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Git + OpsWorks: Getting Organized

In OpsWorks, each “Layer” can be linked to its own repository. You can also specify a branch of your choosing. The terminology mapping between AWS, Git and Application Architecture can sometimes be a bit confusing and can lead to mal-configured OpsWorks stacks which can subsequently lead to OpsWorks being used inappropriately due to perceived technical constraints of the platform. 504 more words


Configuring SSH authentication between GitHub and Jenkins

In one of the previous blog post, we have discovered how to build GitHub project using Jenkins. In that post, since it was a public repository, we did not tried to authenticate to GitHub. 651 more words


Dynamics CRM Build Tools


xRM Continuous Integration (CI) Framework tools for automated DevOps processes, covering build automation and release automation in VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services).


Teaching how to use Developer Cloud Service to promote ICS Integrations into new Environments

Why not to have the best of the two worlds? That is, a simple web UI that allows you to easily integrate your SaaS and On-Premise applications, as well as a mature DevOps tooling, that allows you to store your integrations in a corporate version control repository and fully automate your deployments, continuous integration and continuous delivery of your integration projects. 3,222 more words

Oracle Public Cloud

Manually Run a Chef Script on OpsWorks

Let’s say you’re manually testing a recipe on one of your OpsWorks instances. This recipe is the nth step in a multi-step process and you’ve fully tested and integrated into your “Setup” lifecycle event all the recipes that handle steps 1 through n-1. 196 more words


The Three 'Don'ts' of OpsWorks

Don’t Treat Them Like Regular Virtual Machines

I’ve seen OpsWorks used as a round about way to provision EC2 instances. This is not the purpose of OpsWorks. 473 more words


Often, people just won't change, or, there is no magic to thaw the frozen mind

Under the auspices of “how can we DevOps around here?” I’ve had numerous conversations with organizations who feel like they can’t get their people to change over to the practices and mind-set that leads to doing better software. 983 more words