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Dev Anand, in conversation...

Varsha Bhosle, an ardent fan of Dev Anand interviewed the legendary actor somewhere around April 1997. Many others like her, and as fans of Hindi cinema may have already read this long interview, which I just came across minutes ago. 149 more words


Kahin Aur Chal : Musical Review

by – Jay Subramanyam

The film `Kahin Aur Chal’ and its music are shrouded in  obscurity. Though the film was in news off and on during the  60s,   I  doubt if it had a proper release anywhere in India. 1,992 more words

Dev Anand's Horoscope!

Dev  Anand was one of the most popular  romantic actors of Indian Cinema and a very influential one as well. I feel his songs especially from 1960s era are treasure for music lovers. 477 more words

Vedic Astrology

Happy Birthday Dev Anand!

I know, he’s dead.  But that’s no reason not to celebrate his life!  Especially because Dev himself seems like someone who was always down for a celebration.   481 more words


O tu kyaa jaane din raat ham jeete hain

This article is meant to be posted in atulsongaday.me. If this article appears in sites like lyricstrans.com and ibollywoodsongs.com etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of atulsongaday.me and is a punishable offence under the existing laws. 353 more words

Yearwise Breakup Of Songs

The making of a film star

She disappeared from her home on the day I left the city in connection with a project that I was involved with. Her distraught mother ran into a Nepali friend of mine called Madhwari who told her that he had seen both of us going to the railway station together. 450 more words


ये दिल, ना होता बेचारा - Ye Dil Na Hota Bechara (Jewel Thief)

फ़िल्म: ज्वेल थीफ़ / Jewel Thief (1967)
गायक/गायिका: किशोर कुमार
संगीतकार: एस. डी. बर्मन
गीतकार: मज़रूह सुल्तानपुरी
अदाकार: देव आनंद, वैजयन्तीमाला

ये दिल, ना होता बेचारा
कदम, न होते आवारा
जो खूबसूरत कोई अपना हमसफ़र होता
ओ ओ ओ ये दिल, न होता बेचारा…

अरे सुना, जब से ज़माने हैं बहार के
हम भी, आये हैं राही बनके प्यार के
कोई न कोई तो बुलायेगा
पड़े हैं हम भी राहों में
ये दिल, न होता बेचारा…

अरे (माना, उसको नहीं मैं पहचानता
बंदा, उसका पता भी नहीं जानता आ आ) – 2
मिलना लिखा है तो आयेगा
पड़े हैं हम भी राहों में
ये दिल, ना होता बेचारा…

अरे (उसकी, धुन में पड़ेगा दुख झेलना
सीखा, हा हा, हमने भी पत्थरों से खेलना) – 2
सूरत कभी तो दिखायेगा
पड़े हैं हम भी राहों में
ये दिल, ना होता बेचारा…