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Coming home

You found me. In the midst of utter darkness, You found me.
You always do. I should not be surprised.
You have always found me, always carried me home – 46 more words


Devotional Anthology Preview

Dear friends,

I am in the process of writing a book of devotional poetry/prayers that will be largely Deanic focussed, but will include a few poems I wrote before finding Deanism that are more Neopagan themed. 238 more words


My god winks when the light catches Him, like silver, like steel. The white of His smile my only guide as I chase Him through the shadows, blind, reaching out to catch Him in the blackness. 195 more words

Hellenic Polytheism

Father of Mine

Its ironic really.
I live in a landlocked place.
No places to visit to feel you.
So I must find you
in the smallest of ways. 78 more words

Poetry In Motion

The Admirer to The Caretaker

“I wander these places here
as You wander the stars.

You may feel like
You are lost in
Your cosmic sea,
but I am here lost… 42 more words

Lover Insanity

The Moon Within

My Lady, I call out to you like a child in the night, who wakes from her shallow dreams of fickle sunlight to find the world in darkness. 32 more words


A Quick Prayer

Bless me, My Lady Saraswati, to never be satisfied unless I have the crystal light of the moon on your brow to be my guide as the silver starry spark within the lamp that lights my way on this darkened path to liberation from the burning house called Samsara.