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Contrarian highlights from China's Government Work Report 2015

Saturday 7th March 2015 16:30 HKT

Below are the less glamourous highlights not being washed through mainstream media, yet it’s these changes that will have more of an impact on people’s livelihoods. 4,832 more words


The Man Who Saved a Billion Lives.

In the 19th Century, a lot of Norwegians migrated to places like Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas to make a living as farmers. Tough, hard-working, close-mouthed, decent people. 575 more words

The Economy

Towards Digital Well Being

Tripling mobile Internet access over the next 15 years could make the developing world $22 trillion richer. Such improvement in the lives and earning potential of poor people could indirectly help with the other challenges; after all, more prosperous people tend to be healthier, better fed, and more highly educated.

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United States

Money can apparently buy happiness

By interviewing 47,643 people in 43 countries and comparing the results to a similar survey undertaken in 2007, Pew Research determined that the greatest increases in “life satisfaction” occurred in Asia. 77 more words


The great China growth debate: Ripe for a slowdown or full speed ahead?

With Europe mired in what can now be fairly described as a depression, and the United States barely growing above its expected, long-term trend, economists are desperate to find some other source of global economic growth that can be counted on to push the world forward. 900 more words


Conflicting Desires

What happened to all those promises that fracking was going to bring down polyethylene prices (they have risen significantly of late) and facilitate the re-shoring of manufacturing (where are the jobs) ? 1,044 more words



 By Elizabeth Ndhlovu-Dumbreni

As is common with many rapidly emerging or developing economies, Zimbabwe urgently needs to develop an accountancy profession which is not only capable of supporting future business development, but one which also allows organisations to operate and succeed in an increasingly connected and competitive marketplace. 970 more words