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October Read-a-Thon: Wrap-up

So this is late because my boiling rage and frustration has finally cooled.

This read-a-thon took place on my daughter’s birthday.  I was going to skip it, but the birthday girl herself… 655 more words


Dewey's 24hr Read-A-Thon - Hours 21-24

Hours 21-24 Update

I DID IT! well, almost…aside from my unplanned nap this afternoon (pretty much all i remember was reading and then I was out of it) and a slight doze around 6:45 (maybe 15 min or so) – I read or listened to books for the entire day. 652 more words

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Dewey's 24Hr Read-A-Thon - Hours 17-20

Hours 17-20 Update

So i opted to not do an update at the 18hour point because I hadn’t finished any books in the preceding two hours (although I had made some pretty significant headway) – but I have good news to report now, I just finished (like maybe 5 minutes ago) – the one book that I had made it a goal to finish during this Read-a-thon – … 409 more words

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October Read-a-Thon: Hour #19

I’m about to start a section called Derry: The First Interlude.  My guess is it’s some flashback to the 50’s or 60’s when our intrepid group of …warriors? 68 more words


October Read-a-Thon: Hour #18

I’m finally having undisturbed reading time.  I’m also getting ever closer to the group returning to Derry.  This book is so much more than I exected.   14 more words


October Read-a-Thon: Hour #17

Hubby has finally gone to play his game with his buddy; the kids are in their rooms.  The pup is resting at the far end of the sofa with his head on a pillow.   29 more words


Dewey's 24hr Read-A-Thon - Hours 15-16

Hours 15-16

Whoo-hoo – this is the first time in my attempts at the RAT that I’ve made it to hour 15-16, although, since I did take a nap this afternoon, I’m not sure if that actually counts…anyways – thanks to said nap this afternoon, I’m feeling strong and with 8 hours left – maybe I’ll make it to 8am, who knows… 190 more words

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