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The Beginning of Cloud Natives

Over the last 8 years I have built my career around VMware. I remember the first time I installed VMware Server at one of my jobs just to play around with and imported my first virtual machine. 507 more words


A First Look at Bamboo and Docker

by Gary Ormsby, Senior Software Engineer

Bamboo, Atlassian‘s Continuous Integration (CI) product, can be an attractive option for those utilizing Atlassian’s other products, as we do.   603 more words


ScaleNow™ : TestNow for DevOps™

Introducing  ScaleNow™

ScaleNow™  covers the Load testing for your application across a range of browsers. You could select any browser with version to test on, specify the browser count to test the load and mention the run hours… 915 more words


IT Governance at DevOps Speed: Time to Shift Gears

Technology plays an incredibly important role in the idea economy, where business innovation is dependent on the software that powers the business. Speed and agility in IT are key to a competitive advantage in this modern economy, in which small startups with disruptive ideas are competing with well-established enterprises and industries. 16 more words

Service Management Daily

The Sagas of Dev and Ops

There was a time when the first software developers (Dev) and early “computer” operators (Ops) where the same person.  Or at least, on the same team.   165 more words

New, no-cost course: Deploying Containerized Applications

Docker has become the de facto standard for defining and running containers in the Linux® operating system. Kubernetes is Red Hat’s choice for container orchestration. OpenShift, built upon Docker, Kubernetes, and other open source software projects, provides Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for the ultimate in deploying applications within containers. 97 more words


DevOps Stack on a Shoestring Budget

There are many applications and tools DevOps engineers use on a daily basis. But without some of the essential apps it would be hard to develop and rollout automation tools and processes. 136 more words