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Your mouth is connected to your hip bone (sort of)

Have you got a child with developmental delays?  Are you struggling with their weaning?  Maybe they got onto purees ok, but they are gagging on lumps and finger foods?  401 more words

Speech And Language Therapy

Parenting in Public

The actual title of this post should be ‘Parenting a Child with Behavioural Difficulties in Public’ but it’s kind of unwieldy and somewhat lacking in zing. 1,699 more words


Day one...

Day one.

This is not day one.  This is not the final day either.  This is day one of me needing to reaching out more than ever to have someone to talk to about my girl. 460 more words

Motor skills and seizures and Autism oh my!

Earlier this year we had family genetic testing when Maxs test showed two genetic disorders. Leo too has Autosomal Genetic Nocturnal Frontal Lobe Epilepsy. Today was our official first appointment for him with our Neurologist. 695 more words

Milestones by 12 Months

Milestones by 12 Months


Physicaltherapy4kids.com It’s good to know what your baby should be doing by what age. This video from Pathways.org shows 8 different motor milestones baby should be reaching by 12 months old. 112 more words

Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pack et al. (2016)



Single Case Designs



  • The summary of the intervention procedure can be viewed by scrolling about two-thirds of the way down on this page.
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Intervention Analysis

Starting Over...Again

When this blog started it was about my son’s autism and how I attempted to deal with it all. We searched and searched for a diagnosis, then therapies, then breakthroughs. 699 more words