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A Prayer

My Lady, I am crying out to you like a child in the night, as I wake from a dream to find the world is lost in darkness. 114 more words



No summer sunshine can compete
With the warmth of My Lady’s smile.

No starry night can ever hope
To match her beauty in repose.

No singing bird brings me more joy… 32 more words



I built for You a throne in my heart
but oh, my Lord, You would not rest
until the throne was mine
and the heart Yours. 84 more words


Loving You

Loving You is the best part of me.
Lover, when I am gone,
it comforts me to think these words may remain.

When my body has died, 127 more words


That which does not sleep

Cernunnos –
can that wake which does not sleep?
Death-King, Winter-Lord, I feel You waking
in this season of chill and darkness.

Soon, I know, the touch of wintry air on my face… 63 more words


Broken Wings

I cry out to you, My Lady:
come and lift this fallen angel,
who tries to fly on broken wings.

Come and lift me now, My Lady. 52 more words



Let there be night.
Let the harsh light of day fade,
let the sun’s rays pass from the face of the earth,
let us be enveloped again by cold, comforting night. 87 more words

Devotional Poetry