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When Messengers Fall (pt9)


Bri paused in her conversation long enough to look at Malak. “Just a moment! We’ll be on our way soon!”

Soon, to Bri, usually constituted a period of time that was twice as long as what Malak thought would be appropriate for soon’s context. 130 more words

Short Story

Awakening The Dawn

Question: Do you wait until circumstances are “perfect” and “just right” before acting on your goals and ideas, or do you make it happen, regardless whether things are ideal or not? 154 more words

Purpose In Life

The Demiurge in the Digital Age

A Flow Chart?

We don’t usually equate the Creator God with a computer programmer, but are they not One and the same?

Everything in the known Universe can be broken down into binary code, the… 406 more words


Sitecore 9.1 Virtual Users Temporary Workaround

I started a new project a few weeks ago and decided to use Sitecore 9.1 since it was already out.  This new project has the requirement of supporting logged in users.  423 more words



hello. ugh. just when I though I could release an demo for my game, I somehow found my systems confusing and eventually to its destruction. sucks. 137 more words


The significance  and justification of obstacles and hindrances

Any action of man that hurts another being or creature or the world in general, hinders the doer in his development. This is what the pilgrimage of life means, that the primary force of the soul, as it goes from incarnation to incarnation, is set for further development. 334 more words