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Reusable behavior in Ruby objects

Though my Forest project is still in its infancy (a mere 150 commits in), I have spent a great deal of my time wrestling with objects and the bridges between them. 746 more words

A Game Design Student’s Experience as a QA Tester

Usually while I’m playing a game and I discover a bug I either laugh it off and move on or ignore it completely. For the most part bugs don’t really affect my experience of playing a game unless they’re horribly game breaking, but after two weeks of being a QA tester at Simteractive I can safely say I’ll never let a bug pass unnoticed again. 668 more words


Trilucent — Dev Blog #1

I have a long (10 year long) history of starting games and quitting them as soon a month or so later, because I get over ambitious and never have the end in sight, I just keep on building until it is no longer realistically completable in the near future and I give up. 598 more words

Announcement - RPG: The Game + ALPHA DEMO!

So I’ve been gone for a while. But that’s mainly because I wanted to keep this a secret until a demo was ready.

So while working on That RPG Game I realized I don’t really know all the ins and outs of RPG Maker MV, and I should know that stuff before trying to make a full game. 208 more words

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RESTful API design and implementation

Recently, while building the forest’s API and finding myself running into problems I’d never imagined would need to be solved, I realized that I know very little API design. 1,125 more words

about-face : a post-mortem

It’s weird to go back to writing about smaller games, but refreshing.  As small as about-face was, it is a “finished” game (in quotations because I still have a patch that isn’t live yet).   841 more words

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Mining and smithing rework

Everything you need to know about jagex’s plans to rework smithing and mining compacted into two different spreadsheets for easy reading.


So what we can tell from this is: 67 more words