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Devil's angel..

She was the girl who fell in love with the devil. Beneath the sad,evil smile and the frightening acts she saw the heart that fell from heaven.And  Beneath the happy lass  and  the cheeky grin, he saw the heart of his angel; His redemption. 16 more words

Her Dark Secret

Her Dark Secret, mixed media, 2016

*unfortunately this image is slightly cropped due to its odd proportions


On My Skin (Lyrics)

Demons on my skin

Will they blend right in

Can you see the red marks

Of my staining sin

I cover them in leather

In cotton, wool, and sweaters… 108 more words


The Devils Kiss

God threw me out
Because I had sinned
Although only once
It was more than enough.

The Devil himself
Came up to me
You have sinned once… 36 more words


I Am Not Possessed By the Devil

When some people hear about my illness, they tell me if I just pray hard enough, God will heal me. That I must not let the devil take control of my mind. 173 more words

Mental Health

The Paradox

They win and we lose. This may seem paradoxical but it happens. It’s a paradox which each one of us have felt somewhere sometimes. The feeling that our own self defeated us.There is never a monster under the bed. 126 more words

On the contrary to the tests coming from the Lord, the temptations, the trials with evil and traps whose purpose is to harm us, are thing whose originator is not God but His enemy and our enemy: the devil. 281 more words