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Virtuoso - And so they faded

I am happy to bring another update to the virtuoso project. More and more, this is becoming a more user-friendly application. Here is the changelog for this update. 136 more words

Development Update

Splitscreen mode almost done!

Hi all!

Finally another update from the development front! We’re happy to announce that development is currently going at full speed again. After a considerable pause, in which we did two other awesome smaller games, we’re back to finish SMOM! 69 more words

Development News

Virtuoso - Notes now included!

I’ve got a major update for you guys. Virtuoso has come a long way and can do several things in order to make it easier to view your midis. 109 more words

Development Update

Virtuoso - Make your browser play the piano

It looks like I have started another project! I call this one virtuoso, and basically it is going to be a sort of all-in-one midi player in order to help those who want to record songs being displayed on a piano, or learn to play songs. 101 more words

Development Update

New Project - Flux Capacitor

Horay, I have a new project to share with you! This project is already looking to be really cool. Basically, the finished project will allow you to smoothly slow down audio (real-time), as well as apply a number interesting effects. 146 more words

Development Update