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Games I've Completed Part 7: STOP PLAYING OLD GAMES

Devil May Cry
How did this happen? I was afraid to play this game because of its reputation that it’s a really hard game with mechanics that wouldn’t get fleshed out until DMC3. 3,270 more words

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DmC: Devil May Cry Preview

(Originally posted on Grimm Games on 1st October 2012)

Excitedly I wander over to the DmC: Devil May Cry booth hoping to see an excellent addition to the franchise and to prove all the idiots who complain about the colour of Dante’s hair wrong. 517 more words


Devil May Cry, All Hype All The Time [Review]

I wasn’t expecting to have a review out this fast after yesterday’s but I honestly wasn’t expecting to have finished anything this soon either. So after all the existentialism and thought-provoking ideas spurred on by Beyond Good and Evil I thought I needed something a bit more blunt, something in a genre, something where I can just beat up a ton of guys. 1,191 more words


BHOG: Bullet Witch

It is the goal of THE BRIEF HISTORY OF GAMING to chronicle every video game ever made… 

For this portion of the Brief History of Gaming… 435 more words

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Theorycrafting: Maintaining Engagement - How Do Games Keep Us Engaged?

One of the biggest challenges game developers face is maintaining engagement. As such it’s important to understand what keeps us playing the videogames we like and what stops us from playing the games we can’t get into.

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Game Overview :-

DMC 5 PC Game is developed by Ninja Theory and published by Capcom. It is a game based on a  very exciting story. 286 more words

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"Humble Capcom Rising Bundle" Offers $230 Of Games And DLC For $12

Zombies, demons and a lone ninja from the future all shine in the latest Capcom-themed Humble Bundle. 230 more words