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Infernal Solicitations

Life in the underworld isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  Allow me now to share with you this revealing tale of one depressed denizen and his harrowing experiences in the pit of eternal suffering.  1,390 more words

Flash Fiction

An Angel with a Devil's Forked Tongue

An angel with the words of a devil

He felt with good intentions

But was betrayed by his tongue

It led him to bad people… 30 more words


HeLa might be a double edged weapon

In the last year or so I’ve heard a number of stories that just tonight became connected by a volunteer process somewhere in the back of my mind. 1,052 more words


God hates it

when I bathe in holy water

while I touch myself

down there.

My legs spread as wide as the gates of hell,

lips open wide enough… 63 more words


I have Loved You with an Everlasting Love

Dear Child of God,

 I hate you.  It’s simple.  I want you dead.  If not physically, spiritually.  It all started with a little lie I whisper in your ear each morning, “I hate myself.”   You consider it your own voice but it’s not.   220 more words


Z- Tasmanian Devil Unzoo

Welcome to Z – the last day of the  A-Z April Challenge.

Throughout  the challenge, I’d been planning to visit Zeehan as our last stop. Located on the North-West Coast, Zeehan was an obvious choice and posed a great alternative to the inevitable “Zoo” . 1,588 more words


So Lethal

Mutilating the mind with thoughts so lethal

Vocalised torment, toying mercilessly with the senses

Misleading them with obscure perfumes of a dark world

Waving a black cloak to uproot the foundation of freedom… 43 more words