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Lady Dancer (Succumbing to a certain Evil) 

She carelessly danced about the flames as if they weren’t there.

“Won’t you come with me.” She asked.

All things dark and malicious had a face of pure gold, which shined in the bright embers of all that is damned. 321 more words


Shakespeare in the park

I led the prayer Sunday at church. I asked the church to pray for the United States of America. When I was getting ready for church that morning, I had on CNN. 57 more words


Mostly unrelated, I updated the scorpion.

I’ve wanted to come up with an ork or balrog or something like that for awhile. Eventually, I came up with a good and flexible way to make the head of something like an ork. 269 more words


Keyser Söze... The Devil.

Keyser Söze…​ was an invention: a member of a gang of criminals, who pretended to be the weakest, was actually the fake friend of all. He was the true Keyser Söze… that by deception and trust of all of gang members has eliminated them one by one. 61 more words

The Battle Against Evil

The world today seems to be in the firm grip of evil. The advent of terrorism is perhaps the most outstanding indicator of this but the widespread badness, selfishness, greed, and lack of compassion among society are other important bellwethers. 393 more words

Self Help

No Good, Terrible Tuesday

Can we be honest for a minute?

Tuesday is really just Monday 2.0.

However, this Tuesday is special. This is the Tuesday I (almost) died. 548 more words