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ticket for betterment

social inequities loom in our abode

poverty remains to be solved

albeit the underdevelopment problematique

we have the perennial increasing statistics


in achieving growth and sustainability… 187 more words

Development Communication

The Horrors of Voice-to-Text & Local Accents

Siri can be the most frustrating assistant sometimes, but you can’t blame her, she isn’t Nigerian (like I am).

Most times, because I recall to-do… 476 more words

Digital Media

"Democracy": Beyond A Devcom Gamer's Skills

What seemed to be a boring simulation game has given me a lot of thrill and excitement after I struggled and triumphed over my country as I played Democracy 2. 359 more words


Futurology or Clairvoyance: when can you say that you know the future

by Andy Kozlov /@KozlovAndy

As 2015 gets closer, we all are thinking about the next year, make plans, develop strategies. But when can you really say that you know the future? 755 more words


CSI for Black Swans: This is how You can train your mind to deal with Unknown Unknowns

by Andy Kozlov (@KozlovAndy)

Over 22 hundred years before United States Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld famously talked about unknown unknowns,  Ancient Greek inventor and scholar Archimedes took to the streets — so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress — crying “ 1,030 more words

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