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Real Time Text Chat

Modern online communications platforms have never created a truly realtime chat system. Services have ranged from strictly structured email systems to Facebook’s message chats, but we have never been able to type words to each other and read what the other person is typing as they do it. 2,506 more words

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To Live: Narrative and Symbology concepts.

In the last few weeks I’ve begun work on a project with a few others, a story focused first person game drawing inspiration from games such as PT Demo, The Novelist and Gone Home. 313 more words

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Making Dead Bird Rising Pt 3

Now we have a firing arrow and usable art assets, it was time to make the game. The last few days were quite pleasant. I was extremely busy making everything work but nothing was over complicated and I knew what needed to be done for each task so things flowed quite nicely. 230 more words

Dead Bird Rising

Making Dead Bird Rising Pt 2

Before I returned to uni and started this task, I had two months of uni. At first I didn’t realized how information had fallen into the back of my mind until I started to program. 247 more words

Dead Bird Rising

Making Dead Bird Rising Pt 1

Mechanics, story and game-play has been designed and now it was time to work on the Aesthetics. I wanted my game to have a simple look to it and avoid as much colour as possible. 170 more words

Dead Bird Rising

[Dev Blog] La política por otros caminos: Fase Dos [Cambios de soberanía]

¡Saludos de nuevo pilotos conquistadores! Aquí CCP Fozzie os trae este dev blog para mostraros nuestros planes sobre el rework a la soberanía de Nullsec. 7,696 more words

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