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Blessed is My Lady Benzaiten the goddess
For gamblers, whores, and thieves – Blessed are they
Who will call upon My Lady? Liars, the jealous, and me… 36 more words


30 days of Hymns, the Sacred Triad, Brighid #1: Birth

Hail Brighid
Exalted One
Fiery Arrow
foster-mother of Gaeldom
teach to me your secrets
the secrets of birthing
let me know and revel in the pain… 133 more words


Happy Imbolc!

Praise to Brigid, the Bright Goddess!
May all the deeds you begin today
Come to fruition in their own time.


Your Monday blessing: knock knock

The army knocks on my door
to say he died bravely.
The witnesses knock on my door
to say we won’t make it past death, or we will. 20 more words

Your Monday Blessing

The Shifting Beloveds

You say you are two sides
of the same coin, you shift and blur
from one person to the other, sometimes
both in one body; others, two separate… 172 more words

Lover And Beloved

Poem: Yamantaka


That powerful force

That slays destruction

And decapitates the intrusions

Of the deluded mind

He wears Pluto as a dark gem

Over his third eye… 39 more words


Yule 2015

To My Lady Saraswati

From the starry womb of Mother Night
The golden Sun will be born anew
I wait for the Moon in silent joy… 6 more words