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DevOps is a set of processes, methods and systems for communication, collaboration and integration between departments for Development (Applications/Software Engineering), Technology Operations and Quality Assurance (QA).


How to Create a SWAP space in an AWS Micro Instance

If you are using a Micro Instance in AWS then you can find there is no swap space with it. But, it always requires a swap space if you are running applications that require a large amount of memory. 370 more words

Cloud Computing

Agile and DevOps So Far

The old saying about the one thing that we can all count on as a constant is change?  This year has definitely been more than enough change for me, I’ve had multiple adjusts to our Agile methodology, new projects, new responsibilities, new team members and four different changes in leadership and on and on and on…. 480 more words


Powershell profile and aliases

I really wanted a simple way to use cd in Powershell to quickly change directories. After a little bit of digging, I found a post online that talks about how to create a profile. 102 more words


The DevOps Handbook, Part 1

By Dick Stark

Last November, the DevOps Handbook, was released with much fanfare and excitement. Authored by Gene Kim, et.al., the book is about “how to create world class agility, reliability, and security in technology organizations.” Since this is what RightStar does, I strongly suggested that all RightStar consultants read this book. 342 more words


Spiraling Ops Debt & the SRE coding imperative

This post is part of an SRE series grounded in the ideas inspired by the Google SRE book.

Every Ops team I know is underwater and doesn’t have the time to catch their breath. 372 more words



Additionally, because of the growth of current DevOps companies, 2017 will bring acquisitions of smaller companies. “We have already seen Amazon make an investment in Chef. 59 more words