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The Passion of the Magician

Your eyes! Your eyes burned me into a frenzy,

Wherein I at last knew your face,

And your voice burst through my ears,

Bellowing like the depths of the sea, 88 more words

The Baal Shem Tov

The Baal Shem Tov

One might, in turn, believe
and not believe in reincarnation,
in order to say, “next life, I’d do it happier,”
and then embrace this one.

Devotional Poetry

Review: The Diary of an Old Soul

Rating: ★★★★

Full Title: A Book of Strife in the Form of the Diary of an Old Soul.

Who: George MacDonald, 19th-century Scottish preacher, poet, and novelist. 242 more words

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Lord's Prayer

Lord’s Prayer

Boss, we’ve still got that deal.
Give me bread
Give me life
even when
I don’t deserve life
in Your eyes.
I’ll give life… 68 more words

Devotional Poetry

Lord of Flies and Souls

Yours is a life that is quiet and steady as rain –
hair of fog, is it any wonder I cannot see you?

Baal of Storms, Baal-Zebul of souls, enchanter, 119 more words

Month for Loki, Sixteenth: Poem.

(a work in progress) 

Hail to You, Silvertongue, Relentless One
Sovereign-Maker and World-Breaker.
Giver of Gifts, Sneaky Ton of Bricks.
(Problem Solver & Player of Tricks) 83 more words


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2017.09.10: sunrise communion

perfect orange host
riding on throne of white clouds
food for hungry world