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FMP - Developement

After finishing comping together my screens, I moved on to consider what promotional material I could produce, announcing the brand in a way that would excite my intended audience. 189 more words

Resilience: Common Humanity

We suffer uniquely but we survive the same way.

A subject that I am passionate about is self-compassion. I speak often about the importance of being kind to ourselves and developing a kinder internal voice. 415 more words


Smoothened Sensor Places Sodium and Sterols Center Stage

Regulation of Smoothened by PTCH1 is central to Hedgehog signal transduction. Reporting recently in PNAS, Myers et al. (2017) provide evidence that a transmembrane flux of sodium ions drives PTCH1 activity and that cholesterol regulates Smoothened via its transmembrane domain.

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Data Engineering vs. Data Science Infographic

(C) by DataCamp

If you’re interested in the field of analytics, you’ve probably heard the terms Data Engineering and Data Science, but do you know the difference? 57 more words


The idea of changing the world: what a hell is that?

Yesterday I went to a social gathering, where there were about 40 people. At least 7-8 of those I talked to – were involved in personal development, in one way or another. 1,062 more words


Google IO 2018 : Google Assistant will soon make calls for you

Google put the spotlight on its artificial intelligence smarts at its annual developers conference, announcing new consumer features aimed at simplifying your life.

Previously, in our blog we had discussed about the  390 more words


Lightmaker-Invictus Games

I edited some images in Photoshop for example, made the dramatic and interesting converting color to black and white, and removed drivers from the background. However, at the end of my finished design, I was little disappointed because of its looks more like for magazine rather a website. 8 more words