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Finally Loving Devin

I’ve been a tom boy in a world of girly girl my entire life. I substituted my Barbie’s for batman action figures and never really liked the idea of fixing my hair or shopping. 1,644 more words


because, it's rainy!

once upon a time, about a month ago, at 5 or so in the morning, here in Texas, I was listening to the rain thundering down upon our poor house’s windows. 86 more words


Mild Manored Knights and Heir Restoration

There is the potential to assert control of two foreign manors near Grantham. Devin and Gootz seem to agree that they would be worthy lords of those lands. 210 more words


Something About Sunset

There was this place Lukas and Daniel and I used to go to watch sunsets during monsoon season. Luke started taking us when we were kids, 12 or 13. 431 more words

250 - 499

The Wild Hunt

Traveling through the Forest, forever in search of Sir Gootz’s stolen child, the Knights set camp on a stormy night. Before long the wind began to howl and fearsome crys were heard. 122 more words


3rd Eviction: Devin

Devin Shepherd was the third BB16 house guest evicted. Oh, crazy, loose-cannon Devin, you had so much promise at first…what happened to you? Devin initially seemed like a power player by actively participating in three alliances…The Crazy 8, The Double Ds, and finally the Bomb Squad. 128 more words