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Theo Altieri - Little Fun

Is it a summer pop song, or an iPad advert track? Either way, Theo Altieri’s Little Fun has an instantly memorable quality to it. 101 more words


Sir Devin The Just and The Fiend Knight of Medbourne

Two knights of the Order of Three Colors, Sir Devin, Sir Gootz, and myself, (Sir Henrik) had ridden into Medbourne to rid it of The Fiend Sir Gorboduc which Merlin had told us ruled the land cruelly. 406 more words


The Order of Three Colors is formed!

In 497, following the death of Sir Garet “The Modest Fox”, Countess Ellen decreed the formation of a new order of knights. This band of esteemed knights was comprised of his surviving companions and the Heir of Cholderton. 63 more words

Anarchy Period

Frisbees aren't just for dogs anymore

This makes me want to go on vacation so badly.