers’ story, because those hadn’t happened yet).   5,664 more words

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Guide: Everything I Need To Say Before I Say Things About the Film

As you know, if you read my blog regularly, I went on a trip recently.  And I decided the perfect time to finally watch Guide… 3,009 more words

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Guide - 1965

To me R K Narayan has always been more than a fiction writer; at one hand he is a sweet reminisce of relatable stories and on the other is someone whose stories if read deeply can be as complex as Freud’s civilization and its discontents. 220 more words