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Special Education Preschool - A Bittersweet Realization

Can you believe we will be celebrating Jaxson’s third birthday next month? And that he’ll be starting preschool in the fall?!

With the help of our Early Intervention team, we’ve been able to identify areas in which Jax struggles, such as attention and focus, receptive speech (or understanding), and sensory processing. 340 more words


How My Son Got Into Preschool: The Interesting Journey through Early Intervention to Preschool

This is a continuation of sorts to my previous post, to which I will summarize for those who didn’t catch it. I was anxiously awaiting the decision of my son’s fate being able to continue services through our local preschool’s special needs program. 817 more words


Tech Toilet Training - "Smart" Solutions for the Developmentally Delayed - Part 1

Post Briefing

  • Toilet training for children with disabilities can be difficult.
  • Connected technology such as apps, smart devices and wearables (ie: Smart watches, fitness trackers) show promise to help children with disabilities achieve toileting independence.
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Samuelsson et al. (2011)






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SLI = Specific Language Impairment… 1,463 more words

Summaries: Prosodic Impairment Research

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

These two souls stand feet apart, but are so close in heart.  We are in the midst of our eighth drama camp for children with Autism, communication and social disorders.   312 more words

Special Needs Ministry

So. Let them play.

The characters: a thirteen-year-old 7th grader and a ten-year-old 5th grader. Both cognitively impaired, to a degree. One with a syndrome. One with severe ADHD. Both with language disorders. 733 more words


You know that wonderful feeling you get watching a sleeping child? That sense of peace, and of promise. That perfect little nose. Those long dark lashes and wayward curly hair. 796 more words

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