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'Resurrection' fan finale recap: The show says goodbye?

Season 2 | Episode 13 | “Love in Return” | Aired Jan 24, 2014

We aren’t going to sugarcoat it—last night’s Resurrection felt like the final send-off. 1,186 more words

'Resurrection' recap: Seriously, what's going on?

Season 2 | Episode 12 | “Steal Away” | Aired Jan 18, 2014

Last week we thought Resurrection was taking a turn for the better with its heavy focus on the show’s mythology; however, this recent episode just confused us. 1,121 more words

'Resurrection' recap: There's a new pastor in town

Season 2 | Episode 11 | “True Believer” | Aired Jan 11, 2014

This show keeps on surprising us. Just when we thought Resurrection was on the outs, it gives a bang-up storyline that breathes new life into the show. 1,176 more words

'Resurrection' midseason premiere: Don't hold back, Mags!

Season 2 | Episode 10 | “Prophecy” | Aired Jan 4, 2014

Resurrection returned (sorry, we will never get over how awesome that pun is) tonight from its midseason hiatus. 1,359 more words