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Report of Political and Constitutional Reform Committee on Proposed Scotland Bill

I have written before about the recently published Draft Clauses that would form part of a new Scotland Bill, the purpose of which would be to implement proposals made by the Smith Commission concerning further devolution to Scotland. 194 more words

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Cheryl Saunders' 2015 Sir David Williams Lecture: "Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?"

Professor Cheryl Saunders gave the 2015 Sir David Williams Lecture at the Cambridge Law Faculty last week. Her title was: “Devolution. Federation. Constitution. From here to where?” In the lecture, Saunders considers the relationship — and the extent of the differences — between constitutional models based on federalism and devolution, using those notions both to illuminate the nature of the current British constitution, and to explore the way in which it might develop given the present trajectory of constitutional reform in the UK. 21 more words

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Lady Hale's 2015 Bryce Lecture: The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution

Lady Hale gave the 2015 Bryce Lecture earlier this month, taking “The Supreme Court in the United Kingdom Constitution” as her title. The lecture does not break any new ground, but is a helpful overview of a range of issues concerning the constitutional authority of the courts vis-a-vis the other branches of government, with particular reference to contemporary issues relating to parliamentary sovereignty. 57 more words

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17th Assembly 5th Session Fifth Sitting – Day Seven, February 12th, 2015

Today the House celebrated the 5th anniversary of Canada’s Flag Day (which is actually Sunday, February 15th) by opening with O Canada, ably sung by the Mildred Hall School Choir. 96 more words


Still All About Cities

I’ve only read the snippets of news about the UK Devolution Summit, summed up by this article in The Independent. However, my initial thoughts reflected my usual ones about central government’s concept of devolution – they mention ‘regions’ but, really, it’s all about the cities. 243 more words


Pipe down Sweetie!-Why Westminster needs to stop pandering to the SNP and focus on English devolution

A resonant ‘ach, naw!’ was heard across Scotland to the notion of independence in 2014 and the United Kingdom apparently remains “unified” for the foreseeable future. 773 more words