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Let's Learn Something: Bouncers, Jumpers and Walkers

A tale of caution from Dr. Diane

This is a good article on why NOT to use bouncers and jumpers with your babies.

If your child shows any signs of gross motor delays, toe walking, or low muscle tone, please give us a call at 914-421-9392. 105 more words

Pediatric Physical Therapy

So it begins...or continues? Who knows. 

The day is here. Today we travel to Houston for our first specialist visit with the neuro ophthalmologist. We also get to see a developmental pediatrician and pediatric neurologist. 145 more words


Big Clothes

You may notice that my Captain wears big clothes. All of his pants are at least a size or two too big. His shirts are so big, usually his sleeves need to be rolled up to make his hands stick out. 438 more words


Dear Mama, Celebrate the Victory

Dear Mama,

Celebrate the victory. It may be something so “small” you think no one will understand your joy. It may be something so “normal” you think no one will honor your happiness. 458 more words


Horse Therapy - First Lesson

We were in total cuteness overload today when The Captain got to visit Mr. Pete, the miniature horse. We’re excited about our horse therapy lessons he’s beginning now that the weather is nice. 28 more words


Blood Draw Gone Bad

Everyone was trying their best, but this painting above was still my face when it was all done. The Captain was stretched out on the table in the blood lab. 455 more words


Therapy - The Nicest People

It’s been a few months now that I’ve been navigating the waters of evaluations and therapy. I have to say, I’ve met THE nicest people. 156 more words