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Burmuda mystery:

Bermuda Triangle Mystery – Facts and Myths

Bermuda Triangle is a strange triangular area on the Atlantic ocean where many ships sailing through it or planes flying over it have apparently disappeared without a trace. 586 more words


On Tuesday, December 15th, we took a Day Ride. Our destination- the Devil’s Triangle in Morgan County. 397 more words

Biker Rags

#RAINBOWSNIPPETS *~* DEC. 19-20, 2015 *~*

This weekend we are moving to the second book in the Gate to the Worlds series, Beyond the King’s Curse. Mermen, mersharks, mermallions, and many more sea creatures under the Bermuda Triangle. 233 more words


Strange Sighting at 8:30pm

My wife and I were sitting on our balcony looking directly at the Miami skyline when two triangular objects silently  streaked past the the sky. They kinda looked like stealth bombers but it was so fast and dark that we could only see their silhouettes. 81 more words

Devil's Triangle