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Photoshop Fill-in

A lot of concept art is based off characters or scene in video games, where an artist first draws out a basic image in their hand either draws in online or offline using materials such as paints, pens and pencils. 988 more words


The best and worst of video game anime adaptations

You would think that a series like Phoenix Wright would be quite adept at making the transition into animation. It’s not unprecedented; Popular Visuals novels like Fate/Stay Night and Steins; Gate have found great success in their adaptations. 850 more words


Day #260: DmC: Devil May Cry

People really don’t like change. We’re simply not wired to handle it. We’re creatures of comfort and habit. We embrace the familiar and form our tastes and expectations for the future around that. 692 more words

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The Devil May Cry Statues So Epic, They'll Bring a Tear to Your Eye

Capcom’s Devil May Cry has a legion of fans clamoring for more from their favorite monster-slaying, demon-thrashing action series. While a new game may not be on the horizon, Kinetiquettes is summoning two sets of amazing statues into this world… 565 more words


Tokyo Game Show 2016 Preview: Schedule, What to Expect

The annual Tokyo Game Show, which has been going since 1996, is Japan’s largest video game expo/convention (much like E3 in the U.S.). This year’s event will run from September 15-18 at the Makuhari Messe, and as usual will be opened by a press conference from Sony, this year on the heels of their PlayStation Meeting and… 1,428 more words


The Effects of Aging on Devil May Cry

I have a bit of a special relationship with Devil May Cry 4. I first acquired the game for the Xbox 360 at an incredibly reasonable rate online and spent a decent chunk of a summer with it lighting up my television, back when I could spend entire summers doing practically nothing. 704 more words

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