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Week 14 (Wizard Shop)

This week we focused on finishing the wizard shop, particularly the spells.


Spells can now be purchased with Manad in the Wizard Shop (Also known as the Wizard Tower). 171 more words

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Week 13 (Failing Battles, New dungeon, Wizard Tower, Chests!)

This week we worked on four things: Chests, the wizard tower, failing battles, and the new dungeon.

We did not completely finish the wizard shop, but a good chunk of it is done. 226 more words

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Weekly Update #155

Another Thursday and that means it’s time once again to take a peak at our progress from the week that was:

  • The Shrubber’s hat is finished enough for now…or at least until we do a test print.
  • 188 more words
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The Story and the Hero

The builder genre. You have probably already setup your expectations around what it should have; building, some economic management, and possible conflict (natural or unnatural). The default thoughts normally end there, the rest starts to become “I remember this one thing I liked that would be cool”, or “I wish it had this too!” Those were the thoughts that we had repeatably towards builders when it came to the idea of lacking a story, and lacking of some central person, a hero, in which really tied you into the game. 321 more words

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Week 12 (Editor + Project Stuff)

This week we were hard at work restructuring the project.

We extracted the core of the game into its own library so that we could reference the game’s files from both the editor and the game. 256 more words

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Dev Blog - Trapped In Bleak Manor (part 1)

This will be the first time I’m writing about Trapped In Bleak Manor on this blog rather than the one I keep for school, although the game itself is well on its way in terms of art and development. 556 more words

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Sharing Screenshots to Social Media in C# and Xamarin

Keeping up with the theme of my last post, I’m here today sharing another single class solution to a common stack overflow question; How to  share info (in this case a screenshot) to social media platform on your phone. 696 more words

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