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DmC Vergil

DmC Vergil

In 2001, videogame company Capcom introduced Devil May Cry, an action-adventure game whose main protagonist, the white-haired demon hunter Dante, took fans by storm with his effortless style, his constant quips, and the dangerous habit to rubbing demons the wrong way. 558 more words


DmC Dante - Chip Off The Old Block

DmC Dante – Chip Off The Old Block

With the phenomenal success of videogame Devil May Cry 4, the white-haired demon hunter Dante was in more demand than ever. 581 more words


Devil May Cry 5 cheats

Discard the whirlwind of swords and bullets. Ignore the howling demons. Hang up the trendy red coat. At the heart of the Devil May Cry series the conflict between Dante and Vergil has always been the coolest part of the show. 11 more words

Devil May Cry

“Dante, Dante, co z Ciebie wyrośnie?” możnaby zapytać. A pytanie ma sens, bo w tej piątej (mimo, że bez numerka) części mamy możliwość podziwiać losy głównego bohatera za młodu. 1,278 more words


DMC: Devil May Cry 5 Walkthrough Mission 3 – Bloodline

Mission 3 – Bloodline contains One Key, One Secret Door, and Three Lost Souls.

Video Walkthrough

Dante is once again pulled into Limbo and needs to defend himself… by chopping some people in half. 523 more words

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Devil didnt just cry...he pooped his pants too.

17th of January…

8:00 AM
Time to sleep…must wake up by noon. The anticipation was killing me. I had to see it. Waited too long. Ugghh.. 830 more words

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