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A Devil's Cacophony | 9: Devil's Relation

Amusement parks. They were supposed to be fun places, a place to try deliciously unhealthy food, try rigged, impossibly difficult games, best them, and nearly lose your kids at, apparently. 2,439 more words


A Devil's Cacophony | 8: LOADING... Deep Within and Licking Skin

Heat shimmered off every surface of the city on the hot, sweltering day. There was a heat warning throughout Capulet and neighboring areas. In response to this, fire departments released water from the hydrants of some neighborhoods to cool the people off, which was greatly welcomed and enjoyed. 4,196 more words


A Devil's Cacophony | 7: Lust in Darkness

Rodin knew everything. That, as it so often seemed, or he could figure out whatever it was you were trying to hide before anyone else, despite to all but live behind the bar counter of the Gates of Hell. 2,470 more words


A Devil's Cacophony | 6: LOADING... Nonsense Blood Relations

“To Dante Alighieri,

I do hope you and your family are well. To show my deepest gratitude for raising my granddaughter, I cordially invite your family to visit the Lowell estate on the 3rd of May. 6,311 more words


A Devil's Cacophony | 5: Broken (Devils Have Hearts)

The sounds of life surrounded him, even without the aid of his adept hearing. A blend of children playing, chatter, laughter, childish squeals of joy, birds chirping and a plethora of other noise floated through his ears, but were largely ignored. 4,442 more words


A Devil's Cacophony | 4: LOADING... Of the Same Blood

Truth be told, Nero didn’t like woodlands. Or forests. Or jungles; anything with an overabundance of green, really. Not because he hated the color or hated greenery—far from that; Kyrie had a garden he frequented and maintained with her. 5,890 more words