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Tri-X 400

In the moon I’ve seen
slow waltzes of shadows
sultry and long-lined
silhouettes arched, stretched tightly
around rims of deep craters,
sunlit so far away.

© Chagall 2015


Essentials for Developing your Social Media Marketing Plan

With the fast paced lives people have, most of the networking, both personal as well as professional, happens over social media in today’s world! Because of this, you should have a systematic and organized approach to you social media marketing plan otherwise it just results in a wasted effort. 118 more words

Hello, Windows 10

It’s here. Windows 10, the highly anticipated new operating system from Microsoft, will be available, starting today, both as a pre-installed operating system on new devices and as an upgrade to current Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 users. 367 more words


Researchers Developing New Test To Diagnose Ptsd

I like the sound of this… PTSD becoming a biotest to thwart all this nonsense that continues to grow about diagnosis. This would make PTSD a much more officially recognised medical diagnosis rather than just mental health diagnosis with a best guess basis. 13 more words

"Just a phase"

Hey there guys

Sorry for two posts in one day, but something was said tonight that inspired me to write this post.

So for those of you who don’t know, I am bisexual. 720 more words


Leadership vs management (7 laws of leadership)

I know I touched on this a few posts ago but I really can’t get enough of this topic, it’s so important. Nobody wants a boss, but not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. 1,384 more words

Excerpt from my thoughts

I want to grow as a person, I’ve passed the stage of live it up now and grow up later. So I have started off by pursuing the search for inspiration to help my development as an architect be as distinct as possible from those who are striving to achieve a degree in architecture. 87 more words