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COTD: 27.02.17:Against the pull...

27.02.17 – Today’s COTD is XV The Devil & Eihwaz¬†

Be strong enough today to withstand anyone who is trying to manipulate or control you. As what other’s try to do to you will be short-lived compared to the longevity of your health, sanity and overall well-being. 77 more words



I have written about this previously somewhere, but it is interesting to note the appearance of the serpent through scripture. Of course there is the initial occurrence in the garden of Eden, where the serpent is depicted as… 271 more words


D.B.V.- February 26, 2017

1 Peter 5:8- Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour.

Daily Bible Verses

Whisperings Of The Devil

By Noori Tirmizi Passela

Very so often it is easy to fall back into old habits, particularly when it comes to remembering Allah and avoiding the lure of worldly temptations. 984 more words


mind control

If you are a Christian and perhaps even a more traditional Christian, you may think there is no such thing as mind control.

An elderly, very lovely lady told me a few days ago that her daughter had become paranoid. 590 more words


February 25&26/Three Little Words-Finale...Who Loves You?

Back in the 70’s everyone knew the catch-phrase: Who loves ya, baby? That was the hallmark of Theo Kojak, the balding lollipop-sucking detective played by Telly Savalas. 573 more words