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Devil May Cry 1 - The Smartest Moron Reviews

The beginning of reviewing the Devil May Cry series begins, as I take a look at Devil May Cry 1 from the HD Collection:

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“Souls-like” Games are the New Character Action RPG

The Souls series and its progeny are less its own genre and more of a change to action game trends

 During the 360 and PS3 era, third person character action games were everywhere. 711 more words

Review: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

I love the Devil May Cry series and I’m so glad they have it for PlayStation 4, especially the Special Edition. This is one of my favorite Devil May Cry games and I am going to tell you all about it. 310 more words


Review: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition

I love the Devil May Cry series in general and this one, I thought was really good and incredibly different from what I’m used to with the other Devil May Cry games. 388 more words

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Dante (Devil May Cry) senryu in English

Playful and cocky,

Dante takes pleasure to hunt

Demons of darkness


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Microsoft confirms that Xbox One exclusive, Scalebound, is no longer in development.

Scalebound an Xbox one exclusive, developed by platinum games, and published by Microsoft, has been canceled. The game was originally announced at E3 of 2014, and was expected to be released in 2016, but was then delayed to 2017, which Platinum claimed was to deliver on their ambition. 285 more words


On 'S' Ranks (Day 28)

Many games feature ranking systems for the players performance – play well, receive a high rank (like A) or perform badly and receive a D rank, which is tragic and you should feel terrible about yourself. 317 more words

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