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Little Bear Starts School

Over the past few months we have been a little trepidatious about Little Bear entering full-time education. I think my biggest concern was over his behaviour. 1,864 more words


We Are Not Amused: Problems with the First Person Plural 

Today I’m writing more about language. ​I’ve been thinking about adults who say “we” when talking to or about clients or children with disabilities, as well as children in general. 1,052 more words


Back to Preschool

On Monday, the boy finally got to ride on a school bus. (I say “finally,” even though he’s only three, because since he really started talking, riding a yellow school bus has been one of the top three things he babbles about.) Though he was excited in the abstract, I expected a screaming tantrum when he saw that his sister and I would not be going to school with him. 588 more words


Yoga for the special child

I have had a blogging break recently to focus on other things: Summer holidays in France, Brexit, (ugh) and the Olympics to name but a few. 1,242 more words

Rare Chromosome Disorder

When your imagination runs away with you.

I have just looked at my stats and I haven’t posted since July.  I have been too busy making myself crazy with a possible diagnosis for my son.  604 more words

We Need to Talk About Appropriate Language

This paragraph was originally at the end of the post, but I think I should start with it instead. The purpose of this essay isn’t to “dump on” ABA people, teachers, or anyone else who has a disabled child in their lives. 1,483 more words