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What can we do to help?

I have always wondered what it would be like to study or volunteer abroad. Would I be scared? Would people like me? Would I butcher the native language, what do I do if they don’t speak English? 191 more words


Lately I have learned

I disse kolde dage læser jeg Pindsvinet flytter hjemmefra for ungerne. Pindsvineungen skal nu ud i verden på egen hånd, den skal ud og tage ved lære af sine oplevelser og udfordringer. 316 more words


A matter of perspective. Part 2 [En]

If there’s something I learned in life so far is that people will try to bring you down whenever they feel in somewhat danger, danger that you’ll be better/smarter/funnier than them, that you’ll bring something different into equation. 73 more words


Experience the power of living in "community" (podcast)

On this talk show:  The amazing benefits of doing life in a Gospel-centered community and how you can develop such a “community” in your own life… 27 more words


Ebook Escapades

As many of you know, Carrie Lion is just about done, needing only a page or so of text and a few small doodles before all the content is complete. 1,387 more words


The Faith of a Child

Jesus calls us to accept the kingdom of God like a child.  He warns that if we do not, we will not enter it.  As He has children gathered around Him, Jesus says the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. 269 more words

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The thought of commitment can be scary sometimes. The feeling of being bound to some activities or persons may seem inhibiting of some our freedoms. But truth is, it is through commitments that personalities are established, and it takes discipline to always pull through them. 46 more words

Daily Inspirations