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Are You Tired of the Devil's ADD?

The past year has been a real struggle for me both emotionally and mentally.  At times it has truly felt like a war was being waged inside of my mind and heart, which, the Bible tells us… 708 more words


Horrortoberfest Day 19 - Shin Godzilla (2016) (It's a podcast)


Well, we tried, buit this is in no way a horror movie.  It’s an interesting movie.  It’s a cool movie.  It definitely has a monster in it.  59 more words


The Omen (1976) - Day 18 - 31 Days of Halloween

The Omen aka Donald Trump: The Childhood Years

An American diplomat adopts an orphaned child whose mother died at birth unbeknowst to his wife who has just given birth to their (supposedly) stillborn son. 153 more words


The Devil Wears 17th Century...

In October last year I got a group of friends together for a Halloween themed photoshoot, then life happened and I never got around to post the photos. 13 more words