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Catastrophe in the Dark Room

Well, in the film-changing bag.

I have the Paterson set-up, with adjustable reels, for home developing of film.  My first round of developing was smooth and easy, using 35mm black and white film.   240 more words


Hello, Holidays: Shopping Deals Arrive

The holidays are upon us, whether we like it or not! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and Christmas is not far behind. To help consumers with their holiday shopping, companies and businesses will be offering up great deals in the coming weeks, from free shipping to free music and everything in between. 531 more words


Dreams Part II

As a young girl, I wanted several children. I pictured marrying at a young age and raising as many children as possible. After my first miscarriage, I changed the view of quantity to quality. 168 more words

the importance of wheelbarrows

In modern language we seem to have over developed the idea of the nominalisation. That is, the turning of actions into things. The nounification of verbs, if you will. 478 more words

The Second Roll

Following on from the previous post, here’s the second roll of out of date HP5 (well the best bits). These were shot on my Nikon F3, using the 50mm Nikkor f1.4 lens. 35 more words


Positive Advice About Being an Apprentice Web Designer

It doesn’t feel right to me being called an Apprentice Web designer. I’ve always wanted to be a Web designer ever since I got into Photoshop, (which was many years ago!). 415 more words


Home Developing Ilford HP5

So I’m continuing with my film photography journey and developed two rolls of Ilford HP5 using a simple stand method found on this site Melbourne Street Photography… 483 more words