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Why innovate? Why be an entrepreneur?

Thanks for joining me! I want to outline some of the background of the accelerator programme – its in some depth – so read what you will. 272 more words

Creative Industries

The Dollar-Plagued World Now Has Another Currency to Worry About

Chinese yuan: While investors have been focused on a strengthening U.S. dollar and rising Treasury yields, a weaker Chinese yuan also threatens to heap pressure on emerging market assets that have already  310 more words

Melinda Gates on balancing the burden of unpaid work

Link: http://www.marketplace.org/2016/03/21/world/melinda-gates

Summary: Work around the house and for the family is unpaid work  and mostly done by women. This reduces their labor force participation and ultimately hurts the GDP of a country. 45 more words

Economic Growth

Response to: Why Venture Capital hasn’t taken off in Africa

This is a response to TMS Ruge’s Article specifically to his expression about what he calls White-Fronting which is where a start-up from Africa (I prefer Developing Economy) intentionally recruits a white person(again i prefer “Developed Country” citizen) as co-founder  just to get VC financing. 1,382 more words