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Diary (37) April 25th

Just another diary blog entry…..
Our slaves Flo, Nina and Gebby are now in a very basic outfit, just serious shackles and different clothing. sklavin Gebby selected a catsuit with the shakles and we approved it. 427 more words

Diomita Maurer

It's your essence darling...

Be true to yourself… always. Even when you must pretend, remember your essence. You know it’s in there somewhere…

Deviant Art


Places where nobody can find me… nobody can see me…

Deviant Art

Leaving it Behind...

Hard to leave sadness behind when you are so used to it, to the point that you have grown to like it…

Deviant Art

Inspiration Corner: Art Spring

It’s been a while since I’ve shared  up a hearty helping of art inspiration, though it’s certainly not for lack of devouring hours’ worth of art ogling. 85 more words


Caelan Lacquement

My tongue has been torn out
and my mouth sewn shut
but my eyes are wide open
and they will tell you
all that you need to know… 176 more words

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