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Turtle Island II (and a bit of life stuff)

Since my original Turtle Island necklace was spoken for so quickly and is now on layaway for a customer, I decided to create a second one… 964 more words


Fairy Door

The door symbolizes a passageway, an entrance between one world or state of being and another; as such, it is often a symbol of initiation and of connection with spirits of the Otherworlds. 396 more words



Yggdrasil, also known as the World Tree, is a great tree that stands at the center of the Norse cosmos, connecting the nine worlds. However, the notion of a central axis in creation is not exclusive to the Norse; the shamanic practitioners of many cultures use a great pole or an “axis mundi” (center of the world) to guide their journeys. 341 more words


Sunna and Mani

In Norse cosmology, there is a sun goddess, Sunna, and a male moon god, Mani–Her brother. He is cool and reflective and is associated with contemplation and the internal rhythms of consciousness, as well as with the natural rhythms of the moon phases and tides. 401 more words


Loki Soy Wax Charm Jar Candles

I will be trying to get another batch of these candles made this weekend (and am also working on a new batch of the classic 8 oz fixed mason jar candles, along with SOAP)! 364 more words


Loki Devotional Necklace

This stunning devotional necklace could very well become a signature piece for a Lokean godspouse or devotee. The central pendant is a beautiful silvertone fox, nose buried in furry tail and eyes deceptively closed in “sleep.” He is flanked by fiery red crystals, two goldtone puff heart pendants, red jasper, larvikite, cognac Baltic amber chips, ebony, crackle glass beads in red/gold/orange, ironwood, astrophyllite, and gold hematite spacers. 364 more words


Manannan mac Lir Devotional Necklace

I was inspired to create this devotional necklace for Manannan after the recent theft of His magnificent statue overlooking the sea.

The central pendant for this striking necklace is an antiqued bronzetone octopus, with a beaded dangle (aqua aura quartz and green garnet) hanging from one of his tentacles. 220 more words