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Fan Art Fridays: Lucifer

Lucifer‘s mid season finale was this week, and I can’t handle the fact that the show won’t be back until the middle of January 2017! 57 more words


Daily doodle: Coming up the stairs

Completing the Sketch This challenge of what’s coming up the stairs.

DOn Nguyen

Mythological Beasts And Spirits: Wyvern

The Wyvern was a winged, bipedal dragon. Technically, it differs from the Drake, which was a smaller version of a winged, four-legged dragon, but various literary works have used the term, Drake, to represent dragons in general. 212 more words


Fan Art Fridays: Happy Birthday, Matthew McConaughey!

Matthew McConaughey turns 47 today! This is the perfect excuse to grab a big bowl of popcorn and binge watch all of the movies he’s in. 42 more words


Kubo Contest

Theres a Kubo contest on Deviant Art, linked below:


If you haven’t seen this movie, you should. Its extremely fun and creative. You don’t see these types of movies coming out of Hollywood anymore. 118 more words