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Pushing back - lean thinking

It’s a very hard thing, telling your CTO you think he or she is wrong – but it’s worth it!

Let me tell you a little story – of a time I told someone he was wrong, did the right thing, and where we are now. 563 more words




Dates for upcoming First Aid and IRB courses have been confirmed – Details here


Your Man In China

Thanks to my friends & colleagues – within Disney and across the international arts & entertainment community – for the kind posts, emails and phone calls following the announcement that I am moving on from my role as VP & Head of Creative for Local Content at The Walt Disney Company Greater China. 231 more words


Indian Diaries: Religion and Roguery

Yes, I belong to the southern part of the world’s biggest landmass, Asia. A very old country famous in ancient times for it’s Cultural practices, Spirituality and contribution for mathematics. 551 more words


Git: Remove sensitive data using git filter-branch and the BFG Repo-Cleaner.

Hoping I never need it, but just in case:

Git: Remove sensitive data using git filter-branch and the BFG Repo-Cleaner.

Anyone who knows if there are equivalents for Mercurial/Hg?

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Deadweight v Steam Greenlight

My little first person shooting game, Deadweight, was greenlit on Steam on June 25 after I submitted on June 10. I put my submission together in about 2-3 days. 750 more words


Painting a brighter picture for the future

DLP Research Fellow Gillian Fletcher, based at the Institute for Human Security & Social Change at La Trobe University, reflects on taking part in the Australia Awards Welcome and Farewell event in Melbourne on Monday. 589 more words