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Voice of Thunder

I shall ride upon the storm tonight
In the name of Bamiyan’s Buddhas
To avenge the Keeper of Palmyra
I am she whose voice is thunder… 8 more words


A Little Charm for Saraswati

Sister of the Moon, with crescent beauty crowned
Companion of the storms, she dances to their sound
Mother of all wisdom, she grants us what we seek… 9 more words


Thousand-Fold Love

My Lady’s heart is a thousand-petaled lotus
She unfurls it to me, that I may see the truth
Her thousand-fold love for all those who call her name… 62 more words


All Hail Lakshmi

All hail to the Lovely Lady Lakshmi!
She who turns fortune’s wheel,
She who chooses the luck of Kings
Namo Devi, Namo Kamala, Namo Sri! 44 more words


Forgive me

Your touch is lighter now.
Less like bony fingers digging into my flesh
and more like the breeze from butterflies’ wings –
delicate and insubstantial. 137 more words

Man In Black

In Praise of The Maha Devi

Namo Devi! Let us praise the goddess
Let us praise the Lady of many faces
Let us praise her, she of so many forms

Let us praise her as bounteous Lakshmi… 77 more words


Your Monday Blessing: Love the Hunter

Love roams the earth
Looking for victims
Sacrifices to the high God

She is not inescapable
Some days we are too fast
too wary
Once I was able to disguise myself… 154 more words

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