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Dev Blog: Unit Testing in Monogame pt 3: Revenge of the Unit Tests

Warning:  Another techy post.  I’ll have non-techy posts too in the future, I promise.

Last post I talked about how I defined EntityStateModels, which represent the state of something that’s difficult to test normally by assembling all the data that goes into it. 514 more words

Dev Blog: Unit Testing in Monogame 2: Electric Bugaloo

Warning:  another super-techy post.

Last post I talked about using the Visitor Pattern, Mocks, and wrapper classes to allow you to do automated testing in Monogame.   356 more words

Dev Blog: Unit Testing in Monogame

Warning:  Super-techy post.  If you’re interested in Unit Testing, especially in Monogame or any graphics programming, read on.

Last post I talked about what UIEntities are in Mech Retriever and how they help me have stuff appear on the screen.   326 more words

Dev blog: What the heck are UIEntities anyway? AND WHYYYY!?

Worked on creating a UIEntityTester that tests simple UI Entities–as opposed to Complex UI Entities, which are tested in a different way.  Then I worked on the ability to change parts on a part card.   220 more words

Progress Update - Everything's Changing!

Ok, there’s a LOT to cover in this one! I’m gonna start with what I’ve gotten done on the practice game; Platforms.

I finally have some gifs to show off what I’ve gotten done so far, so here’s those:  370 more words

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Dev Blog: General Update

Well,  I’ve managed to get some stuff done in spite of being sick.

*Implemented a test screen that I can use to preview ui elements… 26 more words

Dev blog: Manual testing is essential

I’m a huge proponent of automated testing.  It’s something I originally chafed at but eventually converted to, since, if you do it like I do, it’s actually  111 more words