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black eyes peer from blackness
hair like tangled seaweed, current tossed
framed in the gates of gleaming white bone
so young to be so cold… 121 more words

Old as Time

Beloved, Beloved, I am no poet nor writer,
no teller of tales nor weaver of words.
I am merely a head full of words,
a heart overflowing with love… 85 more words

Devotional Poetry

Hymn to Gaia by Tom Williams

…and Earth herself, who gives birth to all things,
and having nurtured them receives their increase in turn…

καὶ γαῖαν αὐτήν, ἣ τὰ πάντα τίκτεται, 331 more words



My Lady came to me last night
She smiled at me, so heavenly!
She wore the Moon upon her brow
And decked herself in shining white… 121 more words


Your Monday Blessing: when god was pregnant

when god was pregnant

when god was pregnant
her belly swelled up like song
’til she was rounder than the seasons of the world.
her legs grew larger than the questions… 128 more words

Devotional Poetry

A Quintain

Lovely is she, my crystal queen
Fair as the roaring, raging wave
The one that topples mountains down
And carries their stones to the sea
Lovely is she, my Sarasvati


Why We Have Seasons

The point of seasons is when
the wheel turns to spring,
and we live through one of those days, you know,
when it’s crisp as a braeburn apple in the morning, 55 more words

Devotional Poetry