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A Brief Prayer

Saraswati Maa!
I cry out to you like a child in the night
Come and wake me from this shallow dream
And let me be but a lotus beneath your feet.


A Very Short Biography of George Herbert

The interesting life of the poet George Herbert

George Herbert (1593-1633) was one of the greatest poets of the seventeenth century, one of the greatest devotional poets in the English language, and one of a group that… 571 more words


The Stone-Breaker's Walk

A gray wind, sticky and sweet
With the murmur of humus
And beating feet
I know He is here.

Heavy and light altogether,
His sighs like the drafty cave… 185 more words


Verse of the day: Psalm 84:3

Lord God All-Powerful,

my King and my God,

sparrows find a home

near your altars;

swallows build nests there

to raise their young.

(Contemporary English Version)


Eye on me

Your eye is on the sparrow;

I see her here.

Just ahead,

I see her head, her shape

Her countenance,

Her loveliness;

And you care what happens to her. 24 more words


Silver Wings

You ride upon a crystal swan
And clear away the storms within my mind
With a touch of your silver wings
You stir the stagnant waters of my heart


Welcome to this Humble Day

God, I welcome you
into my humble day.
Please make yourself at home.

Sorry about the clutter –
I forgot you were coming, and then… 101 more words

Your Monday Blessing