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Dev blog: Up and Running

Finally doing real coding on Mech Retriever for the first time since before the kickstarter!  Not just configuration.

I worked on the BuyScreen.  I coded the feedback portion of the basic ui–The stat preview panel, gold display, and pass button.   132 more words

Vertices Engine Optimizations - Encapsulating Post Processors

Currently most of the Post Processors are handled loosely and internally by the vxRenderer class. This is great for keeping everything in one place, but it causes a lot of redundant information to be sent to the GPU each call. 329 more words


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Vertices Engine Optimizations - Camera Frustum Culling

As Metric has progressed, I started running into frame rate drops while debugging. Naturally the game is going to run slower when Visual Studio is debugging it and it’s not a problem when the game is running as a Release. 399 more words


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Let's talk about combat a bit.

From a classic pub brawl to a martial arts showdown – here’s what you can expect from SCUM when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

We will prioritize the hand-to-hand combat over the usual wild west shootout (don’t worry, though; you will get a chance to do that as well). 225 more words


Dev Blog: Part refinements and Emergent Design

Recently, Ben and I re-analyzed all of the weapon parts in Mech Retriever.  The results were a positive change overall, but any games that use “emergent mechanics” require a lot of playtesting. 195 more words

The Rise of Captain Longbeard

Hey everyone!

We’d like to introduce the latest game we’ve been developing: The Rise of Captain Longbeard, an action adventure game built specifically for VR. As a team we are always looking at what virtual reality games and experiences are out there. 162 more words

Progress Update - Switching Engines

Been a while, huh? I’ve been up to quite a lot since the last progress update, so let’s start with what I’m doing about the engine. 523 more words

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