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1073+: Dev Blog #2

Work on 1073+ has continued throughout the month, although April has been rather busy and so I haven’t gotten as much done as I had hoped. 289 more words

Blessed Ones: The Magic Wolves version 0.8 Patch Notes

There’s nothing I love more than reading patch notes–it’s probably one of my favorite things about playing a game with ongoing development. So I’m actually extremely excited to share this–especially considering there is QUITE a bit added in this patch. 3,057 more words

Blessed Ones

Thinking like a programmer

More complicated of a topic than you’d think. There’s no perfect answer to this idea, that you must “think” differently in order to be a specific thing. 396 more words

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Developing a forest.

This is the first post in a series describing and documenting the development process of a personal project. The process, and the blog posts themselves, might be fairly unorganized, but I will try to build up a Github streak at the very least. 813 more words

Games2 - Dev Blog #6

Another game that that has left an impact on me is Just cause 3. This game has left a very different impact than the games created by Mmiyamoto, this game I played more to just pass the time, have fun and relieve stress. 133 more words

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Games2 - Dev Blog #5

A game that has moved me and has left a huge impact on me was the legend of Zelda games. That was the first game that I have ever played when I was a child. 140 more words

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Games2 - Dev Blog #4

The Game Grim Fandango presents its game design in a very simplistic way with fixed cameras positions that switch depending on where the player moves to. 116 more words

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