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You know that wonderful feeling you get watching a sleeping child? That sense of peace, and of promise. That perfect little nose. Those long dark lashes and wayward curly hair. 796 more words

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Preemie Babies 101 Post: Preemies and Ear Tubes

One of my articles was published today on Preemie Babies 101. It’s a short article that describes our experience with ear tubes for Jax. Jax had significant hearing loss because of the fluid build-up in his ears. 132 more words


For all we have lost, there are great treasures that remain.

Day 29 of Blogging For TSC Awareness

by guest blogger Rebecca Thereault

For all we have lost, there are great treasures that remain.

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) hijacked our daughter’s genome. 957 more words

Tuberous Sclerosis

Is Your Child Being Developmentally Delayed By Antibiotics?

We all know that many things can delay a child’s development. Sometimes it seems miraculous that children develop at all. Now we can show that antibiotics delay the gut’s development, affecting the entire child. 95 more words


Because of my Students I am Able

My name is Amy and I graduated from college on May 15th, 2015. My Bachelors of Science was earned with a great amount of support from my family, friends, and loved ones. 401 more words


Unexpected growth

I found this little guy on Monday, and had to snap a pic.

So many thoughts came rushing to my heart as a observed this beautiful plant growing from a crack in the sidewalk. 284 more words


Hope for Jude

My son, Jude, has been diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and a global developmental delay. Essentially he’s a four-year old that functions as a 28 month old, pretty much across the board. 1,113 more words

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