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DevLog #4 Character Style Example

First, sorry for the long time without posting guys!

In this time I’ve been modelling (and tweaking a lot) and texturing the character sample, everything was made with character customization in mind, everything is a separated piece, the backpack, shoes, shirt, pants, hair, etc, of course it still needs lots of tweaks and polishes, from this guy I will create the female character, new clothing, hair styles, eye styles and so on. 152 more words


Balkans of Serbia & Albania New TCD ...

New territory always excites me in GHNI endeavors. The Balkans of Serbia and Albania seem far removed from other impoverished areas GHNI works in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. 170 more words


Is your Leadership Development Program a success or a failure ? … 3 things you can do to avoid it from failing.

Being a strong believer in the added value of learning & development programs, I am astonished about the learning and development ‘paradox’ I come across in my daily work as a Learning & Development Advisor with my clients, so here are some facts: 754 more words


Bronica ETRsi first film

This morning I developed the first film I put through my Bronica ETRsi medium format SLR and scanned the negatives.

Because it’s winter and I wasn’t sure how much light there would be I chose a fast film (HP5) and developed it in Ilford ID11 developer at a dilution of 1+1. 461 more words


How to Get Funded in 72 Hours

We’ve not been going all that long at Avamore, but an area we have seen a lot of interest from customers has been our ability to draw down a loan really quickly. 492 more words

Going Async, or Don't be Busy Waiting

When someone talks about why node.js is so awesome, or why Tornado is so cool they mostly refer to their performance. I don’t.

Yes, they do handle significant concurrency better, I won’t deny that. 974 more words


Sharing Knowledge to Improve Lives – ITU and Academia

Presenting a Mobile Telemedicine Station

One of the exciting things about being an academic is having the opportunity to develop innovative solutions to help solve significant challenges that the world is facing today. 777 more words

ITU 150