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The ethics of haggling in a developing country

Backpackers might be some of the most frugal people you’re likely to meet. Whether it’s saving to travel, or booking flights and accommodation, or spending habits while on the road, budget travel for backpackers means valuable travel. 812 more words


This Map Shows the Severity of India’s Pollution Problem - India Real Time - WSJ

A new map from the World Health Organization shows just how bad India’s air pollution problem is.

The interactive map, which shows the average levels of dangerous… 395 more words


These are your needs now

Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a ubiquitous topic in sociology research and psychology classrooms. I’d always considered it unarguably true. When I moved to the Solomon Islands, I saw the theory play out clearly in my daily life. 530 more words

Solomon Islands

Time for review and reflection

At my University, it’s that time of the year where PhD students meet for their Annual Performance Reviews. While some of the paperwork may seem like an unnecessary time waster, it’s actually been a worthwhile task for me. 183 more words


Scenes from another world

A footprint in the mud in Gizo, Western Province. Heavy rains make the red clay roads hard to traverse by foot or by car.

The Anjeanette docked in Auki, Malaita Province. 151 more words

Solomon Islands

Is Indonesia Stuck in the Past?

Over the summer break, I took a humanities class which had a research assignment that prompted me to look at the Indonesian society and a key factor that shapes their values. 765 more words


Riding the PhD rollercoaster

I know it’s been said before, that doing a PhD is like being on a  rollercoaster – so many highs and lows, ups and downs.  These moments of extreme can very easily happen in the same week, day or even hour.   329 more words