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From the Beginning (a book excerpt)

My daughter, Haylie, was born eighteen years ago today. If you met her today, you would have absolutely no idea that any of the things I am about to recount could have possibly happened. 1,656 more words

Brain Injury

Growing Pains and Grace

This is the kind of stuff that runs through my head on any random morning when getting ready for school at oh-freeking-dark-thirty is met with a few (not fun) surprises about homework that wasn’t completed and a particularly whiny, complaining child. 1,484 more words

Holistic Healing

The Definition of Family

I want to write today about the Special Needs Family – who you consider to be a part of your family and how you handle those within your family who may or may not understand you, your child, or your spouse. 1,107 more words


Early Language Development

Infants cry and coo, and they learn very early how to make happy sounds and not so happy sounds. This is the beginning of language and expression. 646 more words


Clocks – The Comforting Forward Motion of Time

When my 6-year-old son and I visit the local library, we aren’t going to read books together, attend a “story time” group, or even pick out an Elmo DVD to watch later. 1,013 more words


I think my child may have an Autism Spectrum Disorder. What do I do?

With the wealth of information out there, often times, parents do not know where to start. This is particularly true if you feel as though no one is listening to your concerns. 578 more words


The story I must tell...

I’ve been friending up on Facebook lately. I was at a writer’s conference a few months ago where I learned that if you want to publish a book, and actually sell that book, you need a platform. 1,273 more words

Brain Injury