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Happy Birthday Al Pacino!

The acting legend turns 79 today. Keanu Reeves took a pay cut to work with the actor on The Devil’s Advocate (1997). To celebrate, check out the conversation on Thriller Keanu where we discuss this film alongside… 12 more words


The Devil's Advocate by Ashley Jade

Be aware, there are spoilers in this one.

Genre: Dark Romance

Age: 18+

Triggers: Force, violence, manipulation

So, the story continues for Eden, Cain, and Damon. 358 more words


Only Sick as Your Secrets

a fiction by John K. Adams

Mark said, “My Dad is a gigolo.”

Shouts of protest and guffaws dominated as the group erupted in reaction to this. 1,302 more words



I started smoking at the age of 20 in 2003.

I began by smoking cigarettes.

Nobody told me or forced me to smoke cigarettes nor was there any peer pressure on me to start smoking cigarettes. 1,191 more words

Devil's Advocate

Middle Age

Now that I’m in mid-thirties with only a few days to go before I turn 36-years-old, I kind of faced a revelation of gloom the other day when I went to see the doctor. 523 more words

Devil's Advocate


I exited my 20s and entered into my 30s in 2013.

That was a quite a transition, as if moving from one phase of my life to another phase of my life. 54 more words

Devil's Advocate

Long Live The European Union!

Yesterday, when I was watching TV, I saw on CNN a news which said that anti-Brexit supporters have taken out a march in London demanding a referundum again on Brexit. 242 more words

Devil's Advocate