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FASD Life: To Share or Not to Share

That is the dilemma in my head lately after reading a post from someone about why we should not share our children’s struggles in this age of social media without their permission. 1,099 more words

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Not Special Needs

Just ran across this video, which is perfect.  (And captioned.)

Developmental Disability

Big Words

So years ago I took a sexuality and relationships class from my developmental disability agency.  The class wasn’t actually half bad and I learned a lot. 383 more words

Developmental Disability Service System

Agencies will 'protect' staff but not you, even if you're more in danger.

There’s nothing wrong with protecting staff from on-the-job injuries.  In fact that’s a good idea.  But that’s not really what this is about in the first place.   1,203 more words

Developmental Disability Service System

Taking care of my hair isn't as vain or trivial as it could seem.

Growing up, I had a weird relationship with my hair.  I wanted to wear it long, and never cut it unless forced.  But I was taught that the price of this was having my hair brushed in a manner that came close to hair torture. 1,298 more words

Being Human

Nice Lady Therapists and their war against human emotion: class, disability, and culture.

Developmental disability service agencies often teach each other a set of cultural biases about how emotions are meant to be displayed.  Even if office workers didn’t come from that cultural background already, the agency molds them into that shape.  2,509 more words

Developmental Disability Service System