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Recap of Another Booming Year in CHS

The Post and Courier provided a year-end 2016 overview.  Some highlights:

  • Update on Mercedes-Benz $500M plant that will hire 1,300 to build the Sprinter vans in Palmetto Commerce Park on a plant that will cover 75 football fields, plus the new Volvo plant in Berkeley Count…
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Charleston's Economic Headlines For 2016

The Post and Courier highlighted the local economy’s 2016 headlines in a single article; among the highlights:

  • Update on dredging of CHS harbor with the start of a single dollar from President Trump…
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Activities aimed at helping teenagers and young adults improve themselves

We all have things to improve, myself included, but are not sure were to start. Here are some simple, creative ways of getting your students, children, friends to explore their opinions of themselves and work at improving what they see as short comings. 399 more words

Update Schedule!

I have decided to start an update schedule, I won’t be posting daily updates anymore it will be every few days.


“I Not Stupid” - Singapore Educational System

Brian Lo

“I Not Stupid” in English narration is refered to “Children are not stupid”, this is a distinctive Singaporean comedy film which narrates about the lives, struggles and adventures of three Primary Six school fellows who are studying in the academically inferior EM3 stream. 492 more words



​​​​Listen 🗣 to find out the basics of STRATEGIC PLANNING


Important changes.

Hello beautiful people of the internet!

I have a TON of domains. Too many. Here’s a screenshot of all of them.

I use four of those, and thats not good. 280 more words