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The music of multi-sourcing (Part 2): Achieving harmonious customer outcomes

In part one of this blog series, I looked at some of the fundamental problems of managing multiple service providers. However, to keep up with customer demand and expectations, employing a number of third-party providers to deliver services to customers is inevitable. 987 more words

Business Processes

Configure application settings for Azure Web App using Azure ARM template

In last post, we have discussed how to create azure web app along with the deployment slots using Azure ARM template. We are going to expand on the template created and learn how to configure application settings, web app properties like alwaysOn, remote debugging, etc and connection strings for azure web app in this blog post. 339 more words


DevOps Practices & FAQs -1

Do you think Agile practices are mandatory to implement DevOps Practices ?

Yes, Agile practices bring Continuous delivery of business requirements through SPRINT. Then these will be converted into different software code and infrastructure. 335 more words

Speaking about Biml at Difinity

In February 2018, I have the opportunity to speak at a conference in Auckland, NZ : the second edition of Difinity which will take place from February 12 to 14th with 10 all-day workshops and more than 50 sessions delivered by top-notch professionals (and me). 318 more words


Introduction to Continuous Delivery

So what is the problem? And why do we need Continuous delivery?

Regardless what agile methodology framework we use, and no matter how agile our software development is, as long as we are not moving that developed code into production environment, or at least make it production ready, as fast as how it was developed, then, we are probably not making the best use of the Agile Software methodologies. 755 more words


DevOps - Using Azure MSI with VSTS - step by step


Microsoft recently announced Azure Managed Service Identity (MSI) which in a nutshell, is a way to avoid storing credentials in code or in locations such as the web.config, the app service settings etc…thanks to an automatically provisoned Service Principal (bootstrap identity) that you can leverage using the App Service (or other components supporting MSI). 1,623 more words


SDN event October 2017

The SDN – Software Development Network – is a special interest group for dutch developers. Four times a year they organise an event where people present and talk about their passion. 314 more words