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Is it Possible to Travel to Indonesia with Lymphoedema?

In this post I describe the realities of travelling to Indonesia with lymphoedema. I had no idea what to expect from Indonesia. Well, I say Indonesia, but I only visited Bali and for a brief period, due to a certain volcano, Surubaya; the country’s second largest city. 1,153 more words

The ABC’s of designing SUSTAINABLE Public Health Programs

The health of a community is dependent on the overall health of its people. Community health initiatives are sometimes designed with the aim of modifying health and disease patterns, peculiar to a specific group of people. 1,207 more words


Belt and Road Interview Series: Professor Martin Jacques

Beltandroad.blog had the pleasure to interview Professor Martin Jacques; British journalist, academic, China-specialist, and author of the bestseller “When China Rules the World”. Below are the highlights from our discussion. 908 more words

Have the Indian business houses served the Indian economy well?

The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. It is the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). 576 more words

Talk About Sexual Assault

“In my generation, what these girls are going through was never considered assault,” Judith said. “It was considered, ‘I was stupid and I got embarrassed.’” 678 more words

Incredible India?

Incredible India…. this is the recent marketing campaign that the Government of India has coined to promote tourism. I’ll agree that India is an incredible place, but not for all the reasons the country touts. 1,666 more words


Belt & Road's success needs careful investment planning

This article was originally published on CCTV

The Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) will be groundbreaking for developing countries around the world that desperately need better infrastructure. 650 more words