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Verse of the day: Psalm 84:3

Lord God All-Powerful,

my King and my God,

sparrows find a home

near your altars;

swallows build nests there

to raise their young.

(Contemporary English Version)


Eye on me

Your eye is on the sparrow;

I see her here.

Just ahead,

I see her head, her shape

Her countenance,

Her loveliness;

And you care what happens to her. 24 more words


Silver Wings

You ride upon a crystal swan
And clear away the storms within my mind
With a touch of your silver wings
You stir the stagnant waters of my heart


Welcome to this Humble Day

God, I welcome you
into my humble day.
Please make yourself at home.

Sorry about the clutter –
I forgot you were coming, and then… 101 more words

Your Monday Blessing

In which all is not bleak

This is how it begins:
with wide blue skies and
shining days and

This is how it begins:
with whispered prayers and
open hearts and… 54 more words

Devotional Poetry

Verse of the day: Psalm 27:8-10

My heart tells me to pray.

I am eager to see your face,

so don’t hide from me.

I am your servant,

and you have helped me.

36 more words

I Pay Homage

I pay homage to you, Saraswati Devi
You whose face is seen in every careful work of art
You whose home is kept in the space between my breaths… 19 more words