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A Rundown From the World Bank/IMF Meetings

Renewed appetite for local currency debt proved to be a consistent theme among Latin American public credit heads at the World Bank/IMF meetings in Washington over the weekend. 865 more words


Bank Risk Management in Developing Economies

One of my intentions for this book is to address specific concerns of banking stakeholders in developing economies. This is without prejudice to looking at issues which underlie the cause of the book with a critical eye. 268 more words


Questions in the Making of Emerging Economies and Markets

The post–World War II era witnessed a long-running debate over the meaning and connotation of economic development. The debate continued into the 1970s and remained unsettled at the turn of the century. 289 more words


Rising Demand from Developing Economies, Oberthur Fiduciaire Confident in the Future of Global Banknote Market

Since the private players provide sophisticated anti-counterfeiting technologies like watermarks and security strips, most countries around the world have outsourced banknote printing to private companies. French worldwide company Oberthur Fiduciaire, which stands in the first row of global security printers, shows strong confidence in its future, especially in emerging countries. 909 more words

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Myth of technology transfer

The relevance of technology to industrial development and economic growth of developing countries has been widely discussed, but the myth in the thought of its transfer cannot be over–emphasized. 874 more words


Flashbacks to industrial revolution spread

The industrial revolutions that swept European countries in the eighteenth century and beyond was not accomplished by planned direct transfer of technologies from Great Britain – the acknowledged founding nation of modern industrial techniques. 523 more words


Emerging markets dilemma

Economic development historically thrived in societies that secured congenial environment for the exercise of human enterprise. Congenial atmosphere includes the existence of, and respect for, democratic political institutions and values, regard for work as the legitimate means of achievement, establishment of efficient reward system – largely administered through the interplay of market forces, unwavering commitment of the leadership to laying a solid foundation for economic development, and effective management of external relations and influences. 386 more words