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To Buy or Not to Buy - How to Choose the Best Puzzle Type for Your Child's Little Hands and Play Style

My daughter absolutely loves puzzles. Below are various types of puzzles I’ve gotten her or that she’s played with and their pros and cons as I’ve observed of them. 1,094 more words


What makes the most powerful wrist shot in the game?

I’m sorry, I’ve been gently informed that’s a picture of Sasha: My Dog. I meant this one.

Playing next to Alexander Ovechkin for eight seasons, Sasha Syomin held an odd honor: … 660 more words


How do I skate like Kuznetsov?

Evgeny Kuznetsov defies physical explanation. He should not be able to fly, but he does, because he believes in himself more than any other animal. 710 more words


22: Keep going no matter what

This has been an interesting project

Every day feels like climbing a large mountain

It’s 14 hour days minimum

I’ve had a few moments when I’ve considered whether what I’m trying to do is worth it and if it’s working… 40 more words

Mira is one!

Last Saturday miss Mirabella Emma turned 365 days old. It was funny, I woke up at 4:21am and thought to myself, ‘it was almost this time exactly last year that I was grabbing our little girl and putting her on my chest.’ 791 more words

Should Tom Wilson eat a sandwich?


For one reason or another, Caps fans have a hard time telling the difference between pictures of Tom Wilson and Thor. There are a couple key contrasts, though. 962 more words