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Time for the 3 'Rs'...Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate!

I am just about finished marking my final projects and exams for the term…my brain feels like mush! It’s amazing how tiring it is to read and mark the results of someone else’s work; perhaps it has something to do with the connection between how successful we have been as teachers and how much our learners are walking away from the term having learned. 320 more words

Learner Centred

CV Development

With my time at university quickly coming to a close, I am currently in the progress of developing my CV. A curriculum vitae is important for any individual when applying for jobs, it gives you a chance to present yourself professionally and highlight your skills. 300 more words


Develop #2

In this project we were asked to build an egg car that will protect the egg on impact when going down a hill. So far I have made the floor board from wood and reinforced it will bubble wrap so that it would’t be as hard. 155 more words

DT.01.01 Formulate The Problem

The Egg Car Challenge : Phase Five

Create a prototype and a testing plan of a specific feature


Leaving shallow behind

Most of us like to follow Jesus at a distance because we are afraid of the deep water which is called total commitment. We’re afraid of the deep water because we are not fully convinced that God will get us through – what will happen if we find that we are out there on our own? 535 more words

The Egg Car Challenge : Phase Four

In phase four of the Egg Car Challenge, I begin the develop process within the 5 parts of the Design Thinking process. Recapping- in Physics and CTE class, we were challenged to design and create a car that can roll down a ramp, suffer through a crash, and still keep it’s only passenger- the egg, safe and unharmed. 254 more words



Triumphant living is one of the characteristics that God wants to develop in us by the work of His grace. Even when we are in difficult situations, the Lord wants us to learn to walk in the victory that is available to us in Christ. 327 more words