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Capcom's Future Business Plan Involves "Continuous Recurring Revenue" From Current Games

Capcom’s recent annual report for 2018 is up, and it looks like sunshine and rainbows for the house that created Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Mega Man. 320 more words


Returning To My Roots As A Gamer

Video games have been a part of my life as far back as I can remember.

From Mortal Kombat II on a family friend’s Sega Genesis when I was… 2,277 more words

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Devil May Cry 5's Producer confirms games performance at 4K

As Devil May Cry 5’s development gets underway, a lot of fans are curious about how it will perform, how good it will look and just what they can expect out of the final products launch in 2019. 306 more words


Devil May Cry 5' Microtransaction Rage is Dumb

“Microtransactions”. Hearing that word can cause a lot of gamers to be upset and angry. These things can ruin games by making them into pay to win games, decreasing in-game rewards, and making the player spend more money than they actually pay for the game. 312 more words


Devil May Cry 5 highlights the tragedy of "Donte"

DMC returned in spectacular style with the Devil May Cry 5 reveal at E3 2018. While a few were cautious at first glance, thanks to a new visual style and Nero design that could have easily been mistaken for DmC2, the return of the series’ original characters and story line lit a fire beneath the fandom. 867 more words

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RiverCityGamers Podcast: 9-25-2018

Zeromaster is alone in the dark, listening to SCXCR tell a tale about unemployment.  Blondeguygamer buys up intellectual property and WellUnreal007 gets removed at the last minute from Devil May Cry 5.  86 more words