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The House of Lords Constitution Committee's Report on The Union and Devolution

By Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney

The House of Lords Constitution Committee today publishes its report on The Union and Devolution. This post draws attention to some of its main findings. 1,877 more words

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What a bargain!

For one vote, Labour have sold themselves cheap, one might even go as far as to describe them as a “cheap date“.

Plaid have played the situation brilliantly. 141 more words


Much more than a fairytale - an appreciation of Leicester City (and Spurs)...

Many congratulations to Leicester City on winning the 2015/16 Premiership with two games to spare. As a lifelong Spurs fan, I am proud that the youngest team in the Premiership kept the contest alive until Match 36 (of 38), and that we may finish with the best goal difference in the league. 963 more words

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Theresa May’s case for withdrawal from the ECHR: Politically astute, legally dubious, constitutionally naïve

The Home Secretary, Theresa May, has argued in a speech staking out her position on Brexit that, although she is in favour of the UK’s remaining in the European Union, it should withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). 3,126 more words

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The UK needs a devolved government for London

London is the UK’s undiscovered country and it is time we recognised it as the UK’s fifth constituent part by granting it the devolved political powers it deserves, says  1,897 more words


Clauses 1 and 2 of the Scotland Bill: Government Response to House of Lords Constitution Committee

I have written in previous posts about the Scotland Bill and, in particular, the possible constitutional implications—including for the doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty—of clauses 1 and 2 of the Bill, which respectively concern the ‘permanence’ of the Scottish Parliament and Government and the Sewel Convention. 450 more words

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Hung parliament will make it difficult to push forward the political reform Spain needs

Spain’s general election on 20 December resulted in a hung parliament and great uncertainty about the identity of the next government. Alberto López-Basaguren discusses the election result, arguing that it has been arrived at because of the deterioration of the democratic system and the failure to solve the crisis surrounding the system of devolution. 1,535 more words