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Lots of work on the battle screen

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Been adding test after test for the battle screen–I’ve implemented a bunch of game logic, primarily focusing around mechs punching each other…  But particularly I have been focusing on the rules around cover granted from trees, mountains, etc. 14 more words

Derelict_ News: March 2017

Lots of work has been done in the past 2 months. While we haven’t posted much on the forums, or IndieDB we have been hard at work trying to finish the game. 726 more words


More Battle Screen tests, BDD

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Continuing work on the BattleScreenDriver. A lot of the basic functionality is there–moving, picking up resources, punching mechs… Though it’s interesting how much time I’m spending writing code to prevent stupid behavior–like making sure you can’t walk off the edge of the world, or deploy off the edge of the world, or punch yourself… It’s funny, when coding the Driver for a given screen, I frequently think “Oh, I’ll just breeze through it since there’s no graphical stuff to worry about.” But I end up realizing just how much logic is in there. 173 more words

Hey folks!

As we go further in the development, finishing the game loop we are starting to add challenge to the players. The game felt too easy and predictable, and these are two things we try to avoid. 117 more words

Development Blog

Site Redesign

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Been working on the website–now if you look at the home page, you’ll see visual links to navigate you to the kind of content you want to see, instead of just a smattering of Blog Posts. 47 more words

6th Sense

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Last post I talked about the architecture of Mech Retriever and what it allows me to accomplish.

One of the major things it does for me is allows me to have decoupled code. 284 more words

Dev Blog: Game Architecture

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Continuing to work on the driver for the Battle Screen.    Mech retriever actually has a fairly sophisticated architecture–one that has evolved over the course of the project. 253 more words