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CanFASD Advocates for an Accessible Canada for individuals with FASD

I tried to share this post from the CanFASD Connect blog but there was no reblog button – so all content below is copied from canfasdblog.wordpress.com. 582 more words

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

The Stuff Providers Are Chasing

by David Morstad

According to the US Religious Landscape Survey of 2010, people who claim to be Christian, Jewish, or Muslim make up nearly 80% of the American population. 530 more words

Learning to Drive With a Disability

As I was entering my teenage years, my parents and I were unsure whether I’d be able to drive a car. However, as with most things in my life, I knew I wanted to drive a car, and I was going to do anything I possibly could to make that happen. 866 more words


Human Factors in Assistive Technology

If you are like me, you may not have previously known what a Human Factors Professional is–by that name. According to the Board of Certification of Professional Ergonomics, a Human Factors/Ergonomics Professional is someone who “contribute[s] to the design of all kinds of systems, such as work systems and product/service systems. 507 more words


A Regulatory Nudge Toward Supporting Spiritual Lives

by David Morstad

For years – probably for as long as US federal funding has been in place – there has been an uncomfortable relationship between professional support providers and the issue of religion and spirituality in the lives of the people they support.  534 more words

Side Project: Writing a Novel

They say idle minds and hands are the devil’s workshop. Therefore, I like to stay busy. I have decided to make an attempt at writing a novel in my spare time. 67 more words


Evaluating My Home for Accessibility

Recently, I completed an assignment in which I evaluated my home (not pictured) for accessibility for those with mobility, sensory, and cognitive disabilities. Below is my evaluation. 934 more words