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Laguna Beach Urban Planning Meeting Friday October 21 2016

Photo by South OC Beaches

The Laguna Beach Urban Planning Coordinating Committee meets Friday October 21 2016.
The meeting will be at the Laguna Beach Community Center Community Room. 80 more words

Laguna Beach

Help for mom and pop lies in pending legislation

By Sabina Mollot

Recently, a couple of City Council members proposed ideas on ways to combat “high rent blight” and promote retail diversity, or at least, keep the city from completely getting overtaken by chains. 960 more words


Ecological economics: human progress as part of nature

“The term ‘ecological economics’ should be a little redundant, as both words share the Greek root oikos (household) and together mean something like household-study household-law. It is telling that the two fields of ecology and mainstream economics have grown so far apart in the century and a half since they were named that they now represent completely different sets of principles.

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Political Economy

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals: pipedreams or a call to action?

While I applaud the vision outlined by this short video, I am pessimistic about the widespread implementation of these goals. In the absence of crisis (and some might argue that parts of the environment are already in crisis), it is not clear to me whether the minds of politicians and civil society are sufficiently focussed on the tasks ahead. 109 more words

Political Economy

It's the sixth AEHN meetings!

This week the University of Sussex hosts the sixth African Economic History Network meetings. I’ve just arrived in Brighton for what will be a full programme of conferencing on Friday and Saturday, and meetings and discussions in-between. 525 more words

South Africa

Grand Bargain Preserved, with New Barriers to Development in "At-Risk" Neighborhoods

Weeks of heated behind-the-scenes negotiations ended in compromise over the affordable-housing provisions of Mayor Ed Murray’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) late Monday afternoon, as Murray announced an… 823 more words


Sustainable development: economy, society, environment

I have blogged far too little on sustainable development, a pattern which I hope to redress. This blog started out back in 2008, when I was beginning to turn my attention from the more traditional concerns of economics and development, towards incorporating environmental concerns. 659 more words

Political Economy