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Fresh from the Flower Fields: Stories from the Bayog florists

It was a rainy morning when Ayen and I went to the Municipal Hall for the day’s field work to barangay Bayog, Los Banos, Laguna. 1,194 more words

An overview of the stories of organic farmers in Los Baños

Honestly, when we were asked to choose what newsbeat are we going to take in class, I was kind of hesitant in pursuing organic agriculture not because I do not want to pursue the topic but rather I want to make a follow-up story on my former article regarding social enterprises. 1,050 more words

Traveling and Scouting

Two of our group members went to San Pablo, Laguna to look for prospective social enterprises that are interested in partnering with the group. The members went to the Municipal Hall of San Pablo to gather related pertinent information such as directories and contact details of social enterprises. 494 more words

My day with Dr. Crispin Maslog


Today was such a blast!

On one of my subjects (DEVC80 – Communication and Society), our whole class was tasked to sponsor a seminar in part of the college’s DDJ Seminar Series. 375 more words


Right back where I started from

With the kids of Thaleikgyi circa 2009.

FIVE MONTHS AGO, everything was in total blur. I was totally lost, overwhelmed with the awaiting possibilities. Some call this the… 685 more words


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" In Soc, we make sure that everybody’s readily involved in the process from brainstorming up until evaluation. What we do in Soc is what others do in the working world. What we have in our college days is as real as it can get. DevComSoc never fails to open doors of opportunities for its members to enrich their experiences and enhance their skills in a real world setting and I honestly couldn’t imagine how I would have fared in my first job if not for the Society. To resident members, grab every opportunity Soc gives—and will continue to give—you. We should be humbled by the privileges we continue to enjoy because of our beloved organization. It is only through wholeheartedly serving the Society and embodying its ideals that we can truly repay what the organization has given (and will continue to give) to all members. Padayon!" Dwight Jason Ronan is our alumnus from batch KCM '05. He has been involved on different development projects in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Here's how he started his journey as a development practitioner!

In Soc, we remain to be a perfect match!

By: Regina Ongkiko of Batch Signals ’08

I always say this and I will never stop saying it–joining UPLB Development Communicators’ Society was really the major decision in my college life. 239 more words


Talent and literary agency: dummies edition

The single biggest expense most companies incur is the cost of acquiring the customer. Every other move increases your customer’s immediate and lifetime value.

As a patient talent manager or a shrewd talent and literary agency (TLA) owner you could choose to make no profit until you’ve secured your talent and showed them the easiest way to return to you at any given time. 518 more words

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