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Reaching for You I find
You are already nearer than breath.
Hush, You tell me, hush.
Listen to the sounds of us.

His heartbeat drums within my mind, 90 more words


Plain Speech

God loves especially the poor,
for he is eager to give them everything.
God loves especially the hungry,
for she is eager to feed them. 90 more words

Your Monday Blessing

Precious Moments

Precious Moments

Time is a sledgehammer to porcelain,
Memory, the hue of bathwater once
The kids have gone to bed. The word is said,
The allowance spent, quicker than the growth… 79 more words

Your Monday Blessing

Prayer for Humility

God, I pray you might humble
the grand, beautifully ornate and rather useless temple
of my self-importance,
and grind it into the common dust,
from which the actions, and best grace,
of this world are composed.

Your Monday Blessing

Coming home

You found me. In the midst of utter darkness, You found me.
You always do. I should not be surprised.
You have always found me, always carried me home – 46 more words


Devotional Anthology Preview

Dear friends,

I am in the process of writing a book of devotional poetry/prayers that will be largely Deanic focussed, but will include a few poems I wrote before finding Deanism that are more Neopagan themed. 238 more words


My god winks when the light catches Him, like silver, like steel. The white of His smile my only guide as I chase Him through the shadows, blind, reaching out to catch Him in the blackness. 195 more words

Hellenic Polytheism