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Tales Of A Neglected Grade School Girl: Overcoming A Challenge

This post it a little longer than what I normally write, but I swear theres a point. So just… bear with me.

From the time I was very young, I was a lover of books. 1,121 more words


A Second Homecoming...

So, within our first few days in the ICU, we knew that the meningitis had caused extensive brain damage.  And we knew that she was mostly out of the woods.  936 more words

The permanent knot in my stomach

Parenting a child with a delay or disability, known or unknown, is hard. I imagine parenting any child is difficult, but this journey is exhausting. I feel like I have to put on this strong, brave face everyday and pretend that I am getting through this easily. 321 more words


Life, laminated

The most exciting thing that’s happened this week is that I came up with a new way to organize our growing collection of picture cards for Monkey’s visual supports. 797 more words


From mouse model to human; serendipity leads to human genetic diagnosis

When Dr. Huda Zoghbi and her colleagues were investigating the role protein complex ATXN1-CIC plays in the normal development of the mouse brain they did not expect their work would lead to finding a genetic cause of an undiagnosed human condition. 805 more words


Keep on learning.

Nick loves being around little children.  He enjoys watching them run around playing.  He learns so much from them.  Last night we had the pleasure of Madi who is 8 and Bridger who is 4, staying over night with Granny, Grandpa and Uncle Nick.   250 more words

Raising A Child With Disabilities

Some answers but even more questions.

“This is autism.”

The doctor said it so nonchalantly, as if she had held up the pen in her hand and said “This is a pen.” or pointed to the chair she was seated in and said “This is a chair.” 904 more words