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Private Property and Two Kinds of Force; Freethought and Freedom: Jean Meslier

Property, properly understood, does not restrict liberty. Well-defined boundaries help us differentiate between aggressive and defensive violence.

In a recent post critical of Matt Zwolinski’s paper “Property Rights, Coercion, and the Welfare State: The Libertarian Case for a Basic Income for All,” Matt Bruenig poses the question, “Why Have Property At All?” Astonished that Zwolinski’s argument assumes “that property must exist,” Bruenig contends that “the natural reaction of a libertarian committed to the abstract principles of liberty above all else should be to reject property period once they realize it is liberty-infringing.” Property, says Bruenig, “is a form of violently coercive liberty restriction.” Bruenig goes on to set up a false choice that places property and liberty in unavoidable opposition, arguing that the “strong move for libertarians” is to abandon the defense of property in favor of liberty. 98 more words


GenCon/Atlas Map + Updates

So, as it turns out the new map of Rokugan from the Atlas contains some changes in some places as well as a lot more detail in other places – for example, showing some areas that are forested that I previously was unaware would be such and properly defining the shape of Kitsune Mori. 131 more words


EU going forward on Human Rights and Democracy: because not everything is bad news

Sometimes, obstacles are faced to achieve better social conditions and international collaboration. Sometimes.

“Crises, poverty and many attempts worldwide to shrink the space of civil society require all our attention and efforts on human rights. 281 more words

International Relations

Two concepts of liberty: the relevance to economics

I was reminded recently of the thinking of liberal philosopher Isaiah Berlin on liberty, first propounded in his famous lecture of 1958. Specifically he described two concepts of liberty, positive and negative freedom. 444 more words

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