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Devil's Triangle's Latest Victim

Inexplicably, the El Faro leaves Jacksonville and sails into the center of Joaquin. It reached the eye, lost propulsion and then disappeared. Read more: Devil’s Triangle’s Latest Victim.

El Faro

Devil's Triangle

Strange Sighting From my Balcony: Possibly a UFO!

For what it’s worth, the Flamingo sits right smack in the Devil’s Triangle. So last night in true Devil’s Triangle form,  a cigar-like object flew Southward across the Western sky. 9 more words

South Beach

Installation Day 3

Big changes! many of which have positively affected our piece and helped it develop into the wonderful installation that is now complete and ready for showing tomorrow! 446 more words

Installation Day 1

So today my group and i began the fit-up and arrangement of our piece, the day went well! After a slow morning measuring out the grid to hang in the air (from which the black tabs are hung to divide Studio 1 into 5 separate areas for my group and 4 others), we could begin working out how to fit our installation into the unusually sized space we had been given which we hadn’t quite planned for. 308 more words


At this stage in the process, things are rapidly getting ticked off the list of to-do’s. Everything seems to be going well so far, and people are working together to get as much done as possible before next week begins. 103 more words

A Decision?

Well today has been both a productive and interesting day. Again, only 3 members of the group were there to discuss and finalise ideas before going into production and we had to make some decisions so that balls can start to roll. 428 more words

Communication - The Key to Everything?

So in terms of our installation idea up to this stage, no one is really sure exactly what is happening. We all have the basic story down, but there are two different versions going around of how this is physically going to work in our given space, and even this far into the process we have only had one meeting which everyone in the group has been there for, meaning communication hasn’t been the best. 134 more words