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The only way is up.....baby

Last week, I found myself in an unusually low place, consumed with negative feelings of sadness, self pity and fear of the future.

I had felt it creeping up on me over a period of time and number of things had contributed to me feeling like this. 1,272 more words

Unique Genetic Condition


I have bad anxiety, so the last few days have been hard.

The night they suggested Max had a developmental delay, my brain went into overdrive. 170 more words


Ending Technology Control

We all use technology every day. It aids us in our daily routines. For those with special needs it can be an aid for people with social and developmental issues. 2,217 more words

Special Needs

Severe Loneliness

From the moment you hear those words, you feel instantly isolated. The realization that your child has special needs can make you break down. As more and more time passes things only get worse. 1,131 more words

Special Needs

The DHA Breakthrough

After our first year of receiving several different therapies I remember Goggling “2 years old and doesn’t speak,” I found absolutely nothing pertaining to my situation. 1,004 more words

Special Needs

The Moment I Knew

We all believe our child is the best. We promise ourselves that we will never let any harm come to our child. We keep a close eye on the milestones and measurements of our children, reassuring ourselves we have done well as parents and protectors. 2,524 more words

Special Needs

The day it all changed.

This is us – Bec & Max. I am 24, and he is 4.

We’ve had a very cruisy first few years together with mostly zero hassles or concerns, until now. 123 more words