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Bred to Shred

When Josh Matthews first started skateboarding, he had no intentions of going pro. He just enjoyed it.

“I think he played baseball, like tee ball, but that was about it,” said his sister Kelly Matthews. 183 more words

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Skate Dreams vs. Hoop Dreams

Ishod Wair grew up in Bordentown, N.J., and in order for him to have a life on his skateboard he had to push past a potential life on the basketball courts. 209 more words

Crashing the boys club

From being called a lesbian by her friends to getting kicked out of spots by men with machetes, growing up as a female skater in Sao Paulo, Brazil, was anything but ordinary for Leticia Bufoni. 182 more words

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Jaws of life

Aaron “Jaws” Homoki is the epitome of a daredevil on a skateboard. Though, growing up without fear is not as innate as Jaws may have you thinking. 171 more words

Boy from Brazil

Luan Oliveira grew up in the rough city of Porto Alegre, Brazil, with only two choices; get out of the ghetto, or stay there forever. 162 more words

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Dew Tour PUSH -- Ben Raybourn, Ep. 1

Ben Raybourn has consistently broken every boundary that ever applied, right from the start.

“I didn’t really know what to think of him at first because he was just so good at skateboarding, and he was kind of weird, too,” says, childhood friend, Jake de Los Santos. 161 more words

Dew Tour PUSH -- Cody Cepeda, Ep. 1

Hailing from a town with a population of only 2,447, Cody Cepeda faced stacked odds against him breaking out as a skateboarder.

Getting noticed is hard enough when you live in the heart of Southern California, where the skateboarding industry thrives, but to make a name for yourself while growing up in a town as small as Croswell, Minn., is a feat most would claim as impossible. 158 more words

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