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When Plans Go Awry

Last Monday did not go as planned. What I expected as a simple trip to the border to get something specific done with my visa in my passport turned into a full-on migraine of a problem. 512 more words


Idea (an acrostic poem)

It seemed so simple in the beginning

Developing something that would be better

Even though no one else seemed to be doing it… 11 more words

Acrostic Poem

Blizzard Confirms Work on a new Diablo Title

Ooooh boy. While we have learned from Diablo 3 it’s far too early to get excited, we can’t help it when it comes to Diablo. It seems that Blizzard is hiring staff to work on an unannounced Diablo project which we presume is Diablo 4 at this point. 84 more words

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A sonata is a musical structure in three parts: exposition, development and recapitulation. This kind of pattern is widespread in traditional forms of live arts: three-act structure in theatre (setup, confrontation, resolution), Yvonne Rainer’s description of traditional dance phrases (attack, suspension, recovery) and the Japanese traditional aesthetic concept of Jo-ha-kyū (beginning, rupture, rushing) applicable to music, dance and theatre . 90 more words


Just Coworkers or Friends: A Few Ways to Tell the Difference

I’ve had MANY jobs these past few years and I’ve met some great people. For a long time I felt that to make a connection with someone, was to make a friend. 1,731 more words

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