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General Update

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Started coding the BattleScreen UI!  Woohoo!  After spending a ton of time on the logical driver code that deals with the mechs and map and such as code objects, now I’m working on actually displaying all of it to a screen!   14 more words

Level 6

So, I decided to skip a few interstitial levels to note down a few ideas I don’t want to forget further down the pipeline. It all started with Michizane changing the order of the levels and now I have a bit of an idea to switch around dynamics. 165 more words

Dev Blog

General Update

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

I’ve been cranking out more code for the BattleScreen.  It being the most complex screen, I’ll likely be at it for a while still.   63 more words

Weekly Update #112

Our weekly Thursday dev blog is ready to roll so lets get on with it :D

First up is the list of what we have achieved this week: 338 more words


Going For It--Errors of Commission versus errors of Omission, and lowering the cost of failure

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Greetings! As I’m working through implementing the code of Mech Retriever, I’m reflecting back on how far it has come. Almost two years ago it was a feeling that a game like it should exist, a feeling that overtook me while I was floating down the river with my buddies, some of whom are on the team right now. 279 more words

Exceptions are nice, but...

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

It’s important to restructure your code as you go–partly because the code you don’t write is important.

For example, a lot of times it makes sense to have your code throw exceptions when it encounters a bad state.   167 more words

Map Generation and Resource Spawning

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Started working on Map Generation and resource spawning for the Battle Screen.  Basic map generation and spawning is there, but in order to implement randomized spawning of varying amounts of resources, I had to change up the structure of the code to incorporate “sectors” of the map.   26 more words