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Telling a story one cube at a time - Pandemic Legacy Season 1 Review

The most recent trend in board game design is the concept of a ‘Legacy’ game: a game that changes permanently every time you play it.  This started with Risk: Legacy, where you could erect buildings in specific countries with different effects, destroy countries entirely, and gain bonuses for your unique faction that all persisted from game to game.   1,280 more words

Lonely Weekend

Normally I can never find a free moment from my friends (which is FINE i love them), but this weekend I get the entire apartment to myself for a whole 48 hours. 628 more words



This mother fucker right here. THIS.. MOTHER FUCKER.. RIGHT HERE. Our Savior. Our Messiah.

As you know by now, the Reds dealt backup catcher Devin Mesoraco to the Mets for former, soon-to-be again, superstar Matt Harvey. 235 more words


Babe Rose with Bubbles

Type: Sparkling Rose

Country/Region: California

Year: n/a

Price: $3.99 per can

Arbitrary grade: Basic Bitches Wanna Have Fun

Tasting notes: honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, clementine, earthy undertones… 667 more words


New league will go without kickoffs, and NFL will watch closely — ProFootballTalk

The NFL seems to be moving toward eliminating kickoffs, and leading the way will be the new Alliance of American Football. That upstart league, which will begin play in 10 months, will not have any kickoffs.

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Charles Smith Eve Chardonnay

Type: Chardonnay

Country/Region: Washington

Year: 2015

Price: $11.99 in Maryland

Arbitrary grade: Good for those folks that hate oak

Tasting notes: Apples, elderflower, salt, mandarin oranges, boxed yellow cake, straw… 330 more words


Book Review: Only Half There, by Devin Townsend

Devin Townsend released an autobiography called Only Half There last year in April. I first heard Devin Townsend in 2001 on an InsideOut sampler CD, and have called myself a fan ever since. 589 more words