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Operational Best Practices #serverless

This post is part two of my recap of last week’s terrific Serverless conference.  If you feel like getting bitchy with me about how serverless means or #NoOps or whatever, … 1,634 more words

WTF is operations? #serverless

I just got back from the very first ever @serverlessconf in NYC.  I have a soft spot for well-curated single-track conferences, and the organizers did an incredible job.   1,245 more words

Article: "We Crunched 1 Billion Java Logged Errors - Here’s What Causes 97% of Them"

A friend shared this article and I find it informative. Here are my notes:

Steve Burton explained the challenge for engineers to troubleshoot production issues when the logs are filled with a large number of non-critical error messages. 84 more words


AWS: a case study

At TripAdvisor, the devops team managed about 400 physical servers spread across three server rooms. We ordered and provisioned new hardware, scavenged parts (and sometimes whole servers) from the live site teams, replaced hard drives, installed and upgraded OSes, rebooted, rewired, and were generally on call for all manner of problems. 1,131 more words


PowerShell DSC for SharePoint

I stopped the work on my DSC modules for SharePoint (xSharePointAdministration) some time ago because the PowerShell team was working on the xSharePoint… 153 more words


And the winner is..

When someone talks about DevOps (including me off course) , you should be aware that you need a provisioning tool, an there are some few around there. 141 more words


DevOps should be about value to business

I was intrigued recently at a presentation about DevOps in which one of the headline key objectives of DevOps was “to increase the speed and frequency of software releases”. 302 more words