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Enemy Attacks


Spew from chambered mind—

Hurtling, comes

Fast rockslide;

Scrambling, mem’ries oozing blood—

Devil’s on rampage.

© J Lapis, 2015


Life’s Gamble.

The dice thrown down determines who shall enter on this day

Into the jaws of trial, and who shall guide the way

As swords are drawn in battle and to foul purpose lent… 155 more words

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(from September 2014)

Drawlloween Day 2: Devil

Just running 1 day behind so far, here’s hoping that I can catch up on day 3 and 4 tomorrow.

For this one I didn’t want to just do your typical devil, so I decided to look up creatures with the word “devil” in their name. 32 more words


Hard Hat Area – Part 4

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Romans: Volume 9 of Heavenly Citizens in Earthly Shoes is now available from CreateSpace (paperbacks) and Kindle (eBooks). Click on the link to the right of this page to go to Amazon and place your order. 648 more words


31 Days of Horror: Day 3

For some of us, elevators are apart of our daily routine. We walk into work and immediately hop into an elevator to get to our office on the thirtieth floor. 130 more words


Aries Halloween Costume

Arians are the boss, and everyone knows it.  Leadership, confidence, aggression, and a sense of adventure are the epitome of Aries.  They are also a constant ball of energy like the flame of a fire which is their element.   70 more words


A new place

good morning!

I have an exciting message from God that was given to me on 10/2/15.

What has worked in your youth will not work in your maturing. 217 more words