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To Live - Post Mortem Part 2

Last time I started my post mortem on the game project I’ve been working on, To Live. In this post I’ll continue to look into what we did, why we did it and what I’ve learned from the experience. 1,237 more words

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To Live - Post Mortem Part 1

With final polish winding down on our project To Live, it’s time to look back at what we’ve done, the hows and whys.


To Live is a First Person game that draws on titles like… 1,556 more words

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Getting Organized - Trivial Gears

When our group was handed a brief to make a video game that made the player feel worthy and follow certain criteria, we had a bit of a struggle. 417 more words

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Communication - Trivial Gears

Mid way through the production with Trivial Gears, some tension started to swell between the group and mainly between me and one other person. Part of this was through the way we handled ourselves and our communication. 391 more words

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To Live: Development Post-Mortem

Over the last several weeks I’ve been working on a project To Live which I’ve mentioned previously when I was talking about using Twine as a prototyping device. 439 more words

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We have walking people in the game!

Hello everybody,

We are happy to announce that we now have cute people walking around the food court that is fully customizable.

For food court we gathered references from all around the web to use as a guide for decorations and object placement. 96 more words

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.:The Fixer Pre-Alpha 1.5:.

  • The Fixer (Pre-Alpha)
    This game is a side project I been playing around with in my off time. It’s in Pre-Alpha stage so if it sucks… I know : ) The game is built for Windows and it’s still a rough idea.
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