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Kingdom of the Mind

Red cloak of victory, battle scars, and princedom
your hair the same, saffron flame, afire passion,
you cry out “Who is Like God?” and raise a sword… 188 more words


Your Monday Blessing: The Calculus of Prayer

In the morning, when I talk to God, I say,

I would love to find a clean pair of boxers
waiting for me on the laundry rack, 204 more words

Your Monday Blessing

Odin, Vili, Ve

Freyr perches antler-strong in my heart
Hoary Odin’s throne atop my brain mound
Subtle Loki charming my lungs with air
and Thor the blood of river within bone.


To My Gods

Frey sings me songs of the earth
Odin harps the foam of the storms
Thor hammers lighting and the rain
And Loki burns, life’s fiery heart.


Cottage-by-the-Sea, #4, 2/23/2017

The moon hangs low over the sea tonight.
The stars burn bright though lesser light.
If I could but walk the moonlit path,
Would I walk to You upon the silver lined bath? 152 more words

Faith Life

Your Monday(ish) blessing: No Wisdom Whatsoever

I slept well last night, and this morning I managed

to not check the news on my phone.

I went and drank coffee,

sat there. For a moment or two. 75 more words

Your Monday Blessing

Icarus Girl

Perviglio, you are my waking dream, Eros –
wings downy soft as lamb’s ear gardens
sometimes I smell your musk and it hurts
in my heart, you’re in my dreamdust bones… 103 more words