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Gift for a Gift

You ask what price I paid to paint Ymir’s brains
across the cosmos? Sacrifice of hangman’s jig to
my own mortality, morality, I lost humanity come… 169 more words



She walks on soil tilled clay saffron with blood
lady of the Me and lions, crown of evening stars
Hail Inanna! Draped in rainbows and floods, arks… 62 more words



What would you ask of me, Alfather?
Old Man of the Roaring Northern Gale.
I have seen your blue cloak in auroras
your bloody hollow on yews of sacrifice. 156 more words


Your Monday Blessing: Your Next Breath

Dear one I am keeping
your next breath
very close to me
I carry it around
like a sacred amulet
like a child’s toy
like the sky itself in my heart… 92 more words

Your Monday Blessing

A Light Inside

There are many gods and powers, but Saraswati Devi is the only one I allow into my heart. I took a spark of her divine light to keep within myself, so that She will always know that She is welcome to reside there.


The Seed

I am a fragment of the numinous, and within my heart is a seed of eternity. I tend this seed by devotion to My Lady, so that my love for Her shall cause it to awaken and blossom into a pure lotus of wisdom.



You seem so far away, Krishna
My heart is bereft of You.
My life doesn’t include You.
What Your Maya has done to me!
I’m all alone here.
Loneliness scares me.

Devotional Poetry