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From terrorism, to politics/legislation to the criminal justice system, to relationship pain, to personal suffering -sin has contaminated our human race so deeply and irreversibly…a clear picture is being painted that there is no hope left for this world. 223 more words

Devotion To Christ

Dear Christians,

Dear Christians, I’m very thankful and joyful that you have been brought into the faith through the blood of our Master and Lord Jesus Christ. I’m so thankful that you are the evidence (despite all the evil and demonic corruption in this world) to show that Jesus and the Father have already won-and that Jesus and our Father are in charge. 285 more words

Devotion To Christ

What Good Is It?  

What good is it too build your own kingdom in this life, only to be rejected from His kingdom in the next life?

“And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?

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Devotion To Christ

Practically Walking in the Spirit: 3 Lessons Learned

We all desire to walk after the Holy Spirit;the person with whom Jesus sent/sealed us immediately at our conversion. We want our lives to dispaly the powerful results of the Holy Spirit The question is: How? 876 more words

Devotion To Christ