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Muse Opinion:What if da Vinci was Poor?

A thought-provoking question huh? This question was raised by an artist from India during an online Interview conducted by the Musechester.

The idea of interviewing a person from a developing country popped up just after hearing the definition of creativity by… 613 more words

Six Innovations That Can Improve Access To Clean Water

Most of us don’t have to think twice about getting clean water. We open a faucet and it comes pouring out. The case is quite opposite for the  1,002 more words

Clean Drinking Water



“Mexico is a country in transition. A country that has both some of the most advanced cities, and some of the worst towns. A country that sees large companies increase their productivity while small companies decrease their productivity. 395 more words

Voices Of Mexico

On Choicelessness in Libya, or Why Developing Countries are All the Same

It seems like the only books I can really dive into these days are those that relate, on some level, to Libya. I’ve started at least half a dozen books this year, only to lose interest about a third of the way through. 1,481 more words


The Dam Injustice

Many believe that to provide more clean energy and water resources the world needs more hydropower dams. This is particularly true in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, where much of… 1,118 more words

Developing Country

5 Reasons Why I Never Thought I Would Move Overseas

Here are five of the reasons why I never thought I would move overseas:

  1. I never really cared to travel much: I had only been to one country other than America and it was Mexico, which kind of doesn’t count…especially since I am a half Mexican who lived in California (and it used to be the same country).
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World Bank estimates show fall in India’s poverty rate - The Hindu

The World Bank has revised the global poverty line, previously pegged at $1.25 a day to $1.90 a day (approximately Rs. 130). This has been arrived at based on an average of the national poverty lines of 15 poorest economies of the world. 140 more words