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India has 37% Poverty and a Space Programme

Alistair Dutton was previously Humanitarian Director for Caritas Internationalis, the global confederation of 164 Catholic aid agencies. He has worked in the development aid sector in over 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 643 more words


Third World Issues: Visas and How to Get Them, Tips and Tricks

I will go to Europe this summer. I want to be with my man and nothing can stop me, I have yo be with him. But first, I need to get a visa for Spain. 2,833 more words


BRICS' New Development Bank could be a game changer

Designed to be the World Bank’s competitor the decision by the BRICS to establish the New Development Bank could mean a shift of the world order. 727 more words


Experts Recommend Fighter Plane for Developing Nations

Stories in government-controlled media suggest that China will mount a new marketing effort to push sales of its FC-1 Xiaolong (Fierce Dragon) fighter to non-aligned, developing countries like Myanmar.

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Gearing Up for a Cycling World

I’ve seen some of the highest performance bicycles in the world, but I believe the most powerful bicycle is the one in the hands of a girl fighting for her education, or a mother striving to feed her family.”  …

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Obama just found a new partner in the global warming fight: Modi

Relations between the US and India are warmer now than they have been in a long time. Could the budding cordiality in the relationship between president Obama and India’s recently-elected prime minister, Narendra Modi, help to slow global warming? 1,323 more words