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See me in Riga!

I will be speaking about the Oracle Optimizer in Riga, at Riga Dev Days! The biggest tech conference in the Baltic states takes place on the 29th/30th/31st May – click on the logo below for full conference details. 7 more words


Developing Tech by Riazi

Atefeh Riazi is the United Nations’ Information Technology Chief. Along with this being a huge role to undertake in and of itself, her role represents the power of truly integrating technology as a means to develop. 270 more words

Building your .APP website with NameCheap and GitHub Pages–A Visual Guide

I recently bought a few new domain names under the brand new .app top-level-domain (TLD). The .app TLD is awesome because it’s on the HSTSPreload… 370 more words


The Anatomy Of An App

For my first app challenge I designed a basic one page application called I Am broke. The main goal of the challenge was to familiarize myself with the Xcode layout. 145 more words


Quick Update - Bug Fixed 1

Hey! Just last post I was saying how I don’t write enough. Here I am with a back to back post. So as you may or may not know, in my… 375 more words

Binding Data to Lists in Android

Working in Android with lists is a very useful tool. We can make menus for the user to choose from a list of items. We can also make lists to present data to the user. 556 more words


Nearing the End of Project 1

So as always I’ve neglected to update the blog in a timely fashion. I think that’s an expectation of myself I either need to change or adjust. 1,289 more words