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Weekly Update #138

It’s Thursday (for me at least) and that means it’s time for another Dev post.

This week has been ok for us, though I have had a busy few days and haven’t achieved quite as much as I would have like. 244 more words


Ethical Escapades of Arkane Studio’s Dishonored – Part 3

The next two sections of Dishonored after the quite disappointing “House of Pleasure” are the “Royal Physician” and “Lady Boyle’s Last Party.” In this first section, Corvo is tasked with capturing the Lord Regent’s doctor, Anton Sokolov. 518 more words

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Let’s talk about History


Today I am here to tell you a little bit about the history of the kingdom of Atura, and the surrounding countries.

During the time period in which the majority of the story takes place, there are three mayor countries that are of importance: Atura, Braktea, and Turea. 748 more words

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Welcome to Atura

Greetings, wanderer of the earth.

Festal, I announce the beginning of a journey, the foundation of an empire, and the undertaking of a quest within a fictional world, born deep down in my brightest dreams and darkest nightmares. 655 more words

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Back from oblivion

True to ourselves, here we are showing up after 4 months of blackout.

Things went slow during summer, but we are getting back to work. We are currently making a lot of small incremental changes to every aspect of the prototype: Camera, track visibility, controls and ship behaviour. 162 more words


That Mecha Flavor: Recharging Systems: Parts And Abilities in Mech Retriever

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Active abilities on parts in Mech Retriever are structured such that you can only use them once per Battle Phase.  In-universe, why is that? 171 more words

Progress Update - The Plan Going Forward + New Demo

Phew, well I know the last update said “Back in Business” but I sure didn’t stick to that for long. I started working on RPG: The Game pretty often but eventually hit a roadblock when I realized I had no clue where to go with it, however that is no longer the case, and I actually have almost the entire game planned out now. 207 more words

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