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MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai

The M. S. Swaminathan Research Foundation is now nearly three decades old. A few hundred people distributed in different parts of India. When I was called to conduct a workshop for them, I felt honoured. 265 more words

Science Communication

Communication for Development

The importance of Communication for Development in Indian society should be a concern for experts and scholars. The communication approach should consider the acceptance level of the Indian society (Audience). 249 more words




Tribes and how they evolved

The San and Damara (the first two groups to settle in Namibia) as well as the Nama who only settled in southern Africa and southern Namibia during the first century B.C occupied Namibia until the great Bantu migrations in the 15th and 16th Centuries caused Bantu tribes to move into Namibia from the North East. 2,499 more words


Fresh from the Flower Fields: Stories from the Bayog florists

It was a rainy morning when Ayen and I went to the Municipal Hall for the day’s field work to barangay Bayog, Los Banos, Laguna. 1,194 more words

Hi guys! I am here to share with you my first ever travel trip to Santa Maria, Ilocos Sur. I’m going to tour with you the tourist attractions I visited there. 137 more words


An overview of the stories of organic farmers in Los Baños

Honestly, when we were asked to choose what newsbeat are we going to take in class, I was kind of hesitant in pursuing organic agriculture not because I do not want to pursue the topic but rather I want to make a follow-up story on my former article regarding social enterprises. 1,050 more words

Traveling and Scouting

Two of our group members went to San Pablo, Laguna to look for prospective social enterprises that are interested in partnering with the group. The members went to the Municipal Hall of San Pablo to gather related pertinent information such as directories and contact details of social enterprises. 494 more words