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Public Law Update #4: Brexit, the separation of powers and devolution

The UK constitution is famously ‘flexible’. A graphic illustration of that flexibility is supplied by the EU (Withdrawal) Bill 2017. Having converted the vast majority of EU law into domestic law, clause 7 of the Bill goes on to provide Ministers with extremely wide powers to address ‘deficiencies’ in ‘retained EU law’. 2,698 more words

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Public Law Update #2: The wider constitutional implications of the 2017 general election

What are the possible constitutional implications of the outcome of the 2017 general election? There are various areas of the UK constitution that have been frequently debated as likely contenders for reform. 1,599 more words

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House of Lords Constitution Committee issues interim report on EU (Withdrawal) Bill

In March 2017, in anticipation of what was then colloquially known as the “Great Repeal Bill”, the House of Lords Constitution Committee took the unusual step of issuing… 2,398 more words

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A “blatant power grab”? The Scottish Government on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Following a meeting with the UK Government’s First Secretary of State, Damian Green, the Scottish Government Minister responsible for Brexit-related matters, Michael Russell, has issued a short but uncompromising… 1,290 more words

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1,000 words / The EU (Withdrawal) Bill

The EU (Withdrawal) Bill (popularly known as the “Great Repeal Bill”) was introduced into Parliament on 13 July. It is the most important piece of Brexit-related legislation — and one of the most important bills Parliament has considered for several decades. 1,261 more words


The EU (Withdrawal) Bill: Initial Thoughts

Few pieces of legislation have been as keenly awaited in the recent past as the “Great Repeal Bill” — or, as it is now more soberly known, the… 6,151 more words

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The 2017 Queen’s Speech and the (no longer “Great”) Repeal Bill

As was universally anticipated, the Queen’s Speech today included an undertaking by the UK Government to introduce legislation repealing the European Communities Act 1972 (ECA) and establishing the basis for a functioning domestic statute book following Brexit. 1,731 more words

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