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UI changes, Vending machines and Rewards

This week I started with updating the new UI, including a new health symbol and giving the meelee weapins an icon as well when they’re equiped. 55 more words


Player Grenade + GameOver Screen


this week I implemented also the grenade so the Player can use it like the AI. I also implemented an small GameOver screen once the player dies with some buttons. 62 more words


Done Coding! Now Building...

Finally done doing all the coding stuff, except for when I have to debug later on the way.

All I have to do now is to construct the levels, but I need to brush up on my level design skills before I continue along.



Don't forget to look the process

Context : An (non mature) Agile Team in a Complexe Business
Fact : Kind of bottleneck in Testing Phases
Consequence : Lost of time and late in the planning… 229 more words

Scrum Master

DEV - New build

So we are getting towards a final result. I’ve uploaded a new build that contains some new awesome stuff like enemies that break apart when they get destroyed. 23 more words


AI Ragdoll + Player Interaction

Player Interaction:
– Elevator

– New Pick Up display & Automatic Pick Ups

AI Ragdoll:



I’m enjoying the work that Kyle Simpson has done on understanding how the compiler (yes, he says JavaScript is a compiled language not an interpreted one) declares and hoists functions and values. 594 more words