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The Division's Rocky Road

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Ubisoft’s third-person shooter The Division has been one of 2016’s most interesting successes and one of its worst fiascoes. The people who make it now hope it can also be the year’s best comeback story. 3,380 more words


YouTubers Clash With Visual Novel Developers Over Spoiler Videos

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Ozmafia!! played by Solon Scott

“The Prince of Play” Solon Scott is a YouTuber who plays through visual novels, mostly Japanese dating simulators. 1,053 more words


The Winds of Winter - Betas and Development

Hello citizens of Dalaran,

“Can you feel it? Closing in all around you.. The light’s justice has been awakened, the sins of the past have finally caught up to you.” 429 more words


Hei oisko tää vaikka että...

Terve kaikille! En ole hetkeen kirjoitellut tänne blogiin, mutta projekti etenee silti hyvää vauhtia. Ollaan pelattu viikoittain Black Market -kampanjaa, jossa on ollut aika upeita seikkailuita. 887 more words


Introducing the "documentation container" for developers 

Hey devs, today I bring you very exciting news.

Have you heard about “Dash,” an application that  gives you instant offline access to over 150+ API documentation sets. 124 more words


Don't Piss Off Your Developer(s)

Most developers enjoy their work, whether they are part of a development team, a free-lance developer or a single, in-house developer for some company somewhere. Developers are usually very clever and creative people, solving complex problems never solved before and coming up with new innovative ways for people to do things more efficiently. 508 more words


7 Gifts All Programmers and Developers Can Use

Programmers and developers are notoriously difficult to shop for. They seem to have everything they want – and can be quite picky about the products and tools they use. 570 more words