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Age of Accountability

Many faith traditions have either an expressed or implied understanding of a so-called “age of accountability”, a point, before which, individuals have a presumed innocence and, after which, are accountable for their actions. 440 more words

Teaching parents...parents are the vehicle to succeed

According to Ann P. Kaiser, PhD; Terry B. Hancock, PhD, teaching parents new skills to support the development of their young children with developmental disabilities is very important in the field of early intervention as there is considerable empirical evidence supporting this approach. 136 more words

Early Intervention

(Sort of) Coming Out

We all have our own brand of crazy. Some people’s brand of crazy is more socially acceptable than others – mainly because it falls in the realm of what is “normal”. 352 more words

Random Quips

Voice Activated

In the world of disability services, assistive technology has become quite common and, not surprisingly, voice activated capability has become a very useful feature. Last year I shared a conference presentation with a woman who had recently begun using a leading edge device activated solely by the sound of her voice. 397 more words

Developmental Disability

It's About Giving

On Thursday, September 14, 2014, a man named Justin McCowan died in his sleep.  He was 40 years old.  And it didn’t seem fair.

In 2013, he had volunteered for a medical research study at the Memory Disorders Clinic at University of California at San Diego.  481 more words

Developmental Disability

Turning the page on reading

I love reading. I love reading fiction, being transported to worlds real and imagined, past, present or future. I love a good memoir, how I get to slip inside another person and see the specificity of their story and universality how our stories are alike. 629 more words

Special Needs Parenting

Leviticus and Other Puzzles

The Book of Leviticus confounds me, but in that confounding, it speaks to matters of disability and faith.

My grandson went through a jigsaw puzzle phase when he was about four years old.  502 more words

Developmental Disability