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random Foliage

This week I added in a random Foliage generator so we no longer have to custom make the side of our level anymore.
Which will allow for faster level creation and more focus on the the creation itself.

-Thomas De Mulder


DEV: Boss, Player and Camera

This week I have put a lot of work into refining the code for the main gameplay. I squashed a lot of bugs and improved the code for the boss the player and the camera. 496 more words


Friday Finally

After a pretty tiring and stressing week the magic day is here. Weeken, tomorrow is a day with a bit more freedom than I usually get and where my dreams can slowly be shapen. 105 more words


iOS Dev Blog: Day 10, Handwriting

Yesterday I had my first call with my mentor Mark and it was great! It was a very laid-back call and I was able to really take an objective look at my own goals and state of mind. 319 more words