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If I had to summarize this whole dissertation in a single phrase, it’d have to be “being black is lit.”
I honestly thinks that’s the only way to describe it. 235 more words


VIDEO | My Daily Schedule for Success


In this video I presented a few generally things why you need a schedule. I also talked about the question I ask myself everyday in the morning, that makes me be productive and help me avoid spending a day without doing something useful for my dream. 30 more words


How to Manage Your Diet and Health If You Develop Gestational Diabetes

Throughout pregnancy, women undergo a variety of screening tests for their own health and the health of their unborn children. One of the most common tests is for gestational diabetes. 97 more words


One's shit. Other's gold.

Metaphorically, of course. Although if shit could mint gold, Curry houses could earn a lot of commission! #grossrules

Comparison is second nature to a lot of us. 947 more words


Why and where to find inspiration?

Inspiration is that imbold that makes us want to create or do something.

We need inspiration because that’s the only way we can develop ourselves. Seeing someone doing something with pleasure, hearing him talking with passion about his job and about the effort that work involves, we become more aware of what we want to do, what our passions are and how to make them real. 203 more words


Evolutionary Inspiration of the Day

The journey always begins with the first step. If we do not take that step, we will never know where it will take us. We are all capable of amazing things, we just have to take that first step towards the rest of our lives. 26 more words

Self Motivation