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High voltage in fences on the Czechoslovak border was kept secret

High voltage in the fence on the borders during Communism might be classified in Czech Republic as crime against humanity. Slovak side says it was a part of the legislative of those times. 15 more words

time goes on

Every time I think about time, it seems confusing. it warps and extends, changes… but that isn’t the main
s quad racing, a game I promote and beta test, for steven D, the best programmer in the ag net world… 66 more words



Spent a bunch of time grading lab reports and frantically trying to get caught up. I am only behind one lab report though, so that is something. 211 more words


Cliff of the Day #2350

I’ve been toprope climbing several times before, but not since I began bouldering at Bridges. In the past two years or so, I’ve grown accustomed to the quick, technical sprints that make up bouldering challenges, so it was interesting to return to the long-distance ascents at Ironworks. 212 more words

Photo Of The Day

Light Painting

When I started on this light painting, for some reason the Guy Fawkes mask came to my mind and stuck there. I tried a couple of different variations on the design, using light to paint the mask. 100 more words