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For the sky was filled with blood

Some people never learn.

I know this dance, Beloved,
I danced it once before
with a partner far more forgiving.
I do not expect such lenience from You. 45 more words


I am I

I am I, and as I am, so art thou
Thou art that which lies within
I am that and thou art that in me… 89 more words



I told You once that everything in me
reminds me of You.
Everywhere I am, You are also
because I wear You on my skin, 47 more words


Your Monday Blessing: The Company

Look, you’ve been fine.
I have been thoroughly entertained, if
that was your concern.
Damn near heroic, in places.
I even liked the bits
where you lost your way, clambered about the stage – 237 more words

Devotional Poetry

The High Priestess

To Saraswati

My Lady sits upon a silver throne,
A crescent moon of white beneath her feet
In starry splendor, heaven’s light has shone
Upon her face and form, her smile so sweet. 79 more words


The Marriage Ruling

It was a courtyard bell ringing,
tugged by a hundred million hearts,
just as the service starts.

It was Marion Anderson singing, as Lincoln watched. 286 more words

Devotional Poetry

A Tanka to Loki

The ender of worlds
The opener of the ways
And breaker of minds

He is now, and always
Will be forever unbound