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1,000 words / The EU (Withdrawal) Bill

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill (popularly known as the “Great Repeal Bill”) was introduced into Parliament on 13 July. It is the most important piece of Brexit-related legislation — and one of the most important bills Parliament has considered for several decades. 1,261 more words


The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Initial Thoughts

Few pieces of legislation have been as keenly awaited in the recent past as the “Great Repeal Bill” — or, as it is now more soberly known, the… 6,151 more words

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The 2017 Queen’s Speech and the (no longer “Great”) Repeal Bill

As was universally anticipated, the Queen’s Speech today included an undertaking by the UK Government to introduce legislation repealing the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) and establishing the basis for a functioning domestic statute book following Brexit. 1,731 more words

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Strong and Stable? The British Constitution and the 2017 General Election

That the general election was — ostensibly if spuriously — called in order to facilitate “strong and stable” government is well known. So too is the fact that that plan backfired in spectacular fashion. 1,484 more words

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The Conservative Party Manifesto and the Constitution

All of the major UK-wide political parties have now published their manifestos for the 2017 general election. All, inevitably, contain significant proposals regarding the constitution. The… 2,188 more words

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Desperate Labour playing the 'English' card in Stoke

Last weekend saw a massive mobilization of UKIP supporters for the Stoke Central by-election, with over 200 members turning up on Saturday and another 70 on Sunday to support our party leader and candidate, Paul Nuttall. 863 more words