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Finished rat sculpture

I’m so happy with this now, it’s rare that I make something exactly like how I visualise it but sometimes you get lucky. I want to continue with this, but I see it more as part of an installation than on its own.I want to surround it by ceramic glossy featureless rats to highlight the idea of wealth and status symbols being something to aspire to for many in the developing world. 72 more words

Fine Art

Eat, Pray, Fuck off

I recently got back from trekking to Everest Basecamp in Nepal. Thinking about it is surreal. My overall experience was very positive. I loved being outside and active every day, even when it was snowing and breathing became more difficult and I especially loved the break from the confines of my office. 727 more words


Free Transportation to all in Developing Countries

People should be given the opportunity to travel without worrying about the financial burden of it. I believe that there should be a reliable and safe free public transportation system for developing countries. 368 more words

I slept with him

And now that I have your attention…

It’s no secret that I adore Ketut. My blogs have been littered with his name since I met him three years ago. 1,017 more words


Why Should I Support Teach a Teacher Nonprofit ?

                                                                                                                                       By H Mac Wooten

As with any organization whether it is a for-profit or nonprofit, before you offer support, you should ask questions (of yourself and most certainly about the organization). 1,266 more words

Teach A Teacher

How to Invest in Ukraine?

Who wouldn’t want to go back in time and be the smartest person on the block because we know about television, computers, cars and all sorts of other technology? 827 more words

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Hurray for holidays!

Easter is nearly upon us and so the Littles are on their school holidays and we are escaping Angola for a week and heading to Cape Town. 674 more words