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Week 3 | Activity 3 - Planning & Content Development

In order to continue the development of my grid ready for content placement, I first looked at a number of different grid systems that may be suitable for my publication. 381 more words


Knox residents concern about inappropriate development

An alliance of advocacy groups from across Knox has been formalised to provide residents with a greater say on how Knox should be developed in the future. 368 more words


Webs of Development

Like a delicate net cast across the earth, trails and dirt roads link wells and drilling sites that dot the New Mexico landscape in a continuous web of development. 22 more words

Aerial Photography

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

The organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is an international body established in 1961 currently containing 35 member countries. The institution was designed to promote economic growth and development globally, however, its expansion led to involvement in sectors across all board. 117 more words


Kief Morris氏が語る,コードによるインフラストラクチャの実現 [ #cloud ]

クラウドへのアプリケーション移行がここ最近,一般的なことになってきた – 大企業に限らず中小企業も,その柔軟性とリソース使用効率に注目している。クラウドを実践面でリードするThoughtWorksのKief Morris氏は,QCon New York 2016で行なったプレゼンテーション“Implementing Infrastructure as Code”の中で,クラウドベースのインフラストラクチャ活用において重要な,いくつかの原則と助言を参加者に提供した。



When A Teacher Lays A Foundation

I suppose different things appeal to people in different ways.

I have had the privilege of being in different church environments. Some prefer a very rigid structure and order. 346 more words


Dr. Ruchi Kaushik, General Pediatrics, The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio

Sending your child to kindergarten is a bittersweet juncture, filled with mixed emotions ranging from anxiety to pride to excitement! 487 more words