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Weekly Update #121

Welcome back to our regular weekly update post!

First up is our achieved list which frankly isn’t going to be great this week as regular work continues it’s assault on our Faith & Flintlocks development time! 305 more words

Concept Art

General Progress Update

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

The new test pattern to support things like AI is almost in place.  I need to finish the BuyScreen and the PlayTestScreen, the latter of which will be extremely trivial.   45 more words

Refactoring--Working on Multiple Features at Once

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

I continue to spend time on the screen tests, converting them to the new format so that I can support AI in the game.   116 more words

Tests: Like a photo-negative of the code?

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

One interesting thing I’ve observed among people who are otherwise eager to code in an Object-Oriented style, because of its many advantages, is that they are surprisingly eager to go back to writing highly-procedural code while testing.   150 more words

Mech Rendering to the Screen

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

This last week has been mostly dealing with the test complexities that come with adding AIViews to the code, specifically the Battle screen.   46 more words

Refactor Cascades

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

Adding AI Views has brought with it an interesting problem–making the test classes work with AI views.  Up until now, everything was verified via the Graphical views, which really only the human player uses… So I was left to figure out how to proceed, and often, when that isn’t clear, I start refactoring toward simplification.   110 more words

Adding Ai--How exciting!

Mech Retriever Dev Blog

I’m adding the first Ai View to the MechRetriever code base.  If you think of Views like monitors + keyboards, and drivers like computers, then you need more of a data stream instead of an actual keyboard for the computer to play. 44 more words