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Northern Ireland’s ‘Fresh Start’ agreement will bring short term stability but does not itself resolve the underlying problems

Alan Whysall discusses developments last week in Northern Ireland, arguing that the ‘Fresh Start’ agreement will bring stability in the short term but does not itself resolve the underlying problems. 1,880 more words


Legislative consent in Wales

Alan Trench discusses the Sewel convention’s application to Wales and the implications of this for the current debate about Welsh devolution. He argues that were the recently introduced draft Wales Bill to be enacted without the Assembly’s consent, it would lead to a major constitutional crisis, and that the idea of holding a referendum on the devolution of income tax without the Assembly’s consent is also a constitutional non-starter. 1,293 more words



I was asked on Twitter by Carl Gardner for “a concrete example of a bill that this plan would take away Scottish rights on, and an explanation of how.” 548 more words


'Authentic karaoke' - the best we can hope for from the oxymoronic George Osborne

I recently attended a ‘karaoke competition’. As an occasional vocal exhibitionist, the competition struck me as incongruous – to say the least. Karaoke should never be ‘competitive’ and judgemental. 1,219 more words

Core Cities

Is Einstein right about Northern Ireland?

Last month Robin Wilson wrote a blog attributing Stormont’s continued instability to what he sees as Westminster’s inflexible approach to Northern Ireland’s constitutional arrangements. In this post… 2,660 more words


As devolution has progressed the centre has failed to imagine a new rationale for the union

In 1999 The Constitution Unit produced a book which set out to forecast what the UK’s constitution would look like in ten years’ time. Sixteen years on, … 1,667 more words


State of the City 2015 Speech

30th September 2015

Thank you for coming to our annual State of the City event today. It’s an important opportunity for us to take a step back from day to day issues, and look at our city in context. 1,851 more words