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Screen Time For Babies / Toddlers / Children

​Is Clash Of Clans a.k.a COC familiar to you? My husband’s been playing it since 2012. He just won’t admit it, but he’s addicted to it that he even introduced it to our child when the latter was barely a month old. 693 more words

Does Your Child have Developmental Delay?

As parents watch their child grow and anticipate his/her milestones, it is very common to wonder and even worry about whether his development is on track or not. 345 more words

Advocate for Your Child

When a child receives a diagnosis, treatment, or therapy you have an expectation. You expect the physician or therapist to be the best; especially when they come highly recommended. 1,222 more words

Special Needs

Autism Diagnosis: Still The Same Family

As many of you may already know, me and my family have been dealing with developmental delays with Leo. Therapists and doctors kept going back and forth between it being just a delay to something more. 359 more words


ISTA priorities go beyond state budget

Improved school funding is at the top of the Indiana State Teachers Association’s 2017 legislative agenda. But it’s not all about the money. Also high on the list are supporting students who experience childhood trauma or developmental delays and helping teachers get better at what they do. 528 more words

A New Year is on the way and the possibilities are endless...

Reflecting on the last year is easy and hard at the same time. I know I spent the first three months in a twosome, but its really difficult to remember a life without my bubbie. 197 more words


The Child Expert Physiotherapy Case Note Series #10

Sport: A route to improved Fitness and A means for A Child with disability to Discover their own untapped Potential for Greatness.

Introduction: It’s great to see how since the growth in popularity of the Para-Olympics, that the concept of being fit, being involved in sports and having a disability, no longer seems to be a contradiction in terms. 1,588 more words

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