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Finishing well

Missionaries, relief workers, and humanitarians love to shovel dirty advice on developing countries like Haiti.  If you have an amazing idea about creating change, the experts will have something to say.  865 more words


Responsibility to developing nations

  In the so called developed world, namely the northern hemisphere, we must ask ourselves how we got to the living standards that today we take for granted. 329 more words


US Dependence on Minerals/Metals From other Countries

There are over 100 crucial minerals and metals that the US imports from other countries. Without these raw materials, the US economy will grind to a halt… 140 more words

Foreign Policy

Uk forewarns aid cuts

The United Kingdom has announced they will begin to cut foreign aid to developing countries failing to invest in their own citizens.

The country who now provides £13 billion each year overseas is calling for governments to take more responsibility and step up. 105 more words


Are our better lives today robbing future generations of a livable world tomorrow?

People who live in developed nations are, by many measures, healthier than ever before. Yet the planet has borne an onslaught of environmental insults — climate change chief among them — unlike any in human history. 1,097 more words


A Foreign Minister in a previous Australian Government
(Alexander Downer) was caught out when he was overheard referring to some
third world countries as “BACs” (Busted Arse Countries – rather than “Shit holes”)
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Where did we disappear to?

We are alive and well, and still implementing operations in Liberia. There are many surprises for 2018, and wear are excited to gain back our blogging momentum so that all of our readers can be apart of this exciting program. 468 more words