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Thinking about ways to present my images, one idea I had is to take the 4 day-to-day shoots and have a large collage for each of them so the viewer can get a rough idea of who these people are and what they do. 151 more words

Showing Similarities

I wanted to show the similarities of what each of the models do in their day. So instead of placing them next to each other I placed them on photoshop on top of one another and turned down the opacity to 50% of the top layer so both were revealed. 86 more words

This isn't Top Trumps...

Hi Lovelies! I was scrolling through Facebook where I have a lot of mommies and a lot of mommy groups. Nearly every post was about someones child and how they aren’t doing certain things that others are. 629 more words

Silicon Valley is developing an obsession for wacky new forms of aviation

Silicon Valley is literally taking to the skies. Tech giants like Uber and billionaires such as Google s cofounders have all been in the news over the last week for backing new forms of aviation transport that could one day whiz people around cities or even across continents. 29 more words

"Waiting For Life"--THE BOOK!

So, it seems I’ve written a book!

Yep! This week I’m thrilled to announce the publication of “Waiting For Life,” a book for the developing Christian who’s trying to push past the basics and learn more about the fundamentals of Christianity and how life in Christ works…even dealing with the setbacks. 203 more words

How to Know the Benefits to Creating an App

Developing apps is a simple thing to do these days because of the various tools available for private and commercial use.