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Explaining South Korea's Economic and Social Development #2

South Korea is one of the real success stories of development post world war two, but what policies led to it rapid economic and social development? 277 more words

Global Development

My future daughter

It’s only natural, I think, to look at your two-year-old daughter and imagine what her life might be like in the future. She leaps around the room like a baby ballerina – a dancer. 640 more words


The FDA May Be Lowering The Amount of Nicotine In Cigarettes

In what will be an unprecedented move, it appears that the Food and Drug Administration may be take the steps necessary to significantly reduce the amount of nicotine in cigarettes. 289 more words


Listen With Your Body

Our minds tend to be set in the past or the present; a learned human default that distorts our sense of reality. This naturally pulls us away from what exists in the present moment, eventually creating a disconnect from reality for what it is. 424 more words

A Page from the Habal Habal Diaries

Currently writing this as we are several thousands of feet above the Bay of Bengal. When we were lining up at the check in counter earlier, I was asked by my boss if I ever tried to backpack around the Philippines. 639 more words


What Do Your Eyes See?

Your eyes are the windows to your soul – They take in all the beautiful colours and designs around you, generous actions of people and the marvels of the world. 633 more words


Future-Focus, People-Focus, Growth-Focus

Without a focus on the future, on people and on growth, leadership is stunted… (scroll down…)

If too much attention is put on planning and tasks, at the expense of people and future growth, … 208 more words