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On Julianna, at the end of Grade 2

Every so often, I like to share some of Julianna’s school work and progress. I need to be clear: this is not a total picture of Down syndrome. 996 more words


People try to understand

What I have and Who I am

I’m not a burden even when I think

I have my flaws but also have strength… 319 more words


How People React To My Asperger's

When I tell people I have Asperger’s they have can have one or both of two option. The Sorry Bunch and The Patronizing Fools.

The Sorry “we have to deal with you” Bunch is not too awful.For example, when I had just been diagnosed. 877 more words


The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities Seeks Public Comment for Its Five-Year Plan

The NJ Council on Developmental Disabilities is currently developing its next five-year plan for 2017 through 2021. The Council is seeking input on the goals it has developed for the next five years and is looking for individuals to review its preliminary list of goals and offer feedback. 74 more words


Real Jobs

by David Morstad

There is perhaps no single issue more on the minds of people with disabilities and their partner advocacy groups than that of employment. 576 more words

Discovering Discrepancies: The Mistreatment of Adults with Developmental Disabilities in the Legal System

   Note: This article first appeared on the following website:  https://pjsnpeacesigns.wordpress.com/2016/03/31/moving-beyond-ableism-discovering-discrepancies-the-mistreatment-of-adults-with-developmental-disabilities-in-the-legal-system/  with an abbreviated version published here: http://www.stateofformation.org/2016/04/discovering-discrepancies-the-mistreatment-of-adults-with-developmental-disabilities-in-the-legal-system/.

I will always remember the headline in the Toronto Sun newspaper on February 3, 2012: “Toronto police shoot and kill man with scissors wearing hospital gown.”  The day was like any other.  1,275 more words


by David Morstad

Several years ago, an interdisciplinary team meeting was held concerning a man with a developmental disability.  The man in this case, I’ll call him R.J.,  had spent a lifetime being described with various euphemisms.  608 more words