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Homeowners kept in dark about climate change risk to houses, says report | Environment | The Guardian

GR:  Efforts by governments to support development by hiding important information from consumers is rampant in the U. S.  I am not surprised that this is true in Austrailia as I assume that it is true worldwide. 162 more words


So Lame, So Late

Residents of Alcona have noticed a new billboard display erected at the property owned by Abandel Group Ltd. on the north side of Innisifil Beach Rd., opposite the Shoppers Drug Mart. 524 more words


Episode 11: James Baker

In this Episode I interviewed James Baker on the back of the awesome Child to Champion conference to share his work with teenage athletes at St Peter’s High School. 284 more words

Strength And Conditioning

The differences in rates of puberty between racial/subspecial groups

It has been shown that some subspecies of baboons start puberty earlier than others. This trend has also been shown in racial groups in humans. 331 more words


Why is Education Important? The Development Narrative

Pakistan is a country held together by several institutions. Compel yourself to imagine the city, village or town that you live in and realize that there are visible structures around you that lend stability, order and tactile form to the area you live in. 1,248 more words


China's Impressive Clean Energy Progress Confronted by Emerging Challenges

The energy landscape in China is evolving rapidly. Dire environmental conditions throughout the country are complemented by the growing presence of renewable and efficient energy systems… 1,670 more words