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China has been intensively developing homegrown VTOL fighter jet, but admits it lags behind America

The following is based on translations from reports on Chinese websites:

Chinese website mil.huanqiu.com describes in its report the difficulties in developing a VTOL… 598 more words


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This is a popular story from China Daily Mail. It's well worth a read. Check it out! As I dwelled on the implications, my mind switched to Europe and absence of an effective defense strategy. In particular, I am still angered by thought of UK defense cuts in the name of austerity. Surely defense spending should be ring-fenced rather than foreign-aid which often ends up in the hands of corrupt officials? Thoughts?

Helping Girls Stay in School

This Is “Flo” – A Simple Device Making Menstruation Safer for Girls Living in Poverty

by Rafi Schwartz
The Daily Good

For girls living in extreme poverty around the globe, getting their periods can be a particularly trying ordeal. 299 more words


Teach a Teacher – Learning by Sharing

This July I volunteered for two weeks with Teach a Teacher in Peru. Thanks to Kelly and Mac, I had the opportunity to meet with secondary science teachers in Lima and in the Callejón de Huaylas (Ancash) and share with them some classroom experiences about Inquiry Based Learning. 683 more words


Worms be gone for 360 kids!

And there are still about 150 pills left for other villages outside and around Makelle.

I headed to Dongolat, a village and project site of the coordinator on Makelle University’s side, Girmay. 653 more words


If only we were boys: A chauvinistic masterpiece

Today I finally have internet.

It’s common to hear people say “Africa is hell on Earth”. Well, it is, and it felt like it has been even for some privileged forengees like us, in some respects. 894 more words


Day 4 of growing

Today was the fourth day of the aeroponic fodder growth. The internet is really slow today and refuses to upload pictures, someone in my building must be downloading some illegal stuff… inconsiderate. 616 more words


Make me sweet, not bitter

This whole experience is just making me become a bitter person, which I naturally am not. How dishearted would you be in the following situation?: 987 more words