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Touch Spinnaker


I’ve tried to conduct the Spinnaker to understand the behaviour and its architecture. Walk through the setup tutorial, https://www.spinnaker.io/setup/ , and read architectural things. 159 more words


Wk 11: Animation

I started off by doing my story board of a rocket. I needed to do a loop so the animation was continuos. coming up with an idea wasn’t easy and my video wasn’t good I need to change it I think I will try rotoscoping. 136 more words

Project 1

Colouring with Google and Bing

We all know google is the synonym to searching (and finding) stuff on the internet. Microsoft has bing for this. Both platforms offer custom searching as an API. 237 more words


WK 10: Typography

So this week I did typography hand drawn and digitally. On the hand drawn I could be more creative on what material and size I could write at or draw. 149 more words

Project 1

Motivational Speak: Human Innovation – Like never before

Adapt to the 4 Industrial Revolution

The world is changing. Companies must adapt to become the future – do you? Are you striving for a future worth living?

734 more words


Tips for a Stand-Out LinkedIn Profile

When starting the process of looking for a new job, having a stand-out LinkedIn profile is the first step to connect with industry professionals and stay informed on the current trends in your industry. 463 more words

New Website Launch

Welcome to a new website launch for WSA Coaching – a dedicated site featuring the coaching and leadership development being offered.  This home page features all the latest information about our programmes and qualifications – accredited by ILM.  55 more words