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Dev Blog 9 (26/2/17)

The focus for this week development was mostly a visual one with a few fixes here and there. So it is not as long as other dev blogs but either way, let’s get right into it. 344 more words

Dev Blogs

Dev Blog: Part Art with Blender

Started creating basic models for the art for Mech Parts in Blender.  Since Blender is free it’s a compelling choice, plus I have a little bit of experience with it.   85 more words

A Brief History of Ascension

Didn’t even notice its been almost over 2 years since I started this hobby project. It definitely went through a lot of changes in visuals, scope and code base. 204 more words


Dev Blog: The Parts Panel

I’ve been working on getting the Build Screen to work more “For realsies.”  One of the first steps has been to fix the PartsPanel to actually display more than just a single part. 97 more words

Dev Blog 8 (19/2/17)

This week mainly consisted of me going through and fixing glitches and bugs that one make the game hard to play and some that are just visual bugs. 649 more words

Dev Blogs

Dev Blog: How do I art!??

For those of you like me who decide to tackle all aspects of a creative project (I think the technical term is insane people) you may find yourself trying to draw things.   251 more words

Dev Blog: Freakish Productivity

Happy Valentine’s day (belated)!  Hope yours was a good one!

I’ve settled into a work schedule for Mech Retriever–Coding on the bus to and from my day job, and art practice during lunch and immediately after I get home. 240 more words