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Tune for Tuesday for Week of 12/12/2017

This week’s Tune for Tuesday, “Future In My Hands” and “Room DESPAIR” from Devil May Cry, is a double-feature, with one of the two being a song I’ve wanted to use for quite some time. 278 more words

Tune For Tuesday

Nigmabox Rundown (12/03-12/09) Rest Before The Final Battle!

Next week is going to be a hectic one for me.  I have finals, work, and, of course, surgery all scheduled, and am scattering to get everything done in time.   1,521 more words


Commission for @DanteWhiteCrow on Tumblr from October 2013


Commission for @UltimateDevilMayCry on Tumblr, April 2013


Bayonetta Review

Reviewed on XBox 360

Bayonetta is one of the most enjoyable Action Beat-em-ups you will ever play, but ofcourse no game is without its flaws. Bayonetta is a combo focussed 3D action beat-em-up. 1,681 more words


Devil May Cry 2 - Hack-and-shoot

So we are back again in the signature red coat. As before we don’t know when and we don’t know where, but it’s chock full of nasties wanting to do us harm. 397 more words

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10 classic PlayStation-centric franchises that should have come to Vita

PlayStation as a brand has defined itself in so many ways over the years – whether it be the slew of mascot platformers like Crash… 3,662 more words