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May (Wide Awake)

I want to write a poem, but I don’t know what I feel.

It’s this rushing in my body, as if You practice stepping in and out of me with a smile. 149 more words


A Little Bhakti on a Sunday Morning

Flowing one,
why can’t I hear your voice
trickling down to me?
Your honeyed words
soothing my despair,
easing my pain.
The water of your love… 20 more words


The Bitter Truth

I am furious.

I wonder if You’re looking at me, shaking Your head and wondering what I’m doing with my life.

(It’s some hard shit when You don’t talk to me, Cernunnos). 255 more words


My Refuge Name

I am an Upashika.
I have taken Refuge
In the Three Jewels

In the Buddha,
The Dharma,
And the Sangha

I have been born anew… 25 more words


Namo Devi!

Namo Vac, the voice of thunder

Namo Sarasvati, the breaker of mountains

Namo Benzaiten, the keeper of dragons

Namo, Namo, Namo, Namo Swaha

Namo Vac, the water in heaven… 40 more words


Your Monday Blessing: The Man in the Ice Cream Truck

I don’t want to sound paranoid
the man in the ice cream truck
has been following me my entire life.
He waits for months at a stretch, 336 more words

Devotional Poetry

In The Beginning (My Feet Were Bare)

In the beginning, there was blood.

I was walking aimlessly, a lost soul pacing in a deadlocked room. I had my headphones in my ears and got lost in someone else’s songs. 821 more words