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The most dangerous sickness are those that make us believe we are well.

They are there

Lurking the corners of your room

Their presence is unavoidable…

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How the Demons and Devils Are Getting Smaller and Smaller ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

A video about how the demons and devils are getting physically smaller and smaller … 31 more words


Tales of a Drunken Sailor

Whether consorting with god or devil,
the devils’ handiwork leaves gods the dirty-work
sealing fates or saving lives
rounding up the debris
before the afterlife
claims our immortal souls


A Three Line Short Horror Story- Chapter 22 (The Window)

Jennie could not keep her eyes off from the closed window of her hotel room, she had been continuously staring at it without even a twitch for some 24 hours in absence of Charlie, her husband. 153 more words