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Glute Training for MMA: 5 Exercises to Develop More Stability, Strength and Power with Your Hips

The glutes are an incredibly powerful group of muscles, yet they’re often neglected in standard strength training programs.  MMA is a highly versatile sport, and the glutes are heavily activated in most important actions in an MMA. 127 more words

Birthday Birthday Birthday Eve!!!!

It is my Birthday tomorrow. Hooray!

A time to reflect on the year. Oh lovely…There’s a lot I could say about this *cough* challenging year… 496 more words


How to Develop - A list from the heart

  1. Take things one step at a time
  2. Things will go wrong
  3. Things will go right
  4. Learn from both
  5. Refactor, reuse
  6. Test things (pls)
  7. Repeat

On my new android adventure I feel like that freshman that is just starting out all over again. 38 more words


"Setback?! Me? It's cool. I can TOTALLY handle it…”

Humans are such amazing creatures really aren’t they?! It astounds me to this day how very strong the survival instinct is and how much stress and strain we can take yet continue to fight for recovery, even if it is to our disadvantage. 893 more words


Encourage Team by Casting Vision Using Four Simple Strategies

Composition was a strong skill in my photography tool belt when I was in college. It attracted weekend wedding jobs, numerous awards and my first cinematography gig with CBS. 523 more words