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Getting started with puppet

I’ve recently started using Puppet.  One of the things I first struggled with was creating a hello world application.

If you look at the… 332 more words


ubuntu: package install, search, list

apt-cache search ${keyword}: search package by keyword

apt-get install ${package-name}: install package

apt –installed list: list installed packages

dpkg -l : list installed packages

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Linux commands: disk releated

df -h

du -h


file -s ${device}:

file -s /dev/sda

Are you Performing Experiments on your Customers?

Are you confident your customers will love what you build for them? If so, you may be delusional. I mean that in the nicest way. We sit down with our customers and discuss their problems and needs. 519 more words


OpenCrowbar 2.3 (Drill) Overview Videos

Last week, Scott Jensen, RackN COO, uploaded a batch of OpenCrowbar install and demo videos.  I’ve presented them in reverse chronological order so you can see what OpenCrowbar looks like before you run the installation process. 50 more words


Openstack Kilo AllinOne and Multi-Node Installation RHEL and Ubuntu 14.04LTS On IBM Softlayer BAAS -01

Softlayer have launched their Bare Metal Service on Jan 15th 2015 to give lot more Raw Power for any of the Bare Metal Server requirements at a very reasonable cost and infact their services where one of the unique and reliable services at a bare metal servers as a service and they give this service in most of the data centers they have and with their recent Datacenter in Sydney we can get a 500$ offer on those servers if we use… 465 more words


Docker {Machine-Swarm-Compose} Magic around the Whale -02

Docker Swarm

Docker Swarm is another tool from Docker where it does the cluster Management of the Docker Instances Across Multiple Cloud Providers.

Initially we will be spinning the Docker instances through Docker machine.To know how to setup the docker-machine can go through the… 407 more words