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Quiet Winter Morning

Emerald eyes and locks of fern flowers
just cradled against the moon of my limbs
you breathe, I breathe, inhale as one,
exhale stardust and setting pink suns… 109 more words


To My Muse

How do I love you? Let me count
the lines on my hands: the stillness
of an eternal evening full of geese
flying endlessly north, into dawn. 262 more words


Hellbound Heart

I love Satan more for His terror than His beauty
The Devil is a cruel poet and even crueler master
I would rather be gutted until I shine than fester… 117 more words


Snowflakes and Warmth

At first it is a shy fluttering of lips
then breathing, a kiss like jasmine flowers
stroke of a pen (or hands?) in brass hair… 133 more words


Lips Touch Three Times

I woke with your name on my lips:
your fretful smile, your quiet joy
a Prince that cries for his Kingdom, why
he must mourn the passage of his soldiers. 177 more words


Verse of the day: Psalm 40: 4, 5

You bless all of those

who trust you, Lord…

You, Lord God, have done

many wonderful things…

No one is like you!

I would never be able to tell…

7 more words

Halloween Dream

It has been foretold
that you will enter an uncertainty, vast and deep –
a dark wood, unattempted yet in prose or rhyme –
armed only with an orange, plastic, pumpkin bucket. 136 more words

Your Monday Blessing