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“What’s that?”

This is the most common answer I get each time people ask about my course. Many of my high school classmates and curious relatives wonder about what Development Communication is.

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Bidding a Thankful Bye

Time in: 8:30 AM

Oh, the last day.

Or at least, officially. Today was spent at the office, and in the morning I finished writing the article on Ashley, as well as finalizing Michelle’s. 401 more words

An Almost-Ending

Time in: 8:30 AM

I worked all day today on our last two articles. My group agreed yesterday to meet up at the same spot beside the Mabolo high school at noon, when Megan’s mother usually arrives. 344 more words

An End Turning Point

Time in: 9:00 AM

I went to the office to finalize my group’s plan to meet with Megan from Mabolo today. While waiting for Ms. Shane and Ms. 1,027 more words

Satisfying Gladness

Time in: 8:30 AM

I arrived at Robinsons Fuente this morning just before 8 AM to meet up with Phoebe so we could go to the community center together. 1,367 more words

Halfway Planning

Time in: 8:30 AM

Today was originally fieldwork day in Mabolo. My group’s plan was to meet up at around 11 AM to noon and head up to Mabolo Elementary School and ask about our girl, who was named Megan, and possibly meet her. 688 more words

THE STREET RUNNER: She is running for her life....

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This is a story of  a woman who has to face the battle against authorities on the streets in the locality of Baguio city, Philippines. 1,231 more words
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