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Landscapes of code

Why do we feel so uncomfortable with the idea of small functions that have names? What is it about that that frightens us? I’ll tell you what it is. 293 more words

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We name so much, we’d better name well

Names are everywhere in software (variables, functions, arguments, classes, source files etc…). Because we name so much, we’d better name well.
So choose your names thoughtfully ;) 695 more words

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Nevertheless, I coded...

I wanted to quit writing software for good.

Nevertheless, I coded. And I still do.

I’ve been a software developer for 3 years then. And I totally didn’t feel like getting up and going to work. 493 more words

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What is the purpose of this code?

There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.
– Phil Karlton

We name and name and name. We name variables, functions, arguments, classes, source files, and the directories.

104 more words
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Who do you write the code for?

You can probably come up with a bunch of answers: the computer, the client, the cloud, the company…

But first and foremost you write code for other developers. 196 more words

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How to write SOLID dev resume to be 2018 STAR

I’ve been coaching IT people with their job search and resume writing since the end of November. And I’ve noticed that a lot of us struggle (and yes, I do too) with writing this scary piece of paper. 625 more words

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Are you (programming) in your comfort zone? Please don't.

I worked as a software developer using only Java tech stack for over five years. And I’m pretty comfortable with any Java code. I started playing out with JavaScript, namely node.js, just recently. 729 more words

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