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Visual Processing Disorder

As I have stated on here before (and in the video I made) Sara has been diagnosed with a Visual Processing Disorder –  visual processing disorder refers to a hindered ability to make sense of information taken in through the eyes. 697 more words

Learning Disorders

Developmental Disorders

You have learned that the conceptualization of autism spectrum disorders as diagnoses has evolved, with the current DSM conceptualizing one neurological disorder with common characteristics, which are presented on a wide continuum, rather than separate disorders such as Asperger’s disorder or autistic disorder. 178 more words

Academic Papers

Illusion of Civility

the sentence of silence
so few dare to ponder

untold worlds so scarcely beheld

presumed to be something
altogether non-existent
if even regarded in any respect… 292 more words


Celebrating Milestones and Miracles

Miracles still happen. I know it. I’ve seen it. My nephew is walking proof.

As a baby, Levi was diagnosed with a rare disorder MECP2 Duplication Syndrome, which causes  intellectual disabilities, developmental delays, speech abnormalities, seizures, low muscle tone, etc. 290 more words


Relapse or "dip"?

A few days ago Sara started to shows signs of decline.  The ups and downs of her issues are not new to me — even at her worst Sara had “good days” and “bad days” – so I am used to seeing the pendulum swing in extremes on a regular basis. 694 more words

Chronic Fatigue

"It's all in her head"

Last Summer  we took Sara to a Neurologist (our last hope for being told what was happening to her) and we were told that everything she was reporting was “in her head”.  821 more words