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Examination of Life

“People are often unreasonable, illogical, and self-centered; …Forgive them anyway.”- Kent Keith

Looking at some of the synonyms of the word forgiveness, I fail in the fight to achieve any level of forgiveness in my life: pardon, Mercy, absolution, exoneration, exculpation. 451 more words

My Story

Privileged glimpses 5: Don't expect perfection.

This series of blog posts first appeared a few years ago on a now defunct blog called ‘Care Training’. It was inspired by the training maxim of ‘making the unconscious conscious’. 434 more words

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A Website Review On Collaborative Enquiry

Looking for a way to develop your team and build a collaborative workplace? Training your team and your leaders will bring out the best in them. 16 more words

To accomplish ‘extraordinary’ things........

People – well, those who have known who the real Gaius is – have sometimes asked me where I get the inspiration from to crystalise my thoughts and put them down in writing. 554 more words

Feed The Leader

I know that in many places that leadership and leadership development can be an area of conflict. I know that especially when it comes to the church people can really get touchy about it. 240 more words

Leadership Development

Challenges in Environmental Sustainable Sociology

written in winter 2014 by Rosette

-list of threats to environmental sociology

-some dangers stated exaggerations

-the  unexaggerated dangers due to controversy of exaggeration

  • Bumper stickers (political  for the  environment on high priced vehicles.
  • 190 more words