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Diary (12) Feb 4th: Introducing the celibated latex slave nuns

After two more quiet nights last night was quite busy due to several activities. slave Flo wrote a fantasy last year which is still in this blog as a drafted post ready to be published. 349 more words

Fly with me...

Freedom isn’t just a word. Freedom is a way of life mentally, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and sensually. One can be physically hampered and still be free, you see. 87 more words


Minimalist #Part2! |Art Theme Of The Week

I’m a big fan of minimalist art in all forms mainly because it strikes feelings and emotions in a more subtle yet heart felt way compared to other forms of art sometimes (at least to me), and allows you to connect with the character or art work in a different manner.

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Writing Update: Snatched

So, I’ve been pretty busy writing since my last update.

Mostly because I’ve had some uninterrupted free time… My husband has always enjoyed doodling and sketching, but has become even more interested lately in expanding his skills as an artist. 452 more words


Mickey Spiggot's Budgie Heritage Series: Cunts of Croydon

Mickey Spiggot is the founder and CEO of Budgie Publishing, which he believes to be the best way to publish his own works. Writing has always been one of his favourite past times (right up there with borrowing money). 269 more words



I know, it should really be Words In Our Veins, but when the group was created we went with WordsInOurVeins, which I often shorten to WIOV when talking with someone who knows what it stands for. 637 more words


Happy birthday, Poe

“Convinced myself, I seek not to convince.”
–Edgar Allen Poe

The quote is from a bleak little tale called Berenice, but I love it for my own purposes and as a little reminder not to waste too much of my time convincing others, but to put my head down and do the work as I see fit. 24 more words