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The parental leave loophole

Mark and Sarah had their premature baby, Sophie, nearly three years ago. This is their story and why they are supporting the campaign.

Following a final ‘babymoon’, Sarah had a 32 week scan as part of a research project. 1,021 more words

Premature Baby

Buy One, Give One

Things are changing at Young Reflections Photography, and I think it’s for the better. From now on, I will only book as many paid family sessions as I book volunteer sessions.  308 more words

DIY First Shape Sorter

You may have noticed your baby is enjoying taking objects out of containers and other places now. They may be enjoying putting the objects back in and listening to any sounds the objects make when dropped. 270 more words

When I am NOT an angel ...

So many people encourage volunteer work with children and adults who have disabilities because of their child-like qualities.  Well, as a mom for the past thirteen years and a child supervisor in varying capacities for over 26 years, it may shock you to learn that children are not always angels. 410 more words

Special Needs Ministry

Tech Toilet Training - "Smart" Solutions for the Developmentally Delayed - Part 2

In this series we will build a technology solution with the goal of helping “Jane”, an older special needs child, become fully independent in toilet training.   1,601 more words


Special Education Preschool - A Bittersweet Realization

Can you believe we will be celebrating Jaxson’s third birthday next month? And that he’ll be starting preschool in the fall?!

With the help of our Early Intervention team, we’ve been able to identify areas in which Jax struggles, such as attention and focus, receptive speech (or understanding), and sensory processing. 340 more words


How My Son Got Into Preschool: The Interesting Journey through Early Intervention to Preschool

This is a continuation of sorts to my previous post, to which I will summarize for those who didn’t catch it. I was anxiously awaiting the decision of my son’s fate being able to continue services through our local preschool’s special needs program. 817 more words