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The Winning Mech:

Another Mech Retriever Promo event will be held on Sunday Dec. 10th from 2-6pm at Olympic Cards and Comics.  Behold, the winning mech from the last Mech Retriever Promo event: 101 more words

Dev Blog 1 (04/12/16)

This is the first of many dev blogs. This one will consist of an overview of things previously done and things that were done this week so let’s get started. 1,013 more words


Dev Blog: Functional Programming

A strange piece of advice I might give indie devs who know the basics of coding might be to check out functional programming.

The biggest, simplest leap that it introduces is the idea of being able to pass functions themselves as objects.   198 more words

Legends Of Learning

For those of who don’t know, Legends of Learning is an educational platform that allows students and teachers to play and interactive in an educational gaming environment (i.e educational game). 262 more words

Level Design

Dev Blog: General Update

With one holiday down, it’s back to work.  This weekend will be a work weekend, working on further coding as well as a drawing of Pan’s winning mech from last Mech Retriever promotional event.   90 more words

New Employees

Recently we have been expanding the team. We have taken on board another artist to help Louis out in the pixel art department. This will also allow us to make the game even more pretty. 181 more words


Dev Blog: General Update

Gotten a bunch of stuff done lately–primarily centered around getting code for the Part Deck together so that it can work with the Buy Screen.  This in turn made me write a ListShuffler class. 8 more words