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Episode 93: Miltonian Demonology

In this episode we jumped off of The Devil’s Advocate to discuss how good of a movie it could have been with a little restraint, comparative religion, irony in character names, and why we do what we do… 20 more words

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Apparently, though, you

Thrive on feeling



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#1984 - Devil's Advocate

Being the Devil’s Advocate can go straight to hell.

Sketch A Day

Midnight Monologues - 00:03


“This dress looks good. It’s chiffon. It’s peach. It looks like loose.”

“Of course they’re loose. The model is a size 6.”

“And so what? 153 more words


Day 3421 - How To Not Complain - or - I’m So Thankful That Bret Taught Me To Be A Devil’s Advocate - repost

One thing that I absolutely love and hate about Bret is that he is a devil’s advocate. When we first got married, I barely got to complain because he would always have a comeback to what I was babbling on about. 362 more words


Week Six

What did you find challenging or rewarding about this week’s task?
This week, we were given the task of designing a wallet. Our group had to design this wallet for a generic customer. 224 more words

Discovery! The Devil's Advocate

In order to better understand conflict and to be more objective people, we must always consider the side of the “other”. We of course want to be as objective as possible. 373 more words