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Amending the Hunting Act: Would English votes for English laws make a difference?

It is reported today that the Scottish National Party plans to vote against proposals to amend the Hunting Act 2004 so as to relax (but not remove) the prohibition on hunting wild animals with dogs. 1,208 more words

Constitutional Law

Imagining a British Bill of Rights

On 30 June 2015, Martin Howe QC gave a talk at the Constitution Unit on what human rights protection in the UK might look like in the event that the Human Rights Act 1998 is repealed. 1,283 more words


An equal United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is not equally united. Why is the United Kingdom not equally united? she’s not equal because her nations do not have equal status. 131 more words


An SNP intervention on foxhunting would be both hypocritical and naive

Foxhunting is, without doubt, an utterly abhorrent activity which had no place in the 20th Century never mind the 21st. The notion that the merciless pursuit of a terrified animal by packs of howling dogs and braying hordes on horseback is viewed by anyone as an important tradition or, worse, a jolly-good day out for the family, is utterly sickening. 873 more words


Positive Noises on Devolution from Wakefield Council

There was a small piece in Friday’s Wakefield Express about the plans being drawn up for “area councils” which will give powers to “small towns and areas across the district”. 354 more words


Didn't We Reject Elected Mayors Once Already?

Only one week into the new government and devolution is on the agenda again. And, once more, it’s sub-standard, based on what Westminster think will work with no regard to the reality of life anywhere north of the M25. 611 more words


Rebalance, reform and renewal at the core of devolution - Nick Forbes speech to the Core Cities Cabinet

Today we come together as Core City leaders and mayors to set out a vision of how we can make our country a better, fairer and more successful place. 950 more words

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