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Coming to Terms with my Son's Disability

The last year has been a very arduous battle. It is one that has tested the limits of my patience. It tests my ability to maintain my composure. 1,082 more words


The Kristen Chronicles: The Key

How often do we want a quick fix, miracle cure, or the key to the treasure? We want to fix our relationships, we want to get well quick, and we want 3 steps to a happy life. 587 more words


Made in God's Image

January 26, 2016. The date that I have been waiting for for months. Today came and went. The echo of the doctor’s voice is still ringing through my mind. 512 more words

Developmental Delay

The Guiding Hope Story

Our world changed on August 2, 2013 7:17am. Joshua Lamon Evans entered the world–alert and full of personality. Who knew that one day, it would change. 475 more words

Developmental Delay

Preventing Escape-Seeking Behaviours - Not so easy!

When N was little all we had to do to keep him inside the house and prevent him from heading outside, to explore potentially more interesting sights and sounds, was to lock the door. 781 more words


When Access to care is limited

Recently at my church, we had a discussion on racial reconciliation and racial differences.¬†Everyone briefly shared their point of view but there’s one person who mentioned something that was so spot on. ¬† 284 more words

Burdens and blessings...

Last week in this space I wrote about the mission God has for special needs dads. I described the five roles of the special needs dad as a warrior, a provider, a protector, an encourager and an equipper. 878 more words

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