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Summer Day

Dua Ra for the Sun and the Summer,

For the golden Light that dusts everything with wonder.

Dua Asherah, Lady of the Tree of Life, for the flowers blooming, 42 more words


E is for Elizabeth I

Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) was an author of original verse, but I am intrigued by her abilities as a translator of Greek, Latin, French, and Italian. 225 more words

Elizabeth Anne Mitchell

Three Little Poems for Sobek


i am the sedge swaying with your song
i am the reeds along the river, rustling with love


This body brims with You, 78 more words


Prince of Roses

I could write a thousand songs for your majesty,
but the rains would still fall, and autumn come,
and at the end of the day, fall leaves your hair… 110 more words

Gold Canary

Her yoni blooms into a lotus pink as dew on a rose.
Hair a mane of sunlight, skin like starlight, dakini
dancing with six arms in yogic poses of sunny bliss. 109 more words

Angel of Mercy

I thought you were a lion among lambs, golden
mane and braids like promise, blue eyes lambent
as the starlight whose name I christened you, 122 more words

8 Devotional Poets You Must Know About

Historically, poetry has always had an important role in the Christian spiritual life. The longest book in the Bible is a book of verse; many of the Bible’s prophetic books, though they are not translated as poetry, are poetry in their original language. 1,067 more words

William Cowper