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Flexible Hours Boost Productivity

MaxxSports.tv is a strong believer of flexible hours. As a matter of fact, we all work on flexible hours.

  1. saved commute time adds to work hours…
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Components of TestOps

This blog is to share my thoughts on TestOps and making testing team DevOps ready. TestOps is testing portion in DevOps. To clarify what is DevOps, it is from Development to Operations where different teams work together to bring the application from development stage to production without human intervention. 614 more words

Securing IAM Policies

Since the beginning, writing IAM policies with the minimum necessary permissions has been hard. Some services don’t have resource-level permissions (you have to grant to… 372 more words


DevOps Environment Architecture – My Thoughts

After writing about my thoughts on how application architecture might look like in the future, I have been now thinking about how CTOs would want to remodel their DevOps Environment to cater to the whole new multi-cloud ecosystem with completely new Jargons flying around… Lemme illustrate: Cloud Native / 12 Factor Applications, Multi-Cloud, Hybrid–Cloud, Micro-Segmentation, Containers, ChatOps, NoOps, PaaS, FaaS, Serverless, TDD, BDD, CI/CD, Blue-Green, A/B, Canary … You get the picture right…. 484 more words


Mencoba Travis CI Untuk Continuous Integration Project Github

Sekian banyak software CI untuk project saya lebih memilih Travis CI untuk project di Github, selain dari sisi kemudahan untuk test dan deploy Travis CI adalah CI khusus untuk Github. 244 more words


A Product Owner In A DevOps World: Challenges And Opportunities

People often ask, what all does my role as a product owner entail? I tell them, my role entails everything that it takes to increase the customer base and product revenue. 776 more words


[OpenShift] - How to install Jenkins on OpenShift?

OpenShift provides container images for running Jenkins which includes the pre-installed Kubernetes plug-in that allows Jenkins slaves to be dynamically provisioned on multiple container hosts using Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform. 467 more words