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Desperate Labour playing the 'English' card in Stoke

Last weekend saw a massive mobilization of UKIP supporters for the Stoke Central by-election, with over 200 members turning up on Saturday and another 70 on Sunday to support our party leader and candidate, Paul Nuttall. 863 more words


What's Happening In Northern Ireland?

Devolved government in Northern Ireland has been dealt a major setback today when Sinn Fein announced that they wouldn’t nominate a new deputy First Minister following Martin McGuinness’ resignation last week. 242 more words


House of Lords Constitution Committee Reports on ‘English Votes for English Laws’

By Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney

The House of Lords Constitution Committee (‘the Committee’) today issues its report on ‘English Votes for English Laws’ (‘EVEL’). The report examines the new arrangements for the passage of legislation introduced by the Government in July 2015 and agreed by the House of Commons twelve months ago. 1,817 more words

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House of Lords Constitution Committee reports on Wales Bill

By Mark Elliott and Stephen Tierney

The House of Lords Constitution Committee today publishes its report on the Wales Bill. The history of the Bill is a somewhat chequered one, a… 2,958 more words

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What is the ‘Sunderland question’? And how might the May Government and local leadership teams answer it?

I can’t help thinking that Sunderland’s pace of counting votes will henceforth come to be seen as a massive millstone around this proud city’s neck. As Sunderland delivered its BREXIT referendum victory shortly after the polls closed on June 23rd, a first highly symbolic indicator of the national BREXIT upset became apparent. 2,061 more words


Could Scotland Block Brexit?

There have been reports in the media that Nicola Sturgeon is threatening to use the Scottish Parliament to block Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. It’s a bold claim, but could it actually happen? 226 more words


Brexit | Can Scotland block Brexit?

On The Sunday Politics Scotland today, the First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, raised the prospect of Scotland placing an obstacle in the path of Brexit, saying: “If the Scottish parliament is judging this on the basis of what’s right for Scotland, then the option of saying we’re not going to vote for something that’s against Scotland’s interests, that’s got to be on the table. 1,209 more words

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