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Writing S.M.A.R.T.E.R Goals and Understanding UK/DFID Priorities for Essays 3 and 4

By G.M

S.M.A.R.T is a popular acronym in Management that relates to goal setting. This powerful tool however is as applicable to Management as it is to virtually any endeavour in life where a target must be reached. 1,783 more words

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Towards the Next Generation Road Survey

Alongside work with scaling out Ramani Huria and working with (awesome!) colleagues on the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding between Ardhi University, World Bank, and DfID to support the development of curriculum (with ITC Twente) and the sustainability of community mapping in Tanzania for the next five years. 245 more words

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Evidence on social accountability programs

…social accountability processes almost always lead to better services, with services becoming more accessible and staff attendance improving. They work best in contexts where the state-citizen relationship is strong, but they can also work in contexts where this is not the case.

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Fall armyworm could cost Africa $2bn+ in lost harvest

Last week, CABI confirmed that since it arrived in Africa in 2016, the Fall Armyworm (FAW) has been reported in 28 African countries, presenting a now permanent agricultural challenge for the continent. 410 more words


What do we mean by results?

All of us in the development field want ‘results,’ presumably – but what does this mean? Does the focus on results translate into top-down, centralised, short-termism, or do we (development practitioners, donors, foundations, experts of one hue or another) see results in terms of long term sustainable change, that works for the communities we’re rooting for? 49 more words

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Committing to the Early Years, the Foundation for Growth

In 2013, I was confronted by the realization of my country’s situation at a parliamentarian workshop organized by UNICEF where I learned about the different forms of malnutrition that we face. 782 more words


Why aren’t we talking about how foreign aid serves national interest?

Sosa Sharon argues that we need to change how we talk about foreign aid

Here in the UK we discuss foreign aid as if it were just a free giveaway of resources to those less well off around the world – an act of global goodwill. 842 more words