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"Feed Me Bubbe:" Grandparents Now on Tech Wave to "Freedom"

After watching our PBS video in class about emerging technology and how it affects the world around us, its probably not the first time any of us have witnessed the Baby Boomer (51-69 about) getting into technology.   452 more words

Google says a fix is coming on January 18th for Wi-Fi problems associated with Cast devices

A few days back we reported that the Google Home Max (among other Cast-enabled devices) might be connected with some recent reports for widespread Wi-Fi troubles. 52 more words


5 Common Apple Myths Debunked: From Face ID to Battery Life

If you’ve spent even a moment of your time explaining to a friend or family member that force quitting apps doesn’t save battery or Apple isn’t trying to steal your fingerprint, this one’s for you. 18 more words


Google's Project Fi now offers unlimited data (with a catch)

Google’s Project Fi can make sense if you only use a smattering of data and want to save money, but it hasn’t been an especially good deal if you consume gigabytes like they’re going out of style. 87 more words


iOS 11 Update: Latest version, Problems, Fixes, Features, Compatibility.

Ever since Apple officially released the latest update of iOS 11, thousands of Apple fans around the world are updating their devices to this new version. 1,029 more words


Predictions: Pads for the Tactile

Imagine this: You’re on your mobile device having a video call with family a long ways away. Your sibling raises the family pet up to the screen. 1,626 more words