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Security and Ugly Babies

Recently a colleague confessed his frustration to me over the resistance he’s been encountering in a new job as a security architect. He’s been attempting to address security gaps with the operations team, but he’s being treated like a Bond villain and the paranoia and opposition are wearing him down. 282 more words

Information Security

Nginx Optimization.

Nginx Optimization.

  1. Worker Processes.
  2. Worker Connections.
  3. Timeouts.
  4. Buffer Size.
  5. Caching Static Contents.
  6. Disable Access Logs.

1. Worker Processes.

This depends on number of cores of the server. 315 more words


Finishing retrospectives with a positive vibe

We run our team retrospective on a Friday afternoon and it’s usually the last thing we do as a team before we start our weekends. To ensure that everyone has the opportunity to start their weekend in a positive way we like to structure our retrospectives in the following way: 159 more words


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DevOps : A Philosophy or High Speed Software Delivery

In my culture, there is a old wise proverb, that says “When the son of a king is being instructed, you the servant listen also”.   261 more words


Evaluation of Host Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS)

Followed up with a test deployment and drive.

The best time to install a HIDS is on a fresh install before you open the host up to the internet or even your LAN if it’s corporate. 2,730 more words


Next Gen DevOps Transformation Framework Update... Oh dear

Since I started working on the framework I’ve had the idea that I wanted there to be a visualisation of the entire framework.

I have a visual imagination. 72 more words


Microsoft Techdays 2015 - Azure Deployment Pipeline in 25 minutes

This year I’m a speaker at the Dutch Microsoft TechDays conference. I have two sessions (of 25 mins each) in which I talk about DevOps related topics. 213 more words