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In which all is not bleak

This is how it begins:
with wide blue skies and
shining days and

This is how it begins:
with whispered prayers and
open hearts and… 54 more words

Devotional Poetry

Verse of the day: Psalm 27:8-10

My heart tells me to pray.

I am eager to see your face,

so don’t hide from me.

I am your servant,

and you have helped me.

36 more words

I Pay Homage

I pay homage to you, Saraswati Devi
You whose face is seen in every careful work of art
You whose home is kept in the space between my breaths… 19 more words


Poem: Marriage Proposal to a Goddess

Oh, my rose hearted goddess!

I know you adore me

For I can always feel your silky luminescence

Festooned around me

But can’t you come into this realm… 163 more words

L Words

I found you, located, you could say,
low-key lounging in your
library, and was I just lucky?
No matter, you still
looked happy to see me, 80 more words


Poems to Hermes 5

Meditation on a Candle Flame

Dance, dance my lovely one

Bathing in pieces with your shimmering incandescence.

Spin, spin my lovely flame,

Purging all ills, 14 more words

Your Monday Blessing: Once Again I Recommit to my Surrender

Your Monday Blessing: Once Again I Recommit to my Surrender

Once again I recommit to my surrender
to love. They point their little guns at us, 77 more words

Your Monday Blessing