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Investing in Resilience

Vulnerable communities face the brunt of climate change – from rising sea levels and extreme weather events to prolonged severe droughts and flooding.

According to the World Bank, without effective mitigation measures, climate change… 752 more words


Save Data, Save Lives

While much of the world today suffers from information overload, there are still places where information is scarce.

And that scarcity sometimes costs people their lives. 775 more words


The Stories of our Volunteers

Ann Foundation aims to provide a good quality education to children irrespective of their background and family wealth.

Read the heartwarming stories of our volunteers and their experiences working with Ann Foundation. 13 more words

Set up the gauntlets for developing Nations to pass through without undue pressure?

Set up the gauntlets  (2006)

Why do you want to force Globalization on people?

Why do you want to force Nations to out leap the process of natural development? 448 more words

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Keeping up with Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a sprawling, landlocked country in Central Asia.  It is the ninth largest country in the world and has significant economic power in the Commonwealth of Independent states, in no small part because of a thriving oil and gas industry.The… 895 more words

Emerging Technology

Leadership without Exploitation

Some people thrive off of division, strife, and the so-called struggle of issues confronting a nation or nations. Leaders of movements sometimes are not looking for real solutions because a solution would spell the end of their importance, financial means, and power. 478 more words


Birthing a Great Leader 

A leader who governs must first have been governed. If he has never been under authority, and learned the beauty of subjection, then he will abuse power to build self instead of using it to build a nation. 268 more words