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When the Alt-Right Loses its Rag...

As I journey through the hinterland that is ‘social media’, I inevitably come into contact with various shades of rightwingism, fascism and neo-Nazism. This situation is made worse by the institutional ignorance that haunts the US, and is becoming ever more prevalent in the UK and Europe. 468 more words

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Mass Effect 3's Ending Wasn't Bad (Devil's Advocate)

Don’t get me wrong, I love the gaming community. If you look at communities like Markiplier’s Heroes or the Game Theorists, you’ll find very supportive and understanding group of people; however, if there’s one thing that the gaming community at large is good at, it’s being passionate. 1,282 more words


Speech Patterns: The Proposition-to-Proof versus The Problem-Solution Method

Knowing different methods for creating persuasive speeches is useful so that you can use a variety of styles while being aware of each style’s drawbacks. The two methods I’ll be discussing will be the proposition-to-proof method and the problem-solution method.  628 more words

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I Wanna Dip My Balls In It!

Recently, while perusing the online shopping ad for my local grocery store, I came across a product that caught my eye, and refused to let go. 1,610 more words

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3 filme care te fac să îți reconsideri realitatea

Un film bun, ca orice formă de artă, este cel care îți deschide o perspectivă nouă asupra realității.

Dintre sutele de filme pe care le-am văzut am câteva la care revin mereu din diverse motive. 254 more words

How to Calculate What Staff Turnover is Costing You

Did a long-time employee just hand in their 2-week notice?

Are you worried about how fast you’ll be able to find a reliable replacement?

Hiring the right people… 1,203 more words

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Day 3218 - How To Not Complain - or - I’m So Thankful That Bret Taught Me To Be A Devil’s Advocate - repost

One thing that I absolutely love and hate about Bret is that he is a devil’s advocate. When we first got married, I barely got to complain because he would always have a comeback to what I was babbling on about. 361 more words