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5 Key Aspects of High Fidelity DevOps [repost from DevOps.com]

For all our cloud enthusiasm, I feel like ops automation is suffering as we increase choice and complexity.  Why is this happening?  It’s about loss of fidelity. 238 more words


Offline CLI with JBoss EAP 7

Over the years, I’ve come across many command line interfaces (CLI) to larger applications, each with varying levels of access and power. Having a CLI at all is a great first step for an application, as it opens up a much wider range of possibilities: administration, extension, and trust. 350 more words


DevOps Dissection - Welcome to the Party!

Hello and welcome to my DevOps Dissection! My name is Ed, I’m a first year DevOps Analyst at QA Consulting and I am currently deployed at a specialist insurance firm within the FTSE 250 index. 780 more words


Visualising Continuous Deployment

An excellent lean coach at my workplace encouraged me to post this quick article about how  [macro|micro]-services teams can quickly visualise how successful their continuous deployment implementation is.     308 more words

Proper Integration of Developers and Operation DevOps Training Online

DevOps has an ability to integrate the developers as well as operation teams to enhance the level of collaboration as well as productivity by the automation workflows, infrastructure, and application performance. 480 more words