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Have the Indian business houses served the Indian economy well?

The economy of India is a developing mixed economy. It is the world’s sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP and the third-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP). 576 more words

Talk About Sexual Assault

“In my generation, what these girls are going through was never considered assault,” Judith said. “It was considered, ‘I was stupid and I got embarrassed.’” 678 more words

Incredible India?

Incredible India…. this is the recent marketing campaign that the Government of India has coined to promote tourism. I’ll agree that India is an incredible place, but not for all the reasons the country touts. 1,666 more words


Belt & Road's success needs careful investment planning

This article was originally published on CCTV

The Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) will be groundbreaking for developing countries around the world that desperately need better infrastructure. 650 more words


Voluntourism - a curse or an aid?

Being in Australia and meeting a LOT of Indians at gatherings have been tiring to say the least. Mostly because I am seen as the perfect child who has managed to get into medicine. 989 more words

Medical Student

Analysis about Ethics in Developing Country

 Exporting Ethics to India: A study on Railway Construction Project  


I am going to discuss an ethical dilemma faced by foreign companies when doing railway construction project in Indi. 1,684 more words

What I Learned In College

Reforms in Oral Health Services in Nepal

Nepal is modelling for its federal state with seven provinces and seven hundred and forty-four local bodies. These local bodies have jurisdictions over collecting taxes and manage them accordingly. 423 more words

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