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Hot, hot Kampot

In brief…

We had a 10-day break at the end of April, and headed for a cheap and relatively local destination: Cambodia. We stayed in Phnom Penh for a day on each end, and 5 days and nights in Kampot. 1,516 more words


GSK In Developing Countries: The Unethical GSK (Hepatitis E) Nepalese Army Trials

GSK  has sometimes behaved extremely unethically in developing countries, therefore everything the Yemeni whistle-blower has told me about GSK’s practices in Yemen really comes as no surprise to me.. 2,215 more words


Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Poverty Alleviation

Scholarly interest in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) has grown in recent years with the emergence of SME institutions and their bid to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty. 1,279 more words


Award Programme for Journalists from Developing Countries

Thomson Reuters Foundation invites journalists from developing countries to participate in its small programme by submitting and developing story ideas under the programme- Reporting Taboos. 182 more words


A mindset of shame and scarcity

Before I begin, I would like to stress that this is just what I think and is not supported by any experiments or research.

When I was 13, a friend of my father’s told me, “After all what can people like us from a third world country hope for?”. 471 more words


Hoy No Circula.

Mexico City is living a serious environmental crisis. It has been living a serious environmental crisis for years, but some wrong political decisions and “unfavorable” climatic conditions have turned it into a crisis that no one can pretend anymore is not happening. 701 more words

Democracy Comes to Burkina

After the Coup d’État in October, the presidential elections were postponed until the end of November. As the date drew closer, everyone held their breath. Would there be another Coup? 334 more words